Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journalists Held Hostage By Taliban Return To France After 18 Months In Captivity

Cognoscetis veritatem, et veritas liberabit vos. (John 8:32)

France 24 reports Hervé Ghesquière and Stéphane Taponier have arrived back on French soil after 18 months captivity in Afghanistan.

The pair were greeted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Hervé Ghesquière and Stéphane Taponier knew that freedom was coming when the Taliban showed them a set of spotless white robes and told them to put them on.

Ghesquière said: "They had always told us that when we were released we would be given immaculate white clothes".

Taponier, a cameraman, and reporter Ghesquière for state TV channel France 3, were captured in late 2009 while filming in the mountains of Kapisa, an unstable region east of the Afghan capital Kabul.

Both said they were in good health and happy to be home, despite being locked up for more than 23 hours a day for 18 months.

The biggest threat to their health had been boredom - which they dealt with through physical exercise "to reduce stress", talking with their captors, and by listening to the radio.

Their interpreter Reza Din was released on Wednesday along with the two Frenchmen.

Two other Afghans, a fixer and a driver, had been released previously.

The pair reported that they had not beaten or mistreated, although the harsh mountain conditions did take their toll.

The food – typical Afghan mountain fare – was barely adequate.

But perhaps the most difficult aspect was their separation from each other – Ghesquière said that he spent eight months of his confinement entirely alone.

Taponier said: "We knew that there would be a happy ending".

Supporters gathered in central Paris to mark Taponier's and Ghesquière's 18 months in captivity, and to call for the hostages' release, when senior editors at France 3 told the crowd that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had called the captives' families to say that they were coming home.

Reportedly, "There was an explosion of joy"!

Since their capture, posters of the two men have adorned public buildings here in Lyon and across France.

Ghesquière's and Taponier's 18-month captivity was the longest period of detention of a French journalist in the field since the Lebanese Civil War during the late 1980's.

Ghesquière said: "There are lots of hostages in the world, I feel for those who are held hostage, and those who died in operations when they tried to save them".

Ghesquière added: "Until you have been a hostage, you can't understand, but I really feel for them because it is over for us but still going for them".

Let us pray no more journalists will be held in captivity or taken as hostages.

"Nam principes non sunt timori boni operis sed mali. Vis autem non timere potestatem? Bonum fac, et habebis laudem ex illa", Romans 13:3.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Russian Astronomer: We Will Meet Aliens By 2031

Quia omnis creatura Dei bona, et nihil reiciendum, quod cum gratiarum actione percipitur. (1 Timothy 4:4)

International Business Times reports Andrei Finkelstein, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute, said on Monday, human civilization may come into contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations within the next two decades.

Finkelstein said: "The genesis of life is as inevitable as the formation of atoms. Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years", he told Interfax news agency, adding that aliens would most likely resemble humans.

Finkelstein said: "They may have two arms, two legs and a head. They may have different skin color, but even we have that".

According to Finkelstein, 10 percent of the known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth, which increases the possibility that life exists elsewhere.

"If water can be found there, then so can life", he said.

Some UFOs were spotted above London on June 24, which have fueled assumptions about aliens, an issue which refuses to die down.

I doubt we will have to wait 20 years for the discovery of advanced alien extraterrestrial civilizations, because the aliens are already here on Earth.

"Propterea laetamini, caeli et qui habitatis in eis. Vae terrae et mari, quia descendit Diabolus ad vos habens iram magnam, sciens quod modicum tempus habet!", Revelation 12:12.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UFOs Filmed Above BBC Building In London

Deinde dicit Thomae: "Infer digitum tuum huc et vide manus meas et affer manum tuam et mitte in latus meum; et noli fieri incredulus sed fidelis!". (John 20:27)

The Daily Mail reports a new video has emerged purporting to show "a mothership and its fleet" zipping around in the clouds above a BBC building in West London.

As the camera is pointed upwards, over the BBC's Yalding House, three white dots flash across the sky at great speed in a triangle formation, they are very quickly followed by two similar sized white dots.

Then one larger, bright and more slow moving disc-shaped white object appears, circles around briefly and zips off.

The video might not be fake or a hoax.

But what we see isn't always what it seems to be.

This could be a glimpse from the past, or from a distant future, or from another geographical location, or even from another dimension.

In China a lost civilization, which looked very real, suddenly appeared above the Xinan River, according to FOX News.

Even if we see UFOs, tall buildings, or lost cities, it means little or nothing unless we are able to touch them and experience them in a very direct manner.

But some people will believe anything.

To be a critique and sceptic is very normal and sane.

The Apostle Thomas was not present when the risen Jesus Christ first appeared to the disciples.

When told by the others, "We have seen the Lord", Thomas replied that he would not believe it unless he could actually touch Jesus' wounds.

Doubting Thomas was no fool, but intelligent and reasoning.

Jesus Christ did not rebuke the Apostle Thomas for his doubt.

But in fact, Jesus invited Thomas to touch his wounds and see for himself.

When we can enter and visit the UFOs which flew above London, and walk around in them, it will be easier for us to believe they are real.

"Respondit Thomas et dixit ei: 'Dominus meus et Deus meus!' ", John 20:28.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Iran Threatens To Strike Turkey

Et datus est mihi calamus similis virgae dicens: "Surge et metire templum Dei et altare et adorantes in eo". (Revelation 11:1)

Panorama reports Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has expressed concerns in a meeting with Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, over the disposition that Turkey has adopted.

Assad says Ankara tries to please the West and has helped NATO forces to invade Syria.

Particularly, Lebanese "El Akbar" daily writes the Iranian Ayatollah warned Turkey not to provide any territory to NATO.

Otherwise, Iran is said to strike targets such as U.S. and NATO headquarters in Turkey.

Clearly, the Middle East needs Hellenism.

Alexander the Great paved the way for democracy, religion, and science in the 4th century B.C.

Alexander the Great looked upon the Persians as equals to the Greeks, and in Egypt, Alexander was hailed as Pharaoh.

Unfortunately, Alexander the Great was poisoned and killed by a group of nationalist and racist Greeks, which opposed his new world order.

The present bloodshed and turmoil in the Middle East is completely unnecessary.

It is also in the interest of nobody.

Alexander the Great made an end to the enmity between the Occident and the Orient.

He is for example mentioned in the book of Daniel in the Bible, and the muslims have him as a great prophet.

The present power struggle in the Middle East will soon be over.

Alexander the Great provided the political solution, paved the way for internationalism through the Latin language, and for Jesus Christ, Who gave us the religious solution.

Thus we have a solid and valid framework for all times, and respected by all cultures and religions.

"Mandatum novum do vobis, ut diligatis invicem; sicut dilexi vos, ut et vos diligatis invicem", John 13:34.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cemetery Of Giant Creatures Found In Central Africa

Gigantes erant super terram in diebus illis et etiam postquam ingressi sunt filii Dei ad filias hominum, illaeque eis genuerunt: isti sunt potentes a saeculo viri famosi. (Genesis 6:4)

Pravda reports a team of anthropologists has found a mysterious burial in the jungle near the city of Kigali Rwanda (Central Africa).

The head of the research group believes that they could be visitors from another planet who died as a result of a catastrophe.

According to the scientists, they were buried at least 500 years ago.

The 40 communal graves had approximately 200 bodies in them, all perfectly preserved.

The creatures were tall - approximately 7 feet.

Their heads were disproportionately large and they had no mouth, nose, or eyes.

Unfortunately, the offspring giants never went out of existence; they just went "underground" to return later, which is now, during these last days.

"Et cum finierint testimonium suum, bestia, quae ascendit de abysso, faciet adversus illos bellum et vincet eos et occidet illos", Revelation 11:7.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Al Gore: Sterilize All Women Under 25

Spiritus autem manifeste dicit, quia in novissimis temporibus discedent quidam a fide, attendentes spiritibus seductoribus et doctrinis daemoniorum. (1 Timothy 4:1)

Weekly World News reports former U.S. Vice President Al Gore wants to combat global warming by sterilizing women.

According to Al Gore, the solution to combat the buildup of greenhouse gases warming the planet, is to "empowering girls and women, by sterilizing all women under 25".

Al Gore believes that the sterilization should be voluntary – at first.

Al Gore says: "Women who are evolved will volunteer to be sterilized for the greater good for our planet".

But if women do not choose to sterilize themselves, Al Gore believes that the government should force women under 25 to be sterilized.

Al Gore explains: "We have to take drastic steps to save the planet. There are too many people – we must take aggressive action or we will all be dead".

Al Gore continues: "When the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices – then women can have babies again".

Demographers at the United Nations forecast that the world’s population will hit 7 billion later this year.

Al Gore's remarks on global warming are insane.

To fight global warming with slowing population would not help.

But a new ice age is coming, so people don't need to worry about global warming.

The return of another ice age is inevitable.

What lies ahead in the coming years is a global and very prolonged temperature drop.

It will get colder - a lot colder.

The best way to combat the coming global cooling trends is to maintain economic growth.

"In patientia vestra possidebitis animas vestras", Luke 21:19.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Russian Woman Dies Of Shock After Waking Up At Her Own Funeral

Quoniam ipse Dominus in iussu, in voce archangeli et in tuba Dei descendet de caelo, et mortui, qui in Christo sunt, resurgent primi. (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

The Daily Mail reports a woman died from a heart attack caused by shock after waking up to discover she had been declared dead - and was being prepared for burial.

As mourning relatives filed past her open coffin the supposedly dead woman suddenly woke up and started screaming as she realized where she was.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, had been wrongly declared deceased by doctors but died for real after hearing mourners saying prayers for her soul to be taken up to heaven in Kazan, Russia.

Devastated husband Fagili Mukhametzyanov, 51, had been told his wife had died of a heart attack after she'd collapsed at home suffering from chest pains.

Mr Mukhametzyanov said: "Her eyes fluttered and we immediately rushed her back to the hospital but she only lived for another 12 minutes in intensive care before she died again, this time for good".

Mukhametzyanov continued: "I am very angry and want answers. She wasn’t dead when they said she was and they could have saved her".

Hospital spokesman Minsalih Sahapov said: "We are carrying out an investigation".

It must be terrible to be buried alive.

Happy Midsummer everyone!

"In momento, in ictu oculi, in novissima tuba; canet enim, et mortui suscitabuntur incorrupti, et nos immutabimur", 1 Corinthians 15:52.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breakdancing Gorilla

Et haec est fiducia, quam habemus ad eum, quia si quid petierimus secundum voluntatem eius, audit nos. (1 John 5:14)

Weekly World News lets us enjoy a gorilla dancing to Electrofunck.

Zola, an eight-year-old lowland gorilla living at the Calgary Zoo, is a male that can really bust a move.

"He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do so as part of the enrichment activities they plan and vary on a daily basis", the zoo said in a news release.

I hope no one will send him into space...

"Amen, amen dico vobis: Qui credit, habet vitam aeternam", John 6:47.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green Mile's Doug Hutchison Marries 16-Year-Old

Scimus autem quoniam diligentibus Deum omnia cooperantur in bonum, his, qui secundum propositum vocati sunt. (Romans 8:28)

The 51-year-old actor and Green Mile star Doug Anthony Hutchison has married country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden, who is 16, according to The Daily Mail.

"We're aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial", the couple told E! Online.

They continued: "But we're very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless".

This news of true love is really great in our days so filled with all kinds of perverts.

I wish the happy couple all the best.

"Propter hoc dimittet homo patrem et matrem et adhaerebit uxori suae, et erunt duo in carne una", Matthew 19:5.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greek Debt Crisis: U.K. Says Eurozone "Will Collapse"

Hac libertate nos Christus liberavit; state igitur et nolite iterum iugo servitutis detineri. (Galatians 5:1)

BBC News reports Jack Straw, former U.K. foreign secretary, says the euro is facing a "slow death" and the 17-member eurozone "cannot last" in its current form.

Straw adds: "And since the euro, in its current form, is going to collapse is it not better that this happens quickly rather than a slow death?".

In the Commons, Conservative MP Anne Main said Greece should be "put out of its misery" and allowed to "depart peacefully" from the eurozone while fellow Tory Bernard Jenkin called for an "orderly departure".

But former Labour Europe Minister Denis MacShane insisted it was in Britain's self-interest to help prevent it defaulting on its debts and leaving the single currency.

The Telegraph hints that if Greece is allowed to default, the result will be that the whole eurozone will be taken down.

The Greek distress and misery is really not in the interest of anyone.

If the eurozone defaults, the military will step into the ensuing political vacuum.

Right now it seems to be difficult to find a way out of the present chaos.

I'm however sure the Greeks will come up with a political solution, thus preventing Europe to be put under military rule and emergency laws which would harm us all.

"Amen dico vobis quia non praeteribit generatio haec, donec omnia fiant", Luke 21:32.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Life Of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Et ne quis possit emere aut vendere, nisi qui habet characterem, nomen bestiae aut numerum nominis eius. (Revelation 13:17)

The Next Web gives a depressing inside look at Julian Assange’s life over the last six months.

For six months Julian Assange has been kept under house arrest.

The man is not convicted of any crime.

This has of course absolutely nothing to do with the British justice system.

No matter which country you are in, the moment you challenge the prince of this world in a way which could weaken his power, no justice system in the world will stop him from having his way.

It is certainly a tough time when it comes to politics and civil liberties, but maybe even more when it comes to religion.

Elijah the Tishbite writes on his website: "It is no longer the time to be going out ministering in this gentile period of time of saved by grace, for it has ended".

So very true.

"Quid ergo dicemus ad haec? Si Deus pro nobis, quis contra nos?", Romans 8:31.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Selena Gomez Pregnant With Bieber's Baby?

Dixit autem eis: "Non est vestrum nosse tempora vel momenta, quae Pater posuit in sua potestate". (Acts 1:7)

Weekly World News reports Selena Gomez announced that she is pregnant.

And Justin Bieber is the father!

Both are "thrilled" and can’t wait to have the baby.

Selena Gomez said that the two stars made love after "eating some lollipops and playing videogames".

Gomez was pleased with Bieber in bed, and said: "He didn’t mind sleeping with my teddy bears".

Gomez is expecting the baby sometime in November.

Have a good Father's Day everyone!

"Dicit ei Iesus: 'Ego sum via et veritas et vita; nemo venit ad Patrem nisi per me' ", John 14:6.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Newfound Comet Will Swing By Earth In 2013

Terraemotus magni erunt per loca et pestilentiae et fames terroresque de caelo et signa magna erunt. (Luke 21:11)

Yahoo! News reports Hawaii's Pan-STARRS 1 telescope has discovered a comet which will make its closest pass by Earth in 2013.

It should be visible to the naked eye when it draws near, astronomers say.

The comet will likely come within about 30 million miles (50 million kilometers) of the sun in February or March 2013 — about the same distance as the planet Mercury, researchers say.

During its closest approach to Earth in two years, comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) is likely to be visible low in the western sky shortly after sunset, weather permitting.

Right now, C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) is about 700 million miles (1.2 billion km) from the sun, placing it beyond the orbit of Jupiter.

It is currently so faint that only telescopes with sensitive electronic detectors can pick it up.

C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) is expected to be a considerably larger comet than C/2010 X1 Elenin.

The comet, which most likely originated in the Oort cloud, was probably flung toward the sun by a distant passing star, but poses no danger to our planet.

"Et erunt stellae de caelo decidentes, et virtutes, quae sunt in caelis, movebuntur", Mark 13:25.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Iran To Send Monkey Into Space

Non est enim personarum acceptio apud Deum. (Romans 2:11)

The Daily Mail reports Iran plans to send a monkey into space after sparking massive security fears by launching a missile to carry a second satellite into orbit.

The country's top space official Hamid Fazeli announced the disturbing plans at the launch of the Rassad-1 satellite to produce detailed maps of the Earth.

Fazeli said: "The Kavoshgar-5 rocket will be launched during the month of Mordad (July 23 to August 23) with a 285-kilogram capsule carrying a monkey to an altitude of 74 miles".

Why would they send their President into space?

Iran already sent a rat, turtles, and worms into space aboard its Kavoshgar-3 rocket in 2010.

Clearly, Iran wants specialists in space.

Iran's decade-long space program has raised alarms in the West because the same technology that allows missiles to launch satellites can be used to fire warheads.

Iranian officials point to America's use of satellites to monitor conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and say they need similar capabilities for their security.

"Populus hic labiis me honorat, cor autem eorum longe est a me", Mark 7:6.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mysterious Crop Circles: Alien Messages Or Hoax?

Non enim est occultum, quod non manifestetur, nec absconditum, quod non cognoscatur et in palam veniat. (Luke 8:17)

NPR reports no one has ever seen a non-human-made crop circle appear in front of a witness.

I remain confident however that our encounters with aliens have just begun.

After 30 years and thousands of crop circles, I believe they should seriously be considered as messages from aliens out there.

"Quia omnis creatura Dei bona, et nihil reiciendum, quod cum gratiarum actione percipitur", 1 Timothy 4:4.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Has A White Hole Been Found?

Ecce haec omnia operatur Deus duobus, tribus vicibus cum homine. (Job 33:29)

CosmOnline reports a white hole might have been found.

GRB 060614 is a gamma-ray burst with some very puzzling properties detected by NASA's Swift satellite on June 14, 2006.

This object could be a white hole.

A white hole is basically a black hole in reverse.

If a black hole is an object from which nothing can escape, then a white hole is an object into which nothing can enter – it can only radiate energy and matter.

A black hole might be an entrance to destruction, while a white hole is an exit to creation.

"Dixit ei Iesus: 'Ego sum resurrectio et vita. Qui credit in me, et si mortuus fuerit, vivet' ", John 11:25.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tiny Village Is Latest Victim Of "The Hum"

Ego movebo non solum terram sed et caelum. (Hebrews 12:26)

The Telegraph reports a tiny English village is the latest community to claim to be being hit by the phenomenon known as "the hum".

It is a mysterious sound on the very edge of perception that has driven thousands of people around the world to distraction.

Residents of Woodland, in County Durham, claim that every night a noise permeates the air similar to the throb of a car engine.

It is sometimes so strong that it even shakes the bed of one of the householders.

But no matter how hard they look, the community cannot find the source of the problem and, at their wits end, have called in the council to investigate.

The 300-strong population is the latest around the world to be hit by the rumble which has in the past led to wild conspiracy theories blaming it on UFOs, government experiments, and abandoned mine shafts.

Residents of Woodland, a community consisting of one main street surrounded by farmland, claims their version of "the hum" is constant from midnight until 4am every night and stops them sleeping.

There are no pylons, factories, or abandoned mines nearby.

The noise started about two months ago and has been plaguing the isolated village every day since.

One resident says the humming sound "leaves a buzzing in your head for the rest of the day".

This persistent noise every night must be very annoying.

"Arescentibus hominibus prae timore et exspectatione eorum, quae supervenient orbi, nam virtutes caelorum movebuntur", Luke 21:26.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sitting Is As Deadly As Smoking

Erit enim tempus, cum sanam doctrinam non sustinebunt, sed ad sua desideria coacervabunt sibi magistros prurientes auribus. (2 Timothy 4:3)

New studies show that sitting may be as dangerous as smoking, according to CBS.

Dr. David Coven, cardiologist with St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, said: "Smoking certainly is a major cardiovascular risk factor and sitting can be equivalent in many cases".

Dr. Coven said several new studies show prolonged sitting is now being linked to increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even early death.

"Any time you get the blood pumping, the blood moving, it stimulates the organs to do things that are healthier", said Dr. Coven.

So get up at the office at any chance you get.

Don’t send emails when you can deliver the message in person, take the stairs, stand up when you take a phone call, and don’t forget to take your breaks.

The best prescription might be to get a dog and take a walk along the beach.

"Dixitque ad illos: 'Videte et cavete ab omni avaritia, quia non in abundantia cuiusquam vita eius est ex his quae possidet' ", Luke 12:15.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

NASA Emails All Employees To Prepare For The Worst

Et erunt signa in sole et luna et stellis, et in terris pressura gentium prae confusione sonitus maris et fluctuum. (Luke 21:25) reports NASA tell employees to prepare for the worst.

jcattera's comments follow below:

"Interesting timing here with only 3 months away! Can you see they're slowly leaking it out without alarming too many folks at once?

I received word today (June 10, 2011) that NASA sent out a mass email to all NASA employees with this following link regarding, "Family/Personal Preparedness".

Page Last Updated: June 9, 2011
Page Editor: Mary Shouse
NASA Official: Brian Dunbar

By August 1st, 2011, everyone will know what's coming. This is why you want to be at your safe zones on or before August 1, 2011. When everyone finds out, too many people will be doing the same thing you're doing, and you don't want to find yourselves stuck.

If NASA is attempting to prepare their employees by telling their families to prepare, I am even more convinced than ever that we DO INDEED HAVE A BINARY STAR TWIN APPROACHING, and it's about to get ugly.

The CDC recently sent out a ridiculous "zombie" apocalypse warning?

The Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place, and all the media/press wants to talk about is some congressman's wang?

More than one movie coming out about a new solar system object, plus NBC's The Event finale with a new planet!!?

It's about to hit the fan people and all this talk about Sept/Oct 2011 looks more and more to be the real deal folks.

I hope you're all ready! God Bless!

This email was fowarded to me from a friend. He said all NASA employees got this in their email today....".

******** The Original Email ********

Point of Contact: Darrius Lewis, Mission Support Directorate, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0608,


Family/Personal Preparedness Plan

NASA is the only federal agency responsible for its people's safety and well-being here on Earth and in space and has a longtime commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Over the past year, Administrator Bolden has emphasized the importance of Family/Personal Preparedness for the entire NASA family. Family and personal preparedness plans are key to protecting our families and communities during potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes.

The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA's mission are its people and their loved ones. The agency has developed a set of informational guides designed to prepare you, your families and pets for emergencies. These guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your Family Preparedness Plan.

All employees are encouraged to download these guides, prepare plans, and review them with your families. The agency has taken the steps to prepare our NASA family; now it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and/or your family for an emergency.


We can apparently expect another 911, or worse.

Maybe there will be food shortages.

But probably we will have to prepare for a comet collision.

Well, in 3 months' time we will know.

"Terraemotus magni erunt per loca et pestilentiae et fames terroresque de caelo et signa magna erunt", Luke 21:11.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Signs That Wall Street Is About To Go Into Panic Mode

Et audivi tamquam vocem in medio quattuor animalium dicentem: "Bilibris tritici denario, et tres bilibres hordei denario; et vinum et oleum ne laeseris". (Revelation 6:6)

The American Dream reports there are 10 signs that Wall Street is about to go into panic mode.

#1 According to The New York Post, nearly all of the major Wall Street banks are planning huge layoffs....

#2 A new CNBC article claims that a "negative feedback loop" has "taken control" on Wall Street.

#3 OPEC has announced that oil production levels will not be raised.

#4 QE2 will be wrapping up at the end of June, and many on Wall Street had been counting on yet another round of quantitative easing.

#5 Moody's recently warned that it may downgrade the debt ratings of Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.

#6 Faith in the U.S. dollar continues to decline.

#7 U.S. consumer confidence is already lower than it was back in September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed.

#8 A whole slew of bad economic news has been pouring in lately.

#9 A whole lot of folks in the financial industry have been warning about the next financial collapse lately.

#10 According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 48% of Americans believe that it is either "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that the United States will experience a "depression" within the next 12 months.

The last six weeks, the markets have closed down for the weekends, and 40 Wall Street Bankers have been indicted for insider trading and more to follow.

All the recent global and natural disasters, like drought here in France, storm damage, flooding, and not to mention the Fukushima disaster, also have economic ramifications.

Another sign is that the Australian dollar has overtaken the U.S. dollar.

Will the result of all this be hyperinflation or a market crash?

Or maybe greed and short-term thinking will save us from economic disaster?

"Amen dico vobis quia non praeteribit generatio haec, donec omnia fiant", Luke 21:32.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Police Enter Temple Mount To Stop Riots

Sic et Christus, semel oblatus ad multorum auferenda peccata, secundo sine peccato apparebit exspectantibus se in salutem. (Hebrews 9:28)

Ynetnews reports police and border guard forces broke into the Temple Mount compound on Friday, after stones were hurled at the end of Friday prayers.

Dozens of youths began to hurl stones at the Moroccans' Gate adjacent to the Western Wall as Friday prayers in the Old City drew to a close.

Security forces were forced to enter the compound to put a stop to the violence.

Police arrested three violent worshippers.

Unrest and wars will continue in the Holy Land as long as Jerusalem lacks the Temple on the Temple Mount, which God has promised will be built, see Revelation 11:1.

"Quia et Christus semel pro peccatis passus est, iustus pro iniustis, ut vos adduceret ad Deum, mortificatus quidem carne, vivificatus autem Spiritu", 1 Peter 3:18.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Falkland Islands Should Remain British

Omne, quodcumque facitis in verbo aut in opere, omnia in nomine Domini Iesu gratias agentes Deo Patri per ipsum. (Colossians 3:17)

The Telegraph reports the Obama administration sides with Argentina and Venezuela in the OAS declaration on the Falklands.

The Telegraph writes it is hugely disappointing that the Obama administration has chosen once again to side not only with the increasingly authoritarian regime in Argentina, but also with an array of despots in Latin America against British interests.

255 brave British servicemen laid down their lives in 1982 for the freedom of the Falkland Islanders, who are overwhelmingly British, following the brutal Argentine invasion.

Argentina lost the war and now it demands the Falklands to be handed over peacefully to the aggressors.

That is of course impossible with all the British subjects living there.

I understand the British position that the sovereignty of the Falklands not is a matter for negotiation, and that Britain never will give in to threats from Argentina or its tyrannical allies in places such as Venezuela.

Margaret Thatcher said: "The people of the Falkland Islands, like the people of the United Kingdom, are an island race. Their way of life is British; their allegiance is to the Crown".

Let us hope things will change on the South American continent.

The countries in Latin America must get rid of their dictators by transforming into democracies and constitutional monarchies.

One important step in that direction is to promote the teachings of the Bible for the sake of justice, freedom, and technological advancement.

The first thing the Levitical Priesthood in Jerusalem must do, is to apply the Pentateuch as national law for South America, as seen through the New Testament by our God Jesus Christ.

"Qui autem perspexerit in lege perfecta libertatis et permanserit, non auditor obliviosus factus sed factor operis, hic beatus in facto suo erit", James 1:25.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Germany Fears "Full-Blown Bankruptcy" In Eurozone

Hac libertate nos Christus liberavit; state igitur et nolite iterum iugo servitutis detineri. (Galatians 5:1)

The EUobserver reports German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble believes Greek bankruptcy is imminent, according to a leaked letter, and argues that restructuring the country's debt is necessary.

We are standing before the real risk of the first full-blown bankruptcy inside the eurozone", Schaeuble said in a letter addressed to European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet and leaked to the German press.

The German Finance Minister calls for additional aid to be made available to Greece, adding that private banks should participate in the cost of the Greek rescue.

Unemployment in debt-ridden Greece hit new record highs in March, as government officials wrangled over tough new austerity measures required to tap the country's rescue funds, according to Yahoo! Finance.

The situation is expected to get worse as the Greek government imposes yet more austerity measures to meet targets set out in the agreement for Greece's €110 billion ($161 billion) package of rescue loans.

Workers at state companies facing privatization will strike on Thursday.

Joined by much of the state sector in work stoppages, the strike will affect public transport, banks, post offices, and the state television and radio stations.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is faced with increasing frustration from within his own Socialist party.

The Greek government also appears shaken by sustained anti-austerity rallies in Greek cities, which climaxed on Sunday with tens of thousands of peaceful protesters in central Athens.

People always get the kind of government they deserve and vote for.

Greece should reinstate its Constitutional Monarch, King Constantine II!

"Omnes honorate, fraternitatem diligite, Deum timete, regem honorificate", 1 Peter 2:17.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

European E.coli Superbug Was Bioengineerd

Terraemotus magni erunt per loca et pestilentiae et fames terroresque de caelo et signa magna erunt. (Luke 21:11)

Natural News reports the E.coli bacteria, which is sickening patients and filling hospitals in Germany, was bioengineerd to become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs, before it was released into the food supply.

This particular E.coli bacteria was repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the needed "mutation pressure" toward complete drug immunity.

Besides being resistant to all antibiotics, the bacteria is so deadly that many people infected with such bacteria experience critical organ failure and simply die.

This strain of E.coli was engineered and then released into the food supply for the specific purpose of forcing the entire population onto a diet of dead foods and processed foods.

It is said this was done to promote degenerative disease and bolster the profits of the powerful drug companies.

How can you otherwise explain that the E.coli bacteria is resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appears in the food supply?

Big pharma wants money and therefore apparently uses food as weapons of war.

This make humans helpless victims lying in the hospital, waiting to die, with no options available.

Spain, which has been resisting an IMF bailout and has strongly opposed the introduction of GM crops, became the prime target.

Those behind the E.coli outbreak are either mad scientists or an agenda-driven institution that has declared war on the human population.

There are speculations the E.coli outbreak might have been a terrorist attack by the drug companies upon innocent people.

People's treatment of fruit and vegetables all over Europe, have drastically changed in just a few days.

How amazing!

"In medio plateae eius et fluminis ex utraque parte lignum vitae afferens fructus duodecim, per menses singulos reddens fructum suum; et folia ligni ad sanitatem gentium", Revelation 22:2.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Iran: Nuclear Superpower Within Two Months

Et illi quidem, qui de filiis Levi sacerdotium accipiunt, mandatum habent decimas sumere a populo secundum legem, id est a fratribus suis, quamquam et ipsi exierunt de lumbis Abrahae. (Hebrews 7:5)

Ynetnews reports airstrikes can no longer stop Iran's nuclear program.

The Iranian regime is closer than ever before to creating a nuclear bomb, according to RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones.

At its current rate of uranium enrichment, Tehran could have enough for its first nuclear bomb within eight weeks, Jones said in a report published this week.

Jones says, there is nothing the U.S. can do to stop Tehran, short of military occupation.

Jones stresses that stopping Iran will require deploying forces on the ground, because airstrikes are no longer sufficient.

The reality is that the U.S. and Israel have failed to keep Iran from developing a nuclear warhead whenever it wants, Jones says.

I agree.

U.S. President Barack Obama might not be the Antichrist.

But under his watch, the enemies of Israel and the West - Iran and North Korea - have gone nuclear.

We can say goodbye to New York City and Tel Aviv.

"Deo autem gratias, qui semper triumphat nos in Christo Iesu et odorem notitiae suae manifestat per nos in omni loco", 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

14 Dead As Israel Defends Its Syrian border

Adveniet autem dies Domini ut fur, in qua caeli magno impetu transient, elementa vero calore solventur, et terra et opera, quae in ea invenientur. (2 Peter 3:10)

Yahoo! News reports Syrian Arabs tried to invade Israel earlier today, but at least 14 of them were successfully killed by the IDF.

Several Syrians nevertheless managed to cross the border toward the Druze city of Majdal Shams.

Israel clearly has not much of a defense - and even less a will to defend its borders.

This Syrian provocation against Israel was a test on Israel's border defenses, which showed penetrable and weak.

Israel should take it for what it is: a declaration of war, and retaliate accordingly.

But a Jew is a Jew, and they seldom make anyone happy, compare with Moses in the desert.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a very weak man, who avoids every confrontation.

Benjamin Netanyahu is like Pope Benedict XVI.

The Pope on Friday gave Abbas and the Palestinians green light to exterminate all Christians from the Middle East, and formally handed over Israel to the Arabs, see Israel National News.

The Pope defends the Christians even less than Israel's PM Netanyahu defends the Jews.

The Greeks gave the Catholic Church the foot 1.000 years ago - something the Jews had understood to do immediately.

Most "lost tribes" of Israel in Northern Europe did the same 500 years ago, during the Reformation.

Now it is time for the Italians to kick out the Vatican as well from the Roman soil!

Then we will see the sacred Latin language gain the world hegemony it so well deserves.

All this killing in the Middle East is both tragic and unnecessary, because the Arabs, Egyptians, and Persians are our brothers.

The Orient was always superior to the Occident, because it gave us democracy, religion, the languages, math, and science.

It is time for the Jews to show they are present in the Holy Land, and to show they are willing to defend Israel's national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Until now Israel's Jews have hidden behind Khazar counterfeit Jews, who are more interested in bank accounts overseas, than in the lives of God's people.

The Bible - both the old and the new testament - is God's political program for the eternal Levitical Priesthood and for Jerusalem as the undivided glorious capital of the State of Israel.

The Georgian man, Josef Stalin, loved Russia.

The Austrian man, Adolf Hitler, loved Germany.

We Bible-believing non-Jews similarly love Israel, and must give the Jews our wholehearted support.

The Temple Mount, the most important place in the world - God's Temple in Jerusalem - is transferred to the Levites and to the Office of the High Priest.

"Arescentibus hominibus prae timore et exspectatione eorum, quae supervenient orbi, nam virtutes caelorum movebuntur", Luke 21:26.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pope To Abbas: Palestinian State "Soon"

Facientque mihi sanctuarium, et habitabo in medio eorum. (Exodus 25:8)

There is no other God than Jesus Christ!

The devils in the Vatican - with their leader Pope Benedict XVI - now do their best to destroy everything which remains godly on this planet.

And the Pope is not even a Roman - but a simple debased barbarian!

Yahoo! News reports Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Friday with Pope Benedict XVI.

After the meeting, the Vatican issued the statement that a Palestinian state must "soon" live side by side in peace and security with Israel.

God can forgive the Vatican for being a stupid organization, but not for being evil.

The Arabs and Palestinians are great peoples, but have no right to one single inch of the land God gave to the Jews.

What does the Bible say?

We live in a time of judgment.

Many Jews don't accept Jesus Christ as the God of Israel, or God's command for them to live in the State of Israel.

God therefore sent Adolf Hitler to kill 6 millions of the Jews, as a first punishment to those who rebel against His word.

But many Christians don't accept Israel, the Jews, or the word of God that every inch of Israel belongs to the Jews.

Guess who God will send against those Christians with the tragic result of billions of dead?

Let us pray for the rapid dismantling of the evil Church, and for the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem and the Levitical Priesthood, to the glory of our Almighty God - Jesus Christ!

The God of Israel is a God of love.

But the God of Israel is also the God of revenge, war, and wrath.

"None ought to carry the ark of God but the Levites: for them hath the LORD chosen to carry the ark of God, and to minister unto him for ever", see 1 Chronicles 15:2.

Take one inch from God, and He will take everything you have, including your life, soul, and the promise of eternal life.

The Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI has declared war on Israel and the Jews.

It is a great moment. We are all very happy. Justice will be done.

The result will be the same as when a German last time declared war on the world.

The time for those who hate God, Israel, and the Jews, has come to an end.

The Jews and God, Jesus Christ, honor our ancestor Esau - Jesus is the Latinized name of Esau.

It is time to pluck down the sword of our ancestor Esau from the wall, and to stand up for Jesus, in defending Israel, the Jews, and the Levitical Priesthood.

"Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great", see Revelation 19:17 - 18.

"Expectantes beatam spem et adventum gloriae magni Dei et salvatoris nostri Iesu Christi", Titus 2:13.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Politics: Obama Had Brain Surgery

Et unum de capitibus suis quasi occisum in mortem, et plaga mortis eius curata est. Et admirata est universa terra post bestiam. (Revelation 13:3)

Doctors have confirmed that President Barack Obama has had brain surgery.

But no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.

For the last three years a many curious citizens have wondered about the long scar which goes up the side of Barack Obama's head and over his crown, according to Weekly World News.

Dr. Thomas Yablonski, a top neurologist at Houston’s The Methodist Hospital, said: "I’m not sure exactly what the procedure was, but that scar clearly indicates a common incision made into the brain".

Sarah Palin said: "Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? I think it has".

Glenn Beck said: "I think someone like George Soros implanted a brain chip in the President’s skull and is controlling his thoughts and actions".

Donald Trump said: "I have people down in Washington investigating this issue. You can’t believe what they will find".

What did they do to Obama’s brain and why?

All this secrecy concerning vital questions around the most powerful man in the West is outrageous.

Where is the democratic transparency?

Is President Obama an alien ET, the Antichrist, or a clone? Who knows?

If you want to remain anonymous, why do you seek a public office?

It took two years for the disclosure of the American President's birth certificate.

But no one has seen his medical records, or his school records yet.

That is a indeed a very strange behavior for a public person of his global dignity, unless he has something to hide.

If President Obama loses the U.S. Presidential election next year, and then becomes head of the U. N., the world could also be in for great trouble.

If we ever get a democratically elected European President, I hope our lawmakers will make it mandatory for the Presidential candidates to make public their birth certificates, medical records, and school records - and before election!

"Nolite iudicare secundum faciem, sed iustum iudicium iudicate", John 7:24.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hotel Maids Get Panic Buttons

Sicut autem in diebus Noe, ita erit et adventus Filii hominis. (Matthew 24:37)

Donald Douglas has the story on his blog American Power, that hotel maids will be equipped with panic buttons, after the latest sexual aggressions in Manhattan hotels.

It might be a good idea and should be international standard.

According to Wall Street Journal, Peter Ward, President of the New York Hotel & Motel Trades Council, which represents about 30.000 workers, said: "Let everybody in the world traveling to New York know that when they stay in a hotel room, the person cleaning that room is armed with a button that they can immediately press if you're stupid enough to get inappropriate".

On Monday, police arrested Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, the former chairman of a major Egyptian bank and the board chairman of an Egyptian salt-production company, on charges he locked a housekeeper in his room at the Pierre Hotel and groped her and rubbed against her after she came to deliver three boxes of tissues.

The staff supervisor was suspended pending a probe into the delay in calling 911, according to the union and the hotel.

Pierre Hotel spokeswoman, Nora Walsh, confirmed that the hotel will give room attendants the alarms — modeled after those used by some elderly people to alert a central security office — as soon as a system can be devised.

The Sofitel New York — where former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of an assault — has also agreed to arm attendants with panic buttons, union officials said.

The Jawa Report writes, "Dear foreign visitors to NY: Hotel maids are not meant to be laid".

Protocols for workers currently vary across hotels; while union officials advise workers not to stay in the room at the same time as a guest.

"Nolite putare quia ego accusaturus sim vos apud Patrem; est qui accuset vos: Moses, in quo vos speratis", John 5:45.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Paris Hilton On Sex Tape: "I'll Never Be Able To Erase It"

Nunc autem soluti sumus a lege, morientes in quo detinebamur, ita ut serviamus in novitate Spiritus et non in vetustate litterae. (Romans 7:6)

CNN reports Paris Hilton, the fascinating heiress, socialite, TV personality, model, singer, fashion designer and one woman brand was a guest on Tuesday's "Piers Morgan Tonight".

"This is not what I planned", Paris Hilton told Piers Morgan in reference to the infamous sex tape that the CNN host said "catapulted" the heiress "into the celebrity stratosphere" when it was released back in 2003.

Paris Hilton said: "I'll never be able to erase it".

Paris Hilton continued: "I didn't want to be known as that. And now when people look at me they think that I'm something I'm not just because of one incident one night with someone who I was in love with".

Paris Hilton said: "People assume 'Oh, she's a slut' because of one thing that happened to me and it's hard because I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life and explain it to my children. And it's something that's changed my life forever and I'll never be able to erase it".

Paris Hilton told Piers Morgan that she was in Australia when the tape was released and that she was "in shock" when she saw a clip of the video which had actually been filmed in 2001, two years prior.

Paris Hilton called the incident "the most embarrassing, humiliating thing that has ever happened to me in my life".

Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy, who joined her daughter on the show, recalled that Paris did not leave the family's New York home for three months after the tape was leaked, and during that time the family underwent therapy.

When Piers Morgan asked Paris Hilton what she thought about the people who put the tape out there - specifically her ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon - Hilton said she "just felt so betrayed. This was not some random guy. This was someone I was with for a few years".

Later in the interview, she confided that she thinks Salomon is "a very bad person".

Paris Hilton was 20 when the tape was made and recently turned 30.

Paris Hilton said: "I've really grown a thick skin over the years and I've had so many things said about me, and it's hard".

Paris Hilton's pitfalls have obviously made her a stronger person and a great entrepreneur.

Paris Hilton is beautiful, courageous, and friendly.

She trusts people, and you must be able to trust people at the top.

Didn't Jesus Christ trust Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him?

I think the taboo discussing money, politics, and religion, is sad, because those things affect and interest everyone.

Paris Hilton is bright and intelligent and her success story will certainly continue to fascinate us all.

"Vigilate itaque omni tempore orantes, ut digni habeamini fugere ista omnia, quae futura sunt, et stare ante Filium hominis", Luke 21:36.

March Of The Blondes In Latvia

Deus caritas est; et, qui manet in caritate, in Deo manet, et Deus in eo. (1 John 4:16)

Weekly World News reports Latvia has had its annual "March of the Blondes" to help boost the economy.

According to the AFP, the march is becoming quite an attraction in the economically-devastated Latvia.

The event, which started in 2009 and is officially called the "Go Blonde Festival", not only boosts the local economy, but also raises money for charity.

Besides the march, which is mainly watched by men, there is also a Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest, a concert by blonde divas, and a pink fashion and accessories show.

That reminds me of a young Latvian blonde, who was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana.

She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking.

After becoming very frustrated with the "no haggle" attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the blonde shouted: "Maybe I'll just go out and catch my own alligator so I can get a pair of shoes at a reasonable price!".

The shopkeeper said: "By all means, be my guest. Maybe you'll luck out and catch yourself a big one!".

Determined, the blonde turned and headed for the swamps, set on catching herself an alligator.

Later in the day, the shopkeeper is driving home, when he spots the young woman standing waist deep in the water, shotgun in hand.

Just then, he sees a huge 9 foot alligator swimming quickly toward her.

She takes aim, kills the creature and with a great deal of effort hauls it on to the swamp bank.

Lying nearby were several more of the dead creatures.

The shopkeeper watches in amazement.

Just then the blonde flips the alligator on its back, and frustrated, shouts out, "Shit, this one isn't wearing any shoes either!".

"Dilectio proximo malum non operatur; plenitudo ergo legis est dilectio", Romans 13:10.