Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4200 Earthquakes In 5 Weeks On Canary Island

Et erunt signa in sole et luna et stellis, et in terris pressura gentium prae confusione sonitus maris et fluctuum. (Luke 21:25)

El Hierro earthquake count exceeds 4.200 in past five weeks, according to The Watchers.

The number of daily earthquakes recorded on the smallest of the Canary Islands (Spain), El Hierro, has increased considerably in recent days.

50.000 years ago, that resulted in a landslide, and at the same time caused a tsunami that most likely rose over 100 meters high, and which reached as far as the American coast.

We could be in for a new giant landslide with an ensuing mega tsunami wave.

Researchers said the mega tsunami wave this time probably will rise up to 900 meters, or 3.300 feet high.

"Adhuc semel ego movebo non solum terram sed et caelum", Hebrews 12:26.

Nestlé Boss: Biofuel Policy Causes Mass Starvation

Et audivi tamquam vocem in medio quattuor animalium dicentem: "Bilibris tritici denario, et tres bilibres hordei denario; et vinum et oleum ne laeseris". (Revelation 6:6)

Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe says that the farming of biofuels dramatically exacerbates global hunger, according to NoTricksZone.

Brabeck-Letmathe says, "Through biofuels, we have returned hundreds of millions of people back into extreme poverty", according to Die Welt.

"More than one half of American corn and one fifth of the entire sugar cane harvest gets converted into biofuels while there is not enough food to feed humanity", he adds.

Farmers prefer to grow crops for fuels rather than food for feeding the planet, because it is simply more profitable.

Governments worldwide are massively subsidizing the agriculture of biofuels, because they fear global warming caused by CO2 emissions, and because they listen to environmental groups like Greenpeace.

But from an environmental point of view this is nonsense, and even more so at a time when the world is running out of food.

This policy has caused a sharp increase in the price of food, fossil fuels, and other commodities.

For millions of people living from less than 2 U.S. dollar a day, this policy means the difference between life and death.

Now hundreds of millions more people are starving needlessly.

Hopefully, this crazy food for fuel policy, which pushes hundreds of millions of people into hunger and into extreme poverty every year, will soon end.

"Arescentibus hominibus prae timore et exspectatione eorum, quae supervenient orbi, nam virtutes caelorum movebuntur", Luke 21:26.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iran Launches Bible-Burning Campaign

Non in pane solo vivet homo, sed in omni verbo, quod procedit de ore Dei. (Matthew 4:4)

Iranian authorities began to systematically seize and destroy Bibles after a Shiite cleric issued an urgent warning about the spread of Christianity, according to Newsmax.

Authorities in northwestern Iran seized 6.500 Bibles, according to the Iranian Christian news organization Mohabat News.

An official said of the seizure that "all religions are strengthening their power to confront Islam; otherwise, what does this huge number of Bibles mean?".

The agency has reported several other recent incidents of Bibles and other Christian literature being seized and sometimes publicly burned.

Mohabat reports that the government-connected cleric, Ayatollah Hadi Jahangosha, warned of "the spread of Christianity among our youth", pointing to burgeoning satellite programming, literature, and religious articles promoting the Western tradition.

Well, Christianity is actually an Eastern religion.

Jesus Christ, our God manifest in the flesh, is the Torah personified, which has its roots in Egypt and in older civilizations.

State sponsored Bible burning is an utterly tragic sign of the times.

The Bible is more than a book - it is a person:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God", see John 1:1.

You cannot build a lasting civilization on another foundation than Jesus Christ and the word of God.

That is the eternal and timeless rock.

"Non est Iudaeus neque Graecus, non est servus neque liber, non est masculus neque femina; omnes enim vos unum estis in Christo Iesu", Galatians 3:28.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fukushima Radiation 168 Times That Of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

Exsurget autem gens super gentem, et regnum super regnum, et erunt terraemotus per loca, et fames; initium dolorum haec. (Mark 13:8)

The Morning Star reports the amount of radioactive caesium that has leaked from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant is roughly 168 times that released by the atomic bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, according to Japan's nuclear agency.

The National Institute for Environmental Studies said its simulation of aerial flow, diffusion and deposition of the two isotopes released from the plant showed their impact reached most of Japan's eastern half, ranging from Iwate in the north to Tokyo and central prefecture of Shizuoka.

The fact that Japan's government estimates the amount of radioactive caesium-137 released by the Fukushima nuclear disaster so far, to be equal to that of 168 Hiroshima bombs, is very serious indeed.

There has been some speculation the earthquake, which triggered the tsunami in Japan, might have been provoked by a man-made HAARP device.

Was the reason for that to avoid a worse disaster caused by for example Comet Elenin?

If HAARP activity was used to trigger the Virginia Earthquake it was anyway a great success.

The earthquake in Virginia instantly knocked Hurricane Irene off course, it started to weaken to a Tropical Storm and collapse, avoiding its initial path, and the new path barely touched the eastern coast.

Clearly, these types of drastic changes are not a natural path for hurricanes.

The unusually shallow depth for that earthquake also seems very strange.

There were almost no aftershocks to the earthquake, but it seems incredible the quake itself would be a foreshock of something larger to come.

The high amount of UFO sightings at the time is also bizarre.

As Comet Elenin now approaches Earth, NASA has made a colossal mind-boggling red X, which can be seen on Google search, and which covers hundreds of square miles of Pacific ocean on the western end of the Aleutian Islands, west of Alaska.

Is this huge ominous red X a pre-determined speculative "strike zone" for Comet Elenin?

"Amen dico vobis quia non praeteribit generatio haec, donec omnia fiant", Luke 21:32.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saudi Arabia Discovers 9.000 Year-Old Civilization

Et praedicabitur hoc evangelium regni in universo orbe in testimonium omnibus gentibus; et tunc veniet consummatio. (Matthew 24:14)

Saudi Arabia is excavating a new archeological site that will show horses were domesticated 9.000 years ago in the Arabian peninsula, according to Reuters.

The discovery of the civilization, named al-Maqar after the site's location, will challenge the theory that the domestication of animals took place 5.500 years ago in Central Asia, said Ali al-Ghabban, Vice-President of Antiquities and Museums at the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities.

"This discovery will change our knowledge concerning the domestication of horses and the evolution of culture in the late Neolithic period", Ghabban told a news conference in the Red Sea port of Jeddah.

Ghabban added, "The Maqar Civilization is a very advanced civilization of the Neolithic period. This site shows us clearly, the roots of the domestication of horses 9.000 years ago".

Hopefully, they will pull a neolithic harness or saddle out of the sand.

"Et vidi caelum apertum: et ecce equus albus; et, qui sedebat super eum, vocabatur Fidelis et Verax, et in iustitia iudicat et pugnat", Revelation 19:11.

UFO Flotilla Over New York City Before Irene's Arrival

Caelum et terra transibunt, verba vero mea non praeteribunt. (Matthew 24:35)

New York recovers as Tropical Storm Irene passes.

But an unbelievable flotilla of UFOs was sighted prior to Irene's arrival.

Was it time travel tourists, who want to see what the world used to look like?

Or was it maybe an alien invasion of New York City, and the real reason why the city was evacuated?

"Et factum est proelium in caelo, Michael et angeli eius, ut proeliarentur cum dracone. Et draco pugnavit et angeli eius", Revelation 12:7.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Weakens

Terraemotus magni erunt per loca et pestilentiae et fames terroresque de caelo et signa magna erunt. (Luke 21:11)

Dr. Simon Atkins, CEO, of Advanced Forecasting Corporation says the hype over Hurricane Irene is overblown.

He predicts that "North of Delaware, most hurricane force winds will very likely be gusts, not sustained winds", according to Weekly World News.

Mayor Bloomberg said: "Do not be fooled by the sun outside — that is the calm before the storm".

But many New Yorkers are ignoring his warnings.

The Mayor issued mandatory evacuations for all New Yorkers in Zone A.

He shut buses, trains, and subways.

Governor Cuomo said he would shut down the George Washington Bridge and the Tappan Zee Bridge, if winds get over 60 mph.

Basically, the Mayor and Governor were telling New Yorkers to… "get out!!".

One New Yorker told a journalist, "it will be rainy and windy, but who cares?".

Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, was blowing a lot of wind himself: "I want everybody off the beaches. If you stay on the beaches, I’m personally gonna come over and beat your a**".

More than two million people on the U.S. east coast have been told to evacuate their homes as Hurricane Irene nears, according to BBC News.

"Et pax Dei, quae exsuperat omnem sensum, custodiat corda vestra et intellegentias vestras in Christo Iesu", Philippians 4:7.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ahmadinejad Dismisses West's Support For A Two-State Solution

Adveniet autem dies Domini ut fur, in qua caeli magno impetu transient, elementa vero calore solventur, et terra et opera, quae in ea invenientur. (2 Peter 3:10)

The Times Union reports Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today dismissed the West's support for a two-state solution as a tactic meant "to save" Israel.

Ahmadinejad added the West and the "Zionist regime" will have no base in the Middle East.

Ahmadinejad said, "The Zionist regime is a center of microbes, a cancer cell and if it exists in one iota of Palestine it will mobilize again and hurt everyone", according to The Jerusalem Post.

Ahmadinejad spoke at a Tehran ceremony following nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies marking Quds Day.

Quds is the Arabic word for Jerusalem.

"Do not assume you will be boosted with a (U.N.) recognition of a Palestinian state", Ahmadinejad said, addressing Israel.

He added, "There is no room for you in the region".

And today Egyptians held a "million-man protest" in the Tahrir Square against a peace accord with Israel.

Ahmadinejad said: "Recognition of a Palestinian state is the first step in the liberation of the entire Palestine".

I believe Israel is willing to take the hits to become the No. 1 world superpower.

"Si confiteamur peccata nostra, fidelis est et iustus, ut remittat nobis peccata et emundet nos ab omni iniustitia", 1 John 1:9.

Bankers: Market Crash Within Weeks

Hac libertate nos Christus liberavit; state et nolite iterum iugo servitutis contineri. (Galatians 5:1)

A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers three years ago is on the way, according to The Telegraph.

Insurance on the debt of several major European banks has now hit historic levels, and credit default swaps on the bonds of Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, and Intesa Sanpaolo, among others.

"I think we are heading for a market shock in September or October that will match anything we have ever seen before", said a senior credit banker at a major European bank.

The wrath of our Lord God Creator is about to fall upon the nations which support the Holy Land give-away to peoples who have no entitlement to God's Land.

A market crash is inevitable since the nations continue to challenge the will of God concerning the Holy Land and the Holy People.

The result of the current banking system, which rob the tax payers, is clearly visible.

A lot of people live on food stamps, they can't get any jobs, and many of those who haven't yet lost their homes will now unfortunately face that tragedy.

The biggest loot in history by the governments to bailout corrupt financial institutions will also soon take place.

But the Bible prophesied this would happen:

"Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire", see James 5:1 - 3.

"They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity", see Ezekiel 7:19.

And Isaiah 2:20 warns: "In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and to the bats".

The stage is set for the Temple in Jerusalem, God's Two Witnesses, and the Antichrist.

"His autem fieri incipientibus, respicite et levate capita vestra, quoniam appropinquat redemptio vestra", Luke 21:28.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ahmadinejad: Iran Is Determined To Eradicate Israel

Suscitavi ab aquilone, et venit ab ortu solis; vocavi eum nomine; et conculcabit potentes quasi lutum et velut plastes calcans humum. (Isaiah 41:25)

Haaretz reports Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says those who are for humanity should also be for eradicating Israel, since the "Zionist regime is a symbol of suppression and discrimination".

Iran's President vows Iran is determined to eradicate Israel.

In Leviticus 19:2 the Lord God says concerning the Jews, "Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy".

It is always wrong of men to try to destroy what God has declared holy.

But there will always be evil, and therefore there will also always be poverty.

The Iranian President says Iran follows the issue of the "eradication of Israel, with determination and decisiveness and will never ever withdraw from this standpoint and policy".

We live in a sad time in history when political leaders demand the destruction of the Jewish people and nation.

Ahmadinejad said that Iranians and Muslim nations worldwide should show their willingness to dispose of this "infectious tumor and this regime full of rascality".

Hopefully, there are enough people out there to defend the will of God and the Jewish nation.

In the book of Revelation 11:2, we read the Temple will be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and coexist there, while Gentile nations possess parts of Jerusalem for 42 months.

But Israel as a state will never again be destroyed or uprooted, but will come to power and glory.

Foolish nations which hate Christ our God, Israel, and the Jews, should reconsider before they find themselves fighting against the Lord, who will destroy them completely.

"Deo autem gratias, qui semper triumphat nos in Christo Iesu et odorem notitiae suae manifestat per nos in omni loco", 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Egyptian Fatwa: Kill Zionists

Facientque mihi sanctuarium, et habitabo in medio eorum. (Exodus 25:8)

Dr. Salah Sultan, a lecturer on Islamic law in Cairo University and head of the Al Quds Committee in the World Federation of Islamic Scholars, declares that an Egyptian citizen who encounters a "Zionist" should kill him, according to Israel National News.

This is a sad threat which comes from the chief prince of Islam.

In an April interview Sultan said that "the liberation of Palestine will come from Tahrir Square".

When the Crusaders invaded Jerusalem, the liberation began from Egypt, he said.

Similarly, when Mongols reached Syria in the 13th century CE, Egyptians were the ones who organized and blocked them.

"The next campaign [against Israel] will be launched from Egypt", the cleric said.

But the Bible tells us something else.

Salvation is of the Jews, see John 4:22, and God will never reject His chosen people the Jews, see Romans 11:1 - 2.

Jesus Christ who said, "I and my Father are one", see John 10:30, promised the sacred borders of Israel and the Levitical Priesthood would be restored, compare with Acts 1:6 - 7.

Mankind will be saved thanks to the Jews, according to Matthew 24:22.

Therefore we should be nice to the Jews and honor them, compare with 1 Corinthians 10:32.

Our clerics should learn our children to respect those who stand for civilization, law, and culture in the world - the Jews!

"Expectantes beatam spem et adventum gloriae magni Dei et salvatoris nostri Iesu Christi", Titus 2:13.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

David Letterman Responds To Death Threats

Ita et vos, cum videritis haec fieri, scitote quoniam prope est regnum Dei. (Luke 21:31)

David Letterman responds to death threats against him by making jokes about them, according to The New York Times.

In his monologue during Monday’s taping of his CBS show, he opened with a direct reference to the threats.

Letterman said, "Thank you very much for being here tonight. We have great audiences night in and night out, but tonight especially, it means a lot to me. Tonight, you people are more, to me, honestly, more than an audience … you’re more like a human shield".

Letterman said, "I have a fatwa on me. And they say the guy that issued the fatwa is an Internet jihadist. Internet jihadist, and I said, 'Well, heck, who says Obama isn’t creating jobs?' ".

Mr. Letterman also devoted his nightly top 10 list to the threat under the heading of "Top 10 things that went through my mind after I heard about the threat":

Number 4: "How can someone be so angry at a time when Kim Kardashian is so happy?".

Number 3: "Some people get Emmy nominations; some people get death threats".

A fatwa brought down the Twin Towers.

But David Letterman kills the terrorists with good jokes.

"Sed in his omnibus superamus per eum, qui dilexit nos", Romans 8:37.

Fukushima: Unspeakable Reality "Will Impact All Of Humanity"

Et facta est tertia pars aquarum in absinthium, et multi hominum mortui sunt de aquis, quia amarae factae sunt. (Revelation 8:11)

Australia's CBS exposed the "unspeakable" realities of the Japanese catastrophe in its 60 Minutes program Sunday night during which leading nuclear scientist Dr. Michio Kaku said radiation from Fukushima will impact all of humanity.

Fukushima now radiating everyone is discussed at the Forum.

Dr. Kaku told CBS reporter Liz Hayes: "In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima".

Unfortunately, Dr. Kaku is correct.

I was exposed to the Chernobyl catastrophe radiation while living in Sweden in 1986, and now to the Fukushima radiation while living in France.

There is a massive cover-up as to the real extent of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.

And we have not seen the worst coming yet.

Chernobyl was the result of the collapsing Soviet Union.

But what will happen when the United States collapses?

Future generations may face great health problems because of bad security around our present day nuclear power plants.

"Omnis anima vivens mortua est, quae est in mari", Revelation 16:3.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pope Tells 1.5 Million Youngsters To Spread Gospel

Dominus est enim Filius hominis etiam sabbati. (Matthew 12:8)

Reuters reports Pope Benedict urged 1.5 million young Catholics at a Sunday mass in an aerodrome to spread the gospel to others on the last day of a four-day visit to the Spanish capital marked by violent protests.

Hundreds of Spaniards, including Priests, took to the streets to object to the cost of hosting this religious event at a time of spending cuts.

The march ended in clashes with the police.

Critics put the cost of hosting the visit at around 100 million euros, mostly due to the heavy security which has surrounded the pontiff, with roads cut off to traffic, and thousands of police on the streets.

But the organizers said the event cost the taxpayers nothing due to corporate sponsorship.

I think it is great the Pope wants more people to come to obedience to the Lord God of Israel - Jesus Christ!

We live in a historic time when it is easy to see that sometimes there are things more important than democracy and freedom.

The Pope understands that.

The Pope also understands that bullshit about democracy and freedom never will solve any problems.

The Pope should be commended for not backing down to cheap talk about democracy.

In Egypt we see what happens when the public opinion comes to power.

A series of attacks at the Egyptian-Israeli border has killed eight Israelis.

Democracy needs an educated people or a civilized people to function.

Breaking a customary silence on the Sabbath, the Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, released a statement saying, "We regret the deaths of members of the Egyptian security forces during the terror attack on the Israeli-Egyptian border".

But why is Ehud Barak throwing pearls to pigs.

The Holy Sabbath day is one of God's Ten Commandments.

There is really no reason, and this is not the time, to break God's Law for stupid statements.

Ehud Barak should instead tell the Egyptians to get the hell out of the land God gave to the Jews, because otherwise the Egyptians will face a very angry God.

The Egyptians are actually a good people, which unfortunately has come under bad influence.

But it might be God's will to destroy Egypt, again.

Pope Benedict is absolutely right the Gospel needs to be spread.

What can be more important than to bring people to obey God's Holy Commandments and to restore every inch of Israel's land to become the spiritual superpower with God's Temple restored on the Temple Mount?

"Nolite arbitrari quia venerim mittere pacem in terram; non veni pacem mittere sed gladium", Matthew 10:34.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Israel Under Fire

Omne animal diligit similem sibi. (Sirach 13:19)

Israel National News reports a 30-year-old Be'er Sheva man died Saturday night of wounds he sustained in a Gaza missile attack on the city, leaving a pregnant wife.

Eight others were wounded after the attack that targeted the northern part of the city.

More than 80 missiles and mortar shells were fired at southern Israel over the course of the day on Saturday.

Among the areas targeted were the major cities of Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi, and Ashkelon, as well as Ofakim, Sderot, and numerous kibbutzim and moshavim in various districts in the Gaza Belt region.

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu has obvious and great difficulties in defending his country's borders.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said he "regrets" the deaths of Egyptian policemen on the Gaza border, as Cairo considers recalling its ambassador.

Why Israel targeted Egyptian policemen as a retaliation for Egypt's attack on two buses and a car in Israel is beyond my understanding.

Israeli civilians are targeted from Egypt, and the appropriate response is of course to target Egyptian civilians and not their police.

Israel's military must patrol more robust along the river Nile.

It is obvious Israel needs a more competent Defense Minister and wiser Generals, who better understand who to target.

And 80 incoming rockets just from Gaza during the day should not be taken lightly.

Several people went into shock following the attacks, and required medical care.

The Sinai region belongs to Israel according to the Bible.

The Jews better start to move their asses into the whole region before more innocent people are unnecessary killed.

"Nolite putare quia ego accusaturus sim vos apud Patrem; est qui accuset vos: Moses, in quo vos speratis", John 5:45.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

NASA Says "Aliens" May Destroy Humanity To Protect Other Civilizations

Et ideo mittit illis Deus operationem erroris, ut credant mendacio. (2 Thessalonians 2:11) reports rising greenhouse emissions may tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report for NASA.

Reducing our emissions might just save humanity from a pre-emptive alien attack, scientists claim.

Watching from afar, extraterrestrial beings might view changes in Earth's atmosphere as symptomatic of a civilization growing out of control - and take drastic action to keep us from becoming a more serious threat, the researchers explain.

In the report, Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis, the researchers divide alien contacts into three broad categories: beneficial, neutral, or harmful.

The most unappealing outcomes would arise if extraterrestrials caused harm to humanity, even if by accident.

While aliens may arrive to eat, enslave or attack us, the report adds that people might also suffer from being physically crushed or by contracting diseases carried by the visitors.

To bolster humanity's chances of survival, the researchers call for caution in sending signals into space, and in particular warn against broadcasting information about our biological make-up, which could be used to manufacture weapons that target humans.

The authors warn that extraterrestrials may be wary of civilizations that expand very rapidly, as these may be prone to destroy other life as they grow, just as humans have pushed species to extinction on Earth.

In the most extreme scenario, aliens might choose to destroy humanity to protect other civilizations.

"Green" aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet.

According to Weekly World News, NASA confirms an alien invasion because of global warming.

Three giant alien spaceships are heading for Earth.

Scientists predict they will arrive and attack Earth in November.

The largest spaceship is 200 miles wide. Two others are slightly smaller.

The U.N. is said to begin preparing citizens of the world for the attack of the three spaceships.

"Et pax Dei, quae exsuperat omnem sensum, custodiat corda vestra et intellegentias vestras in Christo Iesu", Philippians 4:7.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Delors: The E.U. Is "On The Brink" Of Collapse

Adveniet autem dies Domini ut fur, in qua caeli magno impetu transient, elementa vero calore solventur, et terra et opera, quae in ea invenientur. (2 Peter 3:10)

The EUobserver reports former E.U. commission head Delors has in an op-ed published in Belgian daily Le Soir said the euro and the E.U. are "on the brink" of collapse and called plans to have new twice-yearly eurozone summits a "silly gadget" that will not reassure markets.

Unfortunately Jacques Delors might be right.

Governments will continue to pump in money in all the major incompetent and unfriendly banks most people hate.

Our leaders hanged Saddam Hussein, but they will never get enough before at least Bashir al-Assad and Moammar Gaddafi also are hanged.

No one gave Hosni Mubarak any credit for stepping down peacefully.

But will the leaders of America and Europe step down peacefully, when millions of people who have lost their homes, jobs, and money, gather together to protest and demand their leaders' immediate departure from power?

The E.U. and the U.S. now criticize Israel for building "1.600 housing units" in Jerusalem.

You don't need to be a Bible scholar to understand that God hates our antisemitic and godless governments.

But when the governments stumble, it is their peoples who break the necks.

"Arescentibus hominibus prae timore et exspectatione eorum, quae supervenient orbi, nam virtutes caelorum movebuntur", Luke 21:26.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Final Solution - The Ten Commandments

Et datus est mihi calamus similis virgae dicens: "Surge et metire templum Dei et altare et adorantes in eo". (Revelation 11:1)

The National Review writes the Decalogue is as relevant today as it was 3.000 years ago.

I agree and also believe that if people and countries lived by the Ten Commandments, most problems would disappear.

All the great evils involve the violation of one or more of the Ten Commandments.

It is clear the Ten Commandments reflect the wisdom of the ages for how individuals should behave within a society.

"Mandatum novum do vobis, ut diligatis invicem; sicut dilexi vos, ut et vos diligatis invicem", John 13:34.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

France And Germany Push For Common Eurozone Government

Carissimi, si sic Deus dilexit nos, et nos debemus alterutrum diligere. (1 John 4:11)

France 24 reports Sarkozy and Merkel have called for "true European economic governance".

France and Germany call for a single eurozone economic government, a balanced eurozone budget, and a common tax legizlation.

I agree that less individualism and more collectivism now will help us create a more efficient society.

Democratic centralism with Paris-Berlin in the center is the best solution to Europe's current problems.

We have already seen how fatal it is when too much power is given to small, marginalized, and irresponsible governments.

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy now urge much closer economic and fiscal policy in the eurozone, they are at last moving in the right direction.

The pressure the two leaders have been under, to shore up the eurozone and restore financial market confidence after a year and a half of turmoil that has refused to die down despite bailouts of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, has finally payed off.

According to Weekly World News French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel have eventually decided to merge countries.

Well, why not?

"France and Germany have decided that for the good of our people, we will join together and form one new nation, that will lift all our citizens up", they said, adding it can be done by October 1st, 2011.

Both nations will be adopting English as the primary language, as "German and French are two dying languages", said Sarkozy.

He continued: "We want to give our citizens an advantage in the new world order".

The new nation will be adopting the U.S. Constitution.

"Why reinvent the wheel?", said Sarkozy.

I agree. Let the Americans debate while we work.

"Mandatum novum do vobis, ut diligatis invicem; sicut dilexi vos, ut et vos diligatis invicem", John 13:34.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vampire Bats Kill Their First Victim In The U.S.

Dixit illi Iohannes: "Magister, vidimus quendam in nomine tuo eicientem daemonia". (Mark 9:38)

Weekly World News reports for the first time in U.S. history, vampire bats are attacking and killing citizens.

Vampires are invading the U.S., according to Louisiana News.

Vampire bats, the only parasitic mammal, have traditionally haunted central and South America.

The Common Vampire Bat is the most aggressive kind of vampire bat, drinking human blood.

Now it has invaded the hot American Southwest.

Health officials said Friday that a Mexican teenager who died is the first known fatality in the U.S. of rabies contracted from vampire bats.

Post-mortem the strain of rabies involved was traced to a sub-strain that is carried by bats.

Vampire bats are able to find blood through a heat-detecting molecule covering nerve endings on their noses.

Once an adult vampire bat has found a vein to feed on, it can drink half of its body weight in blood.

Prior to the Louisiana attacks, there have been 32 human rabies cases reported.

And in just one week there were over 100 attacks with 36 confirmed deaths.

A vampire bat alert is now considered in the U.S.

"Et increpavit ei Iesus, et exiit ab eo daemonium, et curatus est puer ex illa hora", Matthew 17:18.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Continent Discovered

Caelum et terra transibunt, verba vero mea non praeteribunt. (Matthew 24:35)

Weekly World News reports an international team of explorers has discovered a new continent - Pangea - in the Atlantic.

"We thought we found a new island between Bermuda and North Africa, but after examining it for several weeks, we new it was a continent and not an island", said Julie Zierman, a geochemist from California State University.

"It’s about 15 percent the size of Australia, but it has much of the same flora and fauna", said Ron Berger, an evolutionary biologist from Dartmouth University.

The oldest human civilization seems however to have existed in Antarctica.

It was in January 1820 the lieutenant of the Russian Imperial Fleet Mikhail Lazarev discovered Antarctica.

A joint British-Swedish expedition in 1949 found their map data agreed with the level of science of 1513.

The historic sources from the 4th century B.C., which belonged to Alexander the Great, confirmed the uniqueness of the civilization of Antarctica.

When the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations were born, the civilization in Antarctica was not lower than that of the 18th century.

Antarctica had a moderate climate at that time, and its civilization later occupied the northeast of the African continent.

Their knowledge were passed on to the Egyptians and today we find it in the Bible.

The ruins of the great Tower of Babel will probably one day be found in Antarctica.

"Et vidi caelum novum et terram novam", Revelation 21:1.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jewish Scholars Seek Out Errors In The Hebrew Bible

Multi autem ex his, qui fuerant curiosa sectati, conferentes libros combusserunt coram omnibus; et computaverunt pretia illorum et invenerunt argenti quinquaginta milia. (Acts 19:19)

There are some errors and man-made blips in the Hebrew Bible, according to The Blaze.

It seems the sacred text that people revered in the past was not the same one we study today.

An ancient version of one book has an extra phrase.

Another appears to have been revised to retroactively insert a prophecy after the events happened.

For 53 years scholars have been working on an authoritative version of the Hebrew Bible, tracking every single evolution of the text over centuries and millennia.

"What we’re doing here must be of interest for anyone interested in the Bible", said Michael Segal, the scholar who heads the project.

In more than five decades of work, the scholars have published a grand total of three of the Hebrew Bible’s 24 books.

If the pace is maintained, the final product will be complete a little over 200 years from now.

In one example from the Book of Deuteronomy, a passage referring to commandments given by God "to you" once read "to us", a significant change in meaning.

The Book of Jeremiah is now one-seventh longer than the one that appears in some of the 2.000-year-old manuscripts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The year the Bible Project began, 1958, a Hebrew Bible manuscript was smuggled out of Aleppo, Syria, by a Jewish cheese merchant who hid it in his washing machine.

This was the 1.100-year-old Aleppo Codex, considered the oldest and most accurate version of the complete biblical text in Hebrew.

Every good modern Bible translation is very valuable.

But the copy will of course never be as good as the original.

Jesus Christ - God blessed forever - made the Torah flesh and revealed its true meaning for us.

"Vos enim in libertatem vocati estis, fratres", Galatians 5:13.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

French Wines Fall Victim To Chinese Counterfeiting

Ut probetis potiora, ut sitis sinceres et sine offensa in diem Christi. (Philippians 1:10)

France 24 reports the latest global success story to fall victim to Chinese counterfeiting is French wine.

A wine seller from Shanghai said, "A bottle of wine is very easy to replicate. The counterfeiters search for original bottles in restaurant trash. Once they’ve got hold of one, they reproduce the label and replicate the bottle. They then buy mid-range bottles of wine from the supermarket, pour them into the fake bottles, and sell them".

"Wine is seen as a rich person’s drink, and that means everyone wants to be seen drinking it".

The Apostle Paul told Timothy: "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities", see 1 Timothy 5:23.

One of the major victims of Chinese counterfeiting is the Chateau Lafite Rothschild ’82, a Bordeaux that has gained more popularity in China than in its home country.

The price for a bottle shot up by 574 percent between 2001 and 2010 after sales in China went through the roof.

Today, a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild from 1982 can fetch up to 5.400 euros.

That means around 5.000 euros of profit per bottle for a resourceful counterfeiter.

Lucas Botebol, one of the Zhongguo bloggers, estimates that some 70 percent of the Chateau Lafite sold in the country must be fake due to the fact that the sales numbers vastly outstrip the import figures.

"There is more Lafite '82 in China than was produced in France", Romain Vandevoorde, head of wine importer Le Baron, told AFP.

A European wine merchant who deals in sales to Hong Kong said: "I don’t think the Chinese have a clue what they’re drinking. They wouldn’t realize if they weren’t drinking a Lafite because they don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like".

The Shanghai vender agreed saying, "A lot of Chinese people honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a top French wine and something from the supermarket".

The European merchant said, "The Chinese don’t really like wine. They drink it because it’s the in-thing. What sells in China is brands, not tastes; they’re drinking a label".

Wine vender Yang Yi said, "The Chinese counterfeit everything. Why do computers and not wine?".

"Omnis homo primum bonum vinum ponit et, cum inebriati fuerint tunc id quod deterius est; tu servasti bonum vinum usque adhuc", John 2:10.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

TEPCO: 143 Nuclear Power Plant Workers Missing

Et facta est tertia pars aquarum in absinthium, et multi hominum mortui sunt de aquis, quia amarae factae sunt. (Revelation 8:11)

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said Thursday that it has not been able to locate 143 individuals working to restore the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since May, according to Japan Today.

Asahi Geino reported in May that subcontractors were hiring day laborers to work at the plant.

While safety measures are in place to keep workers’ daily exposure to radiation within safe levels, claims for compensation due to sickness from overexposure are unlikely to be paid out.

The missing day laborers who operated the nuclear power plants are homeless people, and they therefore have no addresses.

Day laborers in Japan are the "Issen Gorin" of today.

"Issen Gorin" means "penny postcard" translated, and is a term associated with a value placed upon Japanese draftees in World War II.

"Issen Gorin" translates to "one yen, five rin", the cost of mailing a draft notice postcard, and is less than an American penny.

The name "Issen Gorin" was the name Japanese officers used when referring to the average Japanese soldier, meaning the soldiers were viewed as being worth less than a penny.

In June, Japanese officials suggested Japan could become uninhabitable because of the tragedy at Fukushima, but not much have been heard since then.

These poor missing penniless slaves, working at the nuclear power plant, had no choices other than gambling with their lives for nothing.

Maybe they looted the whole plant for fine measuring instruments and electric parts, or anything else that could be moved in hope they could sell it later?

Now, they might be selling the loot, thus spreading nuclear contamination and radiation.

"Adveniet autem dies Domini ut fur, in qua caeli magno impetu transient, elementa vero calore solventur, et terra et opera, quae in ea invenientur", 2 Peter 3:10.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Temple Mount: Waqf Attacks Jews

Tunc dixit David: "Illicitum est, ut a quocumque portetur arca Dei, nisi a Levitis, quos elegit Dominus ad portandum eam et ad ministrandum sibi usque in aeternum". (1 Chronicles 15:2)

Israel National News reports Muslim Waqf personnel attacked Jews who visited the Temple Mount on the anniversary of the Temple's destruction.

The group was led by Moshe Feiglin of the Jewish Leadership faction.

The event began when an Arab woman began to follow the group around the Mount, hurling curses and epithets.

Waqf members approached the group and also began to hurl abuse at the Jews.

The police were there in small numbers and feared a confrontation.

They wanted the Jews to leave the scene.

However, police did nothing against the attackers.

One Jew was arrested.

Feiglin said that "There is nothing like an event of this nature on Tisha B'Av to prove the weakness of the Israeli government. He who forfeits the Temple Mount forfeits his home in the Negev and Galilee as well – and in the end, on Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv, too".

Of course Feiglin is right.

The Temple Mount is Jewish and Jesus Christ is the Lord God of Israel.

The Muslims have a great religion, because they have Alexander the Great as a Prophet.

Christianity is a great religion, because it accepts Jesus Christ as the Lord God and you don't have to deal with contrary and rebellious Jews in the Church.

I can really understand and identify with Moses, who was a Levite, and who pitched his tent outside of where the Jews lived, and who even married an Ethiopian woman.

We live in turbulent times.

England has started its descent to hell.

It didn't want to get Germanized - which is understandable - and declared war against Hitler, who was foolish enough to exterminate Jews and to attack Russia militarily.

England - like France, Holland, and the Scandinavian countries - has invited millions of immigrants, but without having the resources to offer them jobs.

In Norway, a murderer recently shot most of the young socialist leadership - they were in fact only kids - in a Scandinavian approach to get rid of future bad socialist political leaders.

In England, David Cameron, has another approach.

Cameron is not blaming his nation's politics for the sad fact that England is on fire.

Cameron instead promises more violence, and in the poor London suburbs, against all the scum he and his fellow colleagues let in to Britain as cheap labor to dump the salaries for ordinary Englishmen.

But the question is if more domestic violence in England is the right answer to the problems of immigration, violence, and poverty.

I somewhat prefer the approach of Norwegian murderer Breivik, who also tried to kill Norway's PM, than that of Cameron, even if it of course always is unacceptable to kill people.

Breivik understood the stair always must be cleaned from the top and not from the bottom as David Cameron now tries instead, but Breivik's methods are of course unacceptable.

Breivik didn't primarily attack the immigrants he hates, but the Norwegians who wanted to create more chaos and destroy the future society of Norway, like what we now witness happen in England.

Western democracies must understand that if they accept massive immigration, the newcomers must be given the same opportunity to jobs, income, and education, as the rest of the population.

We are created in the image of God.

People that have the guts to leave their native countries should not always be treated as second class citizens, deemed to merciless poverty and misery all their days in their new home country.

What happened in England will of course spread to the rest of Europe too.

British immigration policy is of course not inferior to that of other EU countries.

The situation is explosive in the whole eurozone.

And that is another reason why we need a house of prayer for all peoples on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In the Hebrew Bible we have the Law, and as a matter of fact even Muhammad is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, see for example Song of Songs 5:16.

It is time for the Levitical Priesthood to gain control of the Temple Mount and to exercise the Divine Law in the light of the teachings of our merciful Lord God of Israel.

"Et dixit: 'Isti sunt duo filii olei, qui assistunt Dominatori universae terrae' ", Zechariah 4:14.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Power Companies Prepare For Solar Storms

Sine offensione estote Iudaeis et Graecis et ecclesiae Dei. (1 Corinthians 10:32)

Yahoo! News reports three large explosions from the Sun over the past few days have prompted U.S. government scientists to caution users of satellite, telecommunications, and electric equipment to prepare for possible disruptions over the next few days.

Joseph Kunches, a space weather scientist at the Space Weather Prediction Center, a division of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said: "The magnetic storm that is soon to develop probably will be in the moderate to strong level".

Solar storms are expected to affect communications and global positioning system (GPS) satellites.

In 1989, a solar storm took down the power grid in Quebec, Canada, leaving about six million people without power for several hours.

The largest solar storm ever recorded was in 1859 when communications infrastructure was limited to telegraphs.

Some telegraph operators reported electric shocks. Papers caught fire. And many telegraph systems continued to send and receive signals even after operators disconnected batteries, NOAA said on its website.

The next peak, or solar maximum, is expected in 2013.

Aliens and UFOs are clear warning signs of the upcoming perfect solar storm.

Maybe Hollywood tries to warn us?

"Et factum est proelium in caelo, Michael et angeli eius, ut proeliarentur cum dracone. Et draco pugnavit et angeli eius", Revelation 12:7.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Mysterious Pipe Smoking Alien Crop Circle

Et tunc parebit signum Filii hominis in caelo, et tunc plangent omnes tribus terrae et videbunt Filium hominis venientem in nubibus caeli cum virtute et gloria multa. (Matthew 24:30)

People from all over Europe descended on the Cherhill white horse after a mysterious crop circle – featuring an alien smoking a pipe – appeared in a corn field below the monument, according to This Is Wiltshire.

This is an amazing piece of extraterrestrial art.

Smoking the peace pipe is the alien's way of saying, "We come in peace".

Soon we could experience an extraterrestrial invasion.

As most countries prepare for the "once in a lifetime super solar storm event" that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012, NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth, knocking out the Northern Hemisphere’s technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s.

Before It's News reported eminent Russian astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev said our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud.

Terrified ESA and NASA scientists admit the world is defenseless against the unknown alien cloud.

Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes report that the entire solar system is at risk.

Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University says this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent.

This will result in more earthquakes, all while dramatically affecting the weather.

Demetriev warns to prepare for "global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years".

Whatever the alien in the crop circle is smoking, when that thing is hungry, hide under your bed, that you might experience the upcoming super solar storm event.

"Propterea laetamini, caeli et qui habitatis in eis. Vae terrae et mari, quia descendit Diabolus ad vos habens iram magnam, sciens quod modicum tempus habet!", Revelation 12:12.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Antimatter Belt Around The Earth Trapped By Magnetic Field

Ego movebo non solum terram sed et caelum. (Hebrews 12:26)

A band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for the first time by the Pamela satellite (an acronym for Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics), according to BBC News.

The antiprotons lie sandwiched between the inner and outer Van Allen belts around the Earth.

The researchers say there may be enough to implement a scheme using antimatter to fuel future spacecraft.

The antimatter belt around the Earth might hold the answer to why our planet again will experience a flood of Biblical proportions when the magnetic field collapses.

"Et omnis insula fugit et montes non sunt inventi", Revelation 16:20.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The U.S. Loses Its AAA Credit Rating

Sicut ergo accepistis Christum Iesum Dominum, in ipso ambulate. (Colossians 2:6)

Businessweek reports that for the first time since it awarded U.S. credit an AAA in 1941, Standard & Poor's has reduced the nation's credit rating to AA+.

At the news U.S. President Obama threw a "Downgrade Party" at the White House, according to Weekly World News.

One commentator said the Tea Party and the Republican Party are singlehandedly responsible for destroying the United States.

Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, said: "We’re still AA+", and added, "an A+ is an A+, we’re still at the top of the class. If we were downgraded to a B or B+ we would be concerned, but we’re still A rated!".

The Obama’s had it’s second Hip-Hop BBQ in two days.

They all danced in a conga line around Tim Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, who said: "It's a tiny downgrade, we’ll be upgraded soon. It’s no big deal. Have another mojito".

"This is the best Downgrade Party I’ve ever been to!", said one young White House insider.

The Downgrade Party is apparently a welcome Democrat response to the Republican Tea Party.

Some analysts said with debt woes across much of the developed world, U.S. debt remained an attractive option for investors, according to BBC News.

There might also be other reasons to celebrate.

And the other two major credit rating agencies, Moody's and Fitch, said on Friday night they had no immediate plans to follow S&P in taking the U.S. off their lists of risk-free borrowers.

Unnamed sources were quoted as saying that a treasury official had spotted a $2 trillion mistake in the S&P agency's analysis.

"A judgment flawed by a $2tn error speaks for itself", a U.S. treasury department spokesman said of the S&P analysis.

China, the world's largest holder of U.S. debt, had "every right now to demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China's dollar assets", said a commentary in the official Xinhua news agency.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin didn't hold back his feelings about America's debt crisis, reportedly telling a pro-Kremlin youth rally that the U.S. "is not living within its means, shifting the weight of responsibility on other countries and in a way acting as a parasite".

"Vigilate itaque omni tempore orantes, ut digni habeamini fugere ista omnia, quae futura sunt, et stare ante Filium hominis", Luke 21:36.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Al Gore Calls For Arab-Style Revolution

Spiritus autem manifeste dicit, quia in novissimis temporibus discedent quidam a fide, attendentes spiritibus seductoribus et doctrinis daemoniorum. (1 Timothy 4:1)

Weekly World News reports Al Gore isn’t happy with the debt-ceiling deal.

He thinks it’s time that America had a non-violent uprising in Times Square, transforming it into an American Tahrir Square.

Al Gore said, "We need to have an American spring, you know, the Arab spring".

Al Gore said that his revolution in Times Square should also include polar bears because "they have a lot to complain about. It’s too damn hot!".

When asked if the revolution would be a protest against Barack Obama, Gore said, "No, the protest would be against the Tea Partiers who are trying to ruin President Obama’s glorious Presidency".

Al Gore also told Keith Olbermann that he is considering running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States: "I love Barack, I really do, but we need someone in the White House who knows how to turn off the lights and turn on the green".

The calls for open revolution by the progressive in America are getting stronger and stronger.

"Quid ergo dicemus ad haec? Si Deus pro nobis, quis contra nos?", Romans 8:31.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Soon To Explode

Caelum et terra transibunt, verba vero mea non praeteribunt. (Matthew 24:35)

Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukrainian SSR blew up on 26 April 1986, during a test being performed ahead of a routine shutdown.

It is widely believed the "accident" was a sabotage.

An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over Western Soviet Union, Europe, and Eastern North America.

Large areas of Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine were badly contaminated.

The contamination resulted in the evacuation of over 300.000 people.

About 60 percent of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus.

Twenty-three percent of Belarus was contaminated with Chernobyl’s fallout, or 32.592 square miles.

There are still high concentration levels of the radioactive isotope mapped most clearly, cesium-137.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has set the "safe for residency limit" at a maximum of 5Ci/km2.

Eighty-eight percent of contaminated Belarus is 111 to 370 times more contaminated than that.

And millions of people still live on that land.

Life expectancy in Belarus in the 1960s was almost level with that in Western Europe.

Now, after Chernobyl, it has fallen 14 years for men and 9 years for women.

The number of cancer deaths is skyrocketing.

A new sarcophagus is built on the site of the explosion in 1986, but a new and far more devastating explosion will eventually happen at Chernobyl tomorrow, or in 5 years, or in 8 years...

We are at the point of no return for mankind and the planet.

The recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima had an added factor - Plutonium.

Plutonium has a half life of 24.000 years as opposed to the half life of Cesium which is only 30 years.

Plutonium is so toxic that one pound of it, if it were powdered and evenly distributed around the world would kill all life on Earth.

There were thousands of tons of Plutonium at Fukushima at the time of the accident, conveniently delivered there four months before the accident happened.

Yellow and black radiation warning signs outdoors will be common in most parts of the world in a few years' time.

The Roman Empire did fall because of lead poisoning.

But our civilization will go down because of radiation and nuclear contamination.

Hopefully, our space agencies will soon find us a new habitable planet.

"Et vidi caelum novum et terram novam", Revelation 21:1.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Debt Crisis Far From Over

Et in avaritia fictis verbis de vobis negotiabuntur, quibus iudicium iam olim non cessat, et perditio eorum non dormitat. (2 Peter 2:3)

The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. Senate approved — and President Barack Obama immediately signed — the long-awaited deal to raise the nation's debt limit Tuesday.

The Senate voted 74-26 for the package, which raises the government's borrowing limit by $2.4 trillion and cuts $917 billion in federal spending.

A fiery debate is likely over the next step, the bipartisan panel, and how much of its $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions will come from tax increases and how much from cuts in safety-net programs.

While two key ratings agencies maintained the US’ AAA rating after Washington agreed the debt limit deal Tuesday, the threat of a downgrade remains after Moody’s assigned a negative outlook to the rating.

Now investors await Standard & Poor's verdict, according to France 24.

Meanwhile Italian and Spanish sovereign debt risk premiums soared to euro-era record highs Tuesday, threatening to ensnare two major eurozone countries in an expanding debt crisis.

Spain's Prime Minister delayed plans to leave on vacation, and Italy's Finance Minister met with the central bank and stock market authorities to grapple with the growing emergency.

The eurozone debt crisis has already claimed Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, forcing them to seek bailouts from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

There are growing fears Italy and Spain, the eurozone's third- and fourth-biggest economies, could be next in line, developments that would dwarf previous bailouts and could undermine the euro itself.

The debt crisis looks far from over.

"Sol convertetur in tenebras, et luna in sanguinem, antequam veniat dies Domini magnus et manifestus", Acts 2:20.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

Et illi quidem, qui de filiis Levi sacerdotium accipiunt, mandatum habent decimas sumere a populo secundum legem, id est a fratribus suis, quamquam et ipsi exierunt de lumbis Abrahae. (Hebrews 7:5)

France 24 reports the U.S. debt-ceiling deal was agreed and passed by 269 votes to 161 by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Monday, and is expected to be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate at noon Tuesday local time.

The bill raises the debt limit by up to $2.4tn from $14.3tn, and makes savings of at least $2.1tn in 10 years.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a frequent U.S. critic, accused America of living beyond its means "like a parasite" on the global economy.

China's main official newspaper said despite the 11th-hour deal, U.S. debt woes still threatened the world economy. U.S. sovereign debt problems "had merely been pushed off, and there is a tendency for them to grow", the People's Daily said.

The bill was the focus of criticizm, some of it anguished, from both sides of the House, according to BBC News.

"I did not come to Washington to force more people into poverty", said Democratic congressman Jim McGovern.

His colleague, Emanuel Cleaver, described the deal as "a sugar-coated Satan sandwich" on his Twitter feed.

Republican Representative Mark Mulvaney said: "At the end of the day, Washington's spending still has us sprinting toward a fiscal cliff. And this bill barely slows us down".

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a surprise return to Washington Monday.

Giffords voted in favor of the agreement to raise the debt limit in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It was the first time Giffords voted since she was shot in Arizona on January 8.

Gabrielle Giffords, 40, was shot in the head by alleged gunman Jared Loughner.

She survived the shooting, shortly later squeezing the hand of the first doctor to treat her.

Part of her skull was removed to make space for swelling caused by her injuries.

Let us hope the U.S. economy, and also the global economy, now will make the same remarkable recovery as Gabrielle Giffords has.

"Deo autem gratias, qui semper triumphat nos in Christo Iesu et odorem notitiae suae manifestat per nos in omni loco", 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Monday, August 01, 2011

U.S. Debt Agreement

Et audivi tamquam vocem in medio quattuor animalium dicentem: "Bilibris tritici denario, et tres bilibres hordei denario; et vinum et oleum ne laeseris". (Revelation 6:6)

With a measly U.S. 1.3 GDP growth and unemployment sticky at 9.2 percent, last night's bipartisan debt-ceiling deal is a victory for the cause of smaller government.

While a communist country like China outperforms the U.S. economically, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders at least reached a deal Sunday night to raise the government's debt-ceiling while cutting spending by about $2.4 trillion, thus avoiding a government default, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Senate and House are expected to vote on the deal Monday.

As it should pass the U.S. government will be able to continue to pay its bills tomorrow.

Under the proposal, which still needs to be approved by Congress, the U.S. debt-ceiling would rise by up to $2.4tn from the current $14.3tn, according to BBC News.

France 24 reports the last-minute debt-ceiling deal struck by Republicans and Democrats Sunday came as a welcome relief to markets.

All western economies have many pieces which urgently must be put in place.

"Adeamus ergo cum fiducia ad thronum gratiae, ut misericordiam consequamur et gratiam inveniamus in auxilio oportuno", Hebrews 4:16.