Monday, April 30, 2012

Court Clerk Watched Hardcore Porn As Sex Attack Victim Gave Evidence During Trial Because He Was "Bored"

Via Mail Online: A "bored" court clerk who was caught watching porn by a judge during a rape trial has been spared jail.

Feminists Complain New Lottery Ad Glamorizes Violence

Via American Power: The leaders of the California Legislative Women's Caucus called for removal of a state lottery television ad that shows a woman slapping a man across the face, saying it sanctions violence.

Lindsay Lohan Actually Made It To Washington DC

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Lindsay Lohan actually did make it to Washington DC late Friday night, and did attend the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday.

Greece Opens First Migrant Detention Center

Via EUobserver: Greece on Sunday set up its first detention center for undocumented migrants. The resentment toward immigrants and undocumented migrants has fuelled support for the xenophobic former fringe movement, the Golden Dawn party. Headed by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn say all irregular migrants should be deported. The popular movement also wants to place landmines along the Greek-Turkish border. "Only men and women of Greek descent and consciousness should have full political rights", proclaims Golden Dawn’s charter.

DSK's Return Puts France's Socialists On Defensive

Via France 24: A provocative interview and an awkward public appearance by Dominique Strauss-Kahn this weekend have left François Hollande's Socialists red-faced just days before the crucial presidential runoff vote with Nicolas Sarkozy.

President Obama At White House Correspondents' Dinner Joked About Eating Dog

President Obama touched on Sarah Palin's recent hosting of "Today" to segue into the night's toughest line: "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull is delicious".

Cool Video From Mount Athos

This video is not from the Koutloumousiou Monastery at Mount Athos - where I was baptized Orthodox and spent fall last year until January this year - but it nevertheless somewhat transmits the atmosphere of Holiness from the beautiful garden of the mother of God at Mount Athos.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Qui vicerit, possidebit haec, et ero illi Deus, et ille erit mihi filius". Revelation 21:7

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Britain's Youngest Lottery Winner Who Wasted £1.9m Fortune On Drink And Drugs Is Expecting Twins

Via Mail Online: Lottery winner Callie Rogers bought properties, breast implants, and developed a cocaine habit and ended up blowing £250.000 on parties and drugs. Callie Rogers said: "I might not have any of my millions left, but I have met the man of my dreams and together we are about to have twins and both of us could not be more excited".

Lindsay Lohan Partied Until 6am, Missed Flight To Meet The U.S. President

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do: Lindsay Lohan was expected to be on a plane to Washington D.C, so she could attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but, shockingly, she missed the flight...

SaBo-FX - Glazed

Via Theo Spark:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Quid incredibile iudicatur apud vos, si Deus mortuos suscitat?" Acts 26:8

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Selita Ebanks For Children

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Beautiful Selita Ebanks often works for the benefit of children.

Ronnie Peterson Was A True Racing Hero

Ronnie Peterson, 14 February 1944 – 11 September 1978, was a Swedish racing driver, and a two-time runner-up in the FIA Formula One World Drivers' Championship. Ronnie Peterson ran a total of 123 Grand Prix races during his career, winning ten of them. Peterson's widow Barbro never got over Ronnie's death at Monza and committed suicide on 19 December 1987.

Buddy Greene: Classical Harmonica At Carnegie Hall

Swedish Alcohol Intake Hikes After E.U. Entry

Via The Local: Contemporary Swedes drink significantly more alcohol and eat more meat since the country joined the European Union in 1995, according to a new report by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Notum igitur sit vobis, viri fratres, quia per hunc vobis remissio peccatorum annuntiatur, et ab omnibus, quibus non potuistis in lege Mosi iustificari, in hoc omnis, qui credit, iustificatur". Acts 13:38-39

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spain Hits Record Jobless Rate, Credit Score Downgraded

Via France 24: Spain said Friday that its unemployment rate hit a record 24.4 percent at the end of March, a day after Standard & Poor's ratings agency cut Spain's sovereign credit score by two notches to "BBB+".

Michelle Hunziker Is Still Fantastic

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: "In Switzerland there’s meadows and sweaters and friendly goats and every single girl looks like Michelle Hunziker". Yeah, it's something along those lines...

Royal Engagement: Guillaume And Stéphanie Of Luxembourg

Via RTBF: The engagement of Guillaume (William), the Grand Duke of Luxembourg with the Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy will take place this Friday in the privacy at Berg Castle. The future Grand Duchess is 28 years old and comes from one of the oldest noble families of Belgium.

Greece Sparked Eurozone Crisis But Was Not Cause, Ex PM Says

Via Ekathimerini: In a commentary published in The Guardian on Friday, Greece’s former socialist premier Costas Simitis said the country was not responsible for the eurozone crisis but was merely the spark that exposed the inherent flaws within the union. "Greece sparked the eurozone crisis but was not its cause", Simitis said.

Russian Orthodox Church Apologizes For Photoshopping Patriarch's Expensive Watch

Via MSNBC: The Russian Orthodox Church has apologized for doctoring a photograph of Patriarch Kirill to remove what bloggers said was a luxury wristwatch following accusations that he lives a lavish lifestyle. The Church responded after bloggers said a 2009 photo of the Patriarch on its website showed the reflection of a Breguet watch worth about $30.000 in the polished surface of a table where his arms rested during talks. It is sensible of the Russian Orthodox Church to apologize, but unnecessary since the Patriarch had received the luxury watch as a gift, and honored the giver by wearing it. Furthermore, we should remember that one important difference between Orthodox Christianity on the one hand, and Catholicism and Protestantism on the other hand, is that wealth not is regarded as something negative by Orthodox Christianity. Poverty is un-Christian and should be avoided, because abundancy and material wealth is in line with the gospel of Christ.

Russia: Military Shakeup

Via The Moscow Times: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fired Air Force head Alexander Zelin Friday. The returning of Christianity to Orthodoxy, and the restoration of the Church to Constantinople, and Church service there now draws closer thanks to Russia.

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Portray Aliens In MIB3

Via Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Director Tim Burton will all play alien characters in "Men in Black 3".

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Omnis Scriptura divinitus inspirata est et utilis ad docendum, ad arguendum, ad corrigendum, ad erudientum in iustitia, ut perfectus sit homo Dei, ad omne opus bonum instructus". 2 Timothy 3:16 - 17

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Watch First 2 Minutes Of Sacha Baron Cohen's "The Dictator"

Via Just Jared: Sacha, in character as the General Aladeen, recently appeared at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas, where he greeted the crowd by saying, "Hello. And death to the West".

Turtle Boy Has Successful Surgery

A Colombian child nicknamed "Turtle Boy" has had surgery to remove the giant mole that covered his back, according to The Sun.

Alien Visitors: Giant UFO Activity Around The Sun

Via Mail Online: An alien space craft with jointed metal arms appears in footage from NASA's sun-watching SOHO satellite.

Woman Fired After Donating Kidney To Her Boss

Via American Power: Mom who was fired after donating kidney to ailing boss now demands the organ is returned, according to Mail Online.

Supreme Court Appears Poised To Uphold Key Part Of Arizona Immigration Law

Via Legal Insurrection: Phoenix has the highest kidnapping rate in the U.S, and Tucson is number 2. Parts of Arizona's sweeping immigration law received a surprising amount of support from a short-handed Supreme Court Wednesday, according to CNN.

Passenger Jets Fight To Land In Wind-Whipped Bilbao, Spain

Via American Power: A couple of those planes slam down pretty hard.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Tunc dicet Rex his, qui a dextris eius erunt: "Venite, benedicti Patris mei; possidete paratum vobis regnum a constitutione mundi". Matthew 25:34

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sofia Vergara May Or May Not Be Under 21

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Sofia Vergara is no Beyonce, but she actually looks pretty good considering she’s 39.

Charles Murray: Why America Is Coming Apart Along Class Lines

Via Theo Spark:

France Elections 2012: Hollande Looks To Far Right As He Forges Runoff Strategy

French socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande has turned heads in France by choosing to directly address the nearly 6 million voters who cast a ballot for the far right in the first round, according to France 24. Myself, I'm a moderate social conservative monarchist and therefore prefer to listen to Belgian singer Kate Ryan...

Borat Boosts Kazakhstan Tourism Tenfold

Via The Telegraph: Tourism in Kazakhstan has increased tenfold thanks to Borat.

Obama Agents Hookers "Could Have Been Russian Spies"

Agents caught up in the Secret Service sex scandal could have romped with Russian spies posing as hookers, according to The Sun.

The U.K. Enters In Recession Again

The United Kingdom has technically entered in recession again after its economy contracted 0.2% in the first quarter of 2012. This can be expected to boost the criticism against the austerity policies of Prime Minister David Cameron, according to France 24.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Praedica verbum, insta opportune, importune: argue, obsecra, increpa, in omni patientia, et doctrina". 2 Timothy 4:2

France Elections 2012: Actress Frédérique Bel Poses Nude In Support Of François Hollande

Via Entrevue: To support François Hollande - the Socialist Party candidate for French President - the actress Frédérique Bel published a photo of her naked on Twitter, where only a paper ballot hides her gender.

Heidi Klum Goes Nude, Wears Just Body Paint In Ad

Via US Weekly: Heidi Klum is now a 38-year-old single mom of four kids - but her world-famous body looks as flawless as ever.

Jon Lovitz Called President Obama A "Fucking Asshole"

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Former "Saturday Night Live" star Jon Lovitz called President Obama "a fucking asshole" among other things, because of a tax system where 10 percent of the population pays 70 percent of the income tax, and 1 percent pays almost 40, yet are still told it’s not enough and that they don’t pay their "fair share".

Obama Dogged By Revelation That He Ate Dog Meat

Via Theo Spark:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweden Introduces Six New Banknotes

Today Sweden's Central Bank presented six new banknotes with famous Swedes, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The 20-kronor banknote features author Astrid Lindgren, the 50-kronor banknote features composer and singer Evert Taube, the 100-kronor banknote features film actress Greta Garbo, the 200-kronor banknote features director, writer and film producer Ingemar Bergman, the 500-kronor banknote features soprano Birgit Nilsson, and finally the 1000-kronor banknote features the second Secretary-General of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld.

Tom Brady: Sexual Harassment And You

Via Theo Spark:

French Far Right A Challenge For Europe And Sarkozy

Via American Power: To win re-election in the runoff on May 6 against the Socialist François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy will need the support of right-wing voters who have turned their backs on him, disappointed with his presidency, according to The New York Times.

Claire Squires: Tragic London Marathon Death

Via Mail Online: London Marathon death Claire Squires collapsed and died on the final bend of London Marathon. The marathon death girl was running in memory of her brother Grant Squires, who was found dead after taking an overdose. He had "sunk into a depression" after seeing his girlfriend killed in a horrific car crash that he survived. Now charity donations rocket past £470.000 for the Samaritans.

Twinkies: The New Superfood!

Via Weekly World News: "You obviously can’t simply eat Twinkies all day and expect to meet your full daily nutritional requirements. But Twinkies must be part of a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and raw steak. Then you’ll live a long time, and you’ll always be beautiful", according to nutrition expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Date, et dabitur vobis: mensuram bonam, et confertam, et coagitatam, et supereffluentem dabunt in sinum vestrum. Eadem quippe mensura, qua mensi fueritis, remetietur vobis". Luke 6:38

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best French Tweets Of The Election Night

Via La Tribune: Since it was prohibited in France to divulge the results of the French presidential elections until the night, you could read a lot of amusing French tweets yesterday evening, like: "In Belgium you have the results two hours before and a government one year later".

President Obama: "Dog Eater", The Music Video

Via Theo Spark:

Michelle Malkin On Obama's Out Of Control Spending

Nicolas Sarkozy Popular In Belgium

French President Nicolas Sarkozy got most votes at the first round of the French presidential elections by French people living in Belgium, 11.552 votes, according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir. François Hollande came second with 8.442 votes from French people living in Belgium.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Gentes esse cohaeredes, et concorporales, et comparticipes promissionis in Christo Iesu per Evangelium". Ephesians 3:6

French Twitter-Sphere Gets Around Ban With Second World War Code

France's attempts to prevent premature leaks of the first round presidential election results set Twitter alight with jokes, code, and cryptic messages recalling Second World War radio communications, see The Telegraph. "Netherlands-Hungary qualify for return leg", said one tweet in a play on the name of Socialist challenger Francois Hollande and the origin of President Nicolas Sarkozy's father.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Round One To Hollande In French Presidential Election

Francois Hollande took 28 percent of the vote and President Sarkozy 25 percent in the French presidential elections. Since far-right candidate Marine Le Pen came third with 20 percent of the vote, her supporters will in fact decide the outcome of the second round of the elections for President in France.

High Turnout In French Presidential Election

The voter turnout in the first round of France's presidential election is solid and will be around 80%. Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande are qualified for round 2 in the French presidential elections. The biggest surprise is that Marine Le Pen for the Front National seems to get 20% of the votes, according to Belgian newspaper La Libre.

France Elections 2012: Socialist Hollande Clearly Won In Overseas Territories

Belgian newspaper La Province reports socialist candidate François Hollande got 33,75% of the vote in overseas territories, for the first round of the French Presidential elections. French President Nicolas Sarkozy comes in second with 18.75% of the votes. In Guadeloupe François Hollande gets 57% of the votes, while Nicolas Sarkozy only gets 23% of the votes, clearly less than the 43% five years ago. France is headed for a socialist President, and Europe for more socialism during the coming five years, with this overwhelming first round elections victory looming for French socialist François Hollande.

France Votes In Historic First Round Of Presidential Poll

In the first round of the 2012 presidential election, French voters are choosing between 10 candidates for the country’s top post after a raucous campaign season that saw the economy dominate the political discourse, according to France 24. An estimated 44.5 million eligible French voters are choosing between 10 candidates, including incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy, Socialist Party candidate François Hollande, and extreme right National Front party chief, Marine Le Pen.

Smokin' Claudia Schiffer Gets Hot In Guess 30th Anniversary Photo Shoot

Via American Power:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Non est Iudaeus neque Graecus, non est servus neque liber, non est masculus neque femina. Omnes enim vos unum estis in Christo Iesu". Galatians 3:28

Saturday, April 21, 2012

PJTV: Week In Blogs: Beer Is Good For You

Via Theo Spark:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Verumtamen in hoc nolite gaudere, quia spiritus vobis subiciuntur; gaudete autem quod nomina vestra scripta sunt in caelis". Luke 10:20

Friday, April 20, 2012

Poll Ban Row Engulfs French Presidential Election

Just two days before France votes in the first round of the presidential election, the race is mired in a row over exit polls, according to France 24. French media are barred from publishing the surveys or even partial results until 8 PM on Sunday. Websites of several Belgian and Swiss newspapers crashed in the last election 2007, under the weight of French online visitors wanting to know the results before their own media had published them. According to Belgian newspaper, a bet on the favorite - socialist candidate Francois Hollande - pays 1.50, while the odds for current President Sarkozy is 1.90. Front National's candidate Marine Le Pen gives 51 times the money if she wins the first presidential election round on Sunday.

Pierre Rapsat Left Us 10 Years Ago

April 20, 2002, the Belgian singer Pierre Rapsat died from cancer at the age of 53 years. More at RTBF.

NewsBusted 4/20/12

Solutions For A Neglected Twitter Account

Twitter should be one-tenth self promotion and nine-tenths engagement and customer service, according to Vertical Measures.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"In hoc enim laboramus, et maledicimur, quia speramus in Deum vivum, qui est Salvator omnium hominum, maxime fidelium". 1 Timothy 4:10

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Tips for Building Your Brand's Social Personality

Brands and agencies know that they need to be active in the social realm, but many trip up when it comes to building their brands in social media or knowing what to talk about there, according to Ad Age.

Secrets Of Swedish Stonehenge - Ale's Stones - Discovered

An ancient megalithic structure - 59 boulders to a seaside cliff - formed like a ship in Sweden appears to have a equivalent geometry to Stonehenge, and was utilized as an astronomical calendar, according to "Stonehenge has a young sister, but she's so considerably far more beautiful", explains Nils-Axel Mörner, a retired geologist from Stockholm University. Ale's stones have been constructed for the calendrical calculation of the year's 365 days and 24 hours a day. The north is not only vast, but very beautiful and mysterious.

New English Bible Translation Omits "Jesus Christ"

A new translation of the Bible - The Voice - into English does not contain the name "Jesus Christ" nor the word "angel". It also prefers the word "emissary" over "apostle", according to The Christian Post. The Greek Septuagint should be used for the Old Testament as well as the Greek New Testament in Church services. Biblical Greek should be used as official language within the Church, just as it was the language of mankind before the Confusion of Tongues at the Tower of Babel. Anyone who knows the beginning also knows the end.

Obama Eats Romney's Dog

Romney left his dog on his car roof, and Barack found a meal according to Weekly World News. "Best dog I ever had", Obama reportedly told a White House waitress. "He had a Huckabee burger", said a White House aide.

India Launches Long-Range Missile Capable Of Reaching China And Europe

India tested its most advanced long-range nuclear-capable missile on Thursday, which is capable of reaching deep into China and Europe, thrusting the emerging Asian power into an elite club of nations with intercontinental nuclear weapons capabilities. Experts say it will serve as a deterrent, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Non abicio gratiam Dei. Si enim per legem iustitia, ergo Christus gratis mortuus est". Galatians 2:21

Bar Refaeli Felt Violated After Airport Pat Down By Female Security Guard

Bar Refaeli claims she was violated by a security officer at an airport, and tweeted about the ordeal to her fans, according to Mail Online.

Immigration Doesn’t Affect World Poverty

Immigration or not, it will unfortunately always end up with a few people having plenty and the rest starving to death, because that is the basic human nature.

Austrian Village Votes To Change Troublesome Name

The village of F---ing in upper Austria has decided to change its name, according to NBC New York.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simon Cowell Robbed During One Night Stand

Simon Cowell has learned the hard way not to sleep with strangers, because when he woke up he realized he had been robbed of a computer that contained X Factor secrets, according to TMZ.

Swedish Minister Denies Claims Of Racism Over Black Woman Cake Stunt

Via American Power: A racist black cake was designed to simulate female genital mutilation, and the artist screams as guests cut into the cake...

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Omnis, qui odit fratrem suum, homicida est. Et scitis quoniam omnis homicida non habet vitam aeternam in semetipso manentem". 1 John 3:15

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quake Expert: Earth Is Cracking Up

A leading earthquake scientist warns the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours, according to Croatian Times.

"Obama Money" Handed Out In New York

Responding to a local rumor, people are standing in line for hours, turning over valuable personal information and expecting to receive a government handout in New York City, according to Weekly World News. A similar event happened in Detroit.

Canada's Newest Coin Glows In The Dark

The Royal Canadian Mint's latest collectible coin features a dinosaur whose skeleton shines at evening from beneath its scaly disguise, according to

Berezovsky Proposes Britain's Prince Harry Be Made Russian Monarch

London exile Boris Berezovsky announced Sunday that under his new Resurrection Movement political party, he would instate a Constitutional Monarchy in Russia and named Britain's Prince Harry as a candidate for King, according to The Moscow Times.

ZoNation: "Liberals Are the Agents Of Censorship"

Via American Power:

10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed

Google has 10 less known but useful products, according to The Next Web.

NewsBusted 4/17/12

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Ab arbore autem fici discite parabolam: cum iam ramus eius tener fuerit, et folia nata, scitis quia prope est aestas". Matthew 24:32

Monday, April 16, 2012

Montblanc's "The Beauty Of A Second" - 4th Round Compilation

Via Theo Spark: Every second counts...

NASA Found And Killed Martians

Via Weekly World News: NASA reveals it found life on Mars in 1976. But one NASA scientist accidentally mistook the Martians - less than an inch tall - for sugar cubes and put them in his coffee, thus boiling the Martians to death. "I feel terrible", the scientist said.

Anders Breivik Pleads Not Guilty At Norway Murder Trial

The man who carried out bomb and gun attacks in Norway last year which left 77 people dead has pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial in Oslo, according to BBC News.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Dixit ei Iesus: 'Ego sum resurrectio et vita. Qui credit in me, et si mortuus fuerit, vivet' ". John 11:25

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hagia Sophia: The First Christian Cathedral

Hagia Sophia represents the triumph of the Church through persecution.

2012 Easter Message Of Archbishop Demetrios Of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America In Greek

Paschal (Easter) Message of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in Greek.

Medvedev Thanks Patriarch For Church’s Role In Russia’s Spiritual Revival

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia with Orthodox Easter and thanked him for the Church’s role in Russia’s spiritual revival, according to RIA Novosti.

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg Wins Chinese Grand Prix

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg claimed his first Formula One race victory in 111 attempts as he led from pole position to take the Chinese Grand Prix in style on Sunday, according to Jagran Post.

Samsung Becomes The World's Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Via Digital Trends: Analysts expect Samsung has sold between 85 and 92 million handsets during the last three months, putting it squarely ahead of Nokia for the first time ever.

Ashleigh And Pudsey HD - Britain's Got Talent 2012

Via Theo Spark:

North Korea Warns Of Merciless Punishment

Via The Telegraph: Inside North Korea: Empty screens and blank faces as rocket launch fails.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Illa autem, quae sursum est Hierusalem, libera est, quae est mater nostra". Galatians 4:26

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More People Now Quit Than Get Fired

Via USA Today: The number of people quitting their jobs in February outnumbered the amount of workers who were laid off by companies. This is the first time quitters presumably confident they will find another job were in the majority since September 2008.

Obama's Dirty Dozen: 12 Secret Service Goons Sent Home After Not Paying "Bunga-Bunga" Girl

Via Mail Online: A dozen Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Barack Obama at an international summit in Colombia have been sent home over allegations that at least one of them was found to be cavorting with prostitutes.

Italy's Cardinal Rambo Defends His Passion For Guns

Via Mail Online: A senior Vatican official was forced to defend his passion for firearms after Italian newspapers dubbed him Cardinal Rambo. Domenico Calcagno, head of the Administration of Vatican Patrimony, owns at least 13 guns, Italian media reported, including a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum, and a Turkish Hatsan shotgun. But the 68-year-old cardinal claims he no longer shoots and only indulges his passion for weaponry by repairing them.

Christian Pilgrims Gather In Jerusalem For Ancient Fire Ritual

Via Haaretz: Thousands of Christian pilgrims gathered on Saturday in Jerusalem for an ancient fire ritual that celebrates Jesus' resurrection. The pilgrims crowded Saturday into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where many Christian traditions hold that Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected.

Social Media Consumer Savings A Growing Trend

A new trend in saving money has people looking at social media for savings, acccording to CBS Miami. People are hoping on group saving sites and buying coupons for more than just a cheap meal at a new restaurant.

Facebook Isn't Making You Happy, Researchers Say

Facebook is not that it allows us to isolate ourselves, but that by mixing our appetite for isolation with our vanity, it threatens to alter the very nature of solitude, according to the Atlantic Magazine.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Venite ad me, omnes, qui laboratis et onerati estis, et ego reficiam vos". Matthew 11:28

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Engaged

After years of unwedded bliss, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have suddenly announced they're engaged to be married, according to USA Today.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mike Tyson Believes Trayvon Martin Shooting Was God's Purpose

Mike Tyson, 45-year-old former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, says he believes the fatal encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was all a part of God's plan to bring change in America. Tyson says it's a "disgrace" Zimmerman hasn't been shot, according to The Christian Post.

Babatoona Lives!

The mythical large winter cat, Babatoona, was spotted in Maine, Vermont and parts of New Jersey. Babatoona is a rare form of hyper-intelligent Canadian lynx, which weighs over 1500 pounds and is about ten feet long and five feet high. Babatoona has been known to kill up to 100 deer in a day, and it will rip a grizzly to shreds, according to Weekly World News.

The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear

Via Theo Spark:

Embarrassed By Rocket Crash, North Korea May Try Nuke Test

Via Todays Zaman: North Korea said its much hyped long-range rocket launch failed on Friday. "The possibility of an additional long-range rocket launch or a nuclear test, as well as a military provocation to strengthen internal solidarity is very high", a senior South Korean Defense Ministry official told a parliamentary hearing.

New Belgian Beer - Curtius

Via RTBF: Two young Belgians, Renaud Pirotte, 23, and Francis Dethier, 25, launch their new beer - Curtius - this evening. See also Le Soir.

Orthodox Christians Mark Good Friday In Jerusalem

Eastern Orthodox Christian pilgrims marched Friday through the stone alleyways of Jerusalem's Old City to commemorate Jesus' crucifixion some 2.000 years ago, according to Yahoo! News. Roman Catholics and Protestants marked Good Friday last week, according to the Gregorian calendar. Eastern Orthodox Churches follow the older, Julian calendar, and they are marking the holy day this week.

Spammer Sued By Twitter Has Nearly 130.000 Accounts

Twitter says spammers cost it big bucks, according to Courthouse News Service.

Chaos At The Boat Race: Event Stopped Because Of Swimmer In The Thames

Cambridge University won the most controversial boat race in history after the contest was halted when a man swam across the Thames - and an Oxford oar snapped seconds after the restart, according to Mail Online.

Madonna's Disastrous "MDNA" Now Just $5 On Amazon

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Madonna's "MDNA" was only released a week ago, and yet last night Amazon dropped the price to just $5 for the entire album.

NewsBusted 4/13/12

North Korea Rocket Breaks Up In Flight

Via CNN: Defying warnings from the international community, North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Friday, but it broke apart before escaping the Earth's atmosphere and fell into the sea, officials said.

10 Simple Tips To Networking Success

Succeeding at in-person networking is possible by following 10 steps to ease awkwardness and emerge with terrific contacts, according to U.S. News.

Strong Men More Likely To Vote Conservative

Physically strong men are more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, according to The Telegraph.

Why Apple Shareholders Should Fear The Government

Via Yahoo! Finance:
"The case that would worry me tremendously would be if the government or DOJ sued Apple over massive control of the music industry via iTunes", says Breakout guest and long-time Apple shareholder Sean Udall.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Ait autem illis: 'Ideo omnis scriba doctus in regno caelorum similis est homini patri familias, qui profert de thesauro suo nova et vetera' ". Matthew 13:52

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WordPress Completely Dominates Top 100 Blogs

WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world. This is an increase from the 32% recorded three years ago, according to Royal Pingdom.

Twitter And Facebook More Addictive Than Alcohol And Cigarettes?


U.S. Debt Has Increased $50.000 Per Second Since Obama Took Office

By the end of his first term, President Obama will have added as much debt as all the prior 43 Presidents combined. Obama has run a deficit of $700 billion in just five months, as $ of debt is added per day; more than four billion dollars. Each child born today will inherit $1.5 million of national debt, according to Thoughts From A Conservative Mom.

Fibonacci Numbers - The Fingerprint Of God

In the 12th century, Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a simple numerical series that is the foundation for an incredible mathematical relationship behind phi. Starting with 0 and 1, each new number in the series is simply the sum of the two before it. See Phi and the Fibonacci Series, and Wikipedia. In the Bible - Exodus 25:10 - the Lord commands Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant as a Golden Rectangle, and in Exodus 27:1-2 God likewise commands Moses to build the Altar on the same 5 by 3 theme. The colors of the Tabernacle according to Exodus 26:1 are based on a phi relationship. In Genesis 6:15, God commands Noah to build an ark using the Golden Rectangle theme. Curiously the number 666 is also related to Phi.

Belgium Is The World's Biggest French Fries Producer

Belgium is the world's largest French fries producer, according to La Province. Every year 3.2 billion kilos of potatoes are transformed into French fries.

Battlefield Biggest Swedish Export Hit Since ABBA

Via The Swedish Wire: "Battlefield is the biggest Swedish export success since ABBA", Per Strömbäck, a spokesperson for the trade organisation Sweden Games Industry, said, according to The Swedish Wire. Over 50 million units have been sold in various editions since 2003.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Quid ergo dicemus ad haec? Si Deus pro nobis, quis contra nos?" Romans 8:31

Rihanna Might Be Naked

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Rihanna is down in Australia this week for the premiere of "Battleship". Tonight she went to dinner wearing what looks like a trench coat, and heels, and nothing else...

Man Fathered 600 Children As Sperm Donor At Own Fertility Clinic

Via The Telegraph: The British biologist Bertold Wiesner has 600 children. And they all want money from daddy, according to Weekly World News.

Alien Star Likely Has More Planets Than The Sun, Astronomers Say

A star about 127 light-years from Earth may have even more planets than the sun, which would make the planetary system the most populated yet found, according to National Geographic. Just like Herodotus, over two tusen years ago, I also believe extraterrestrial life is highly probable.

Deadly Animals (Come To Australia)

Via Theo Spark:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Massive Quakes Off Indonesia Stir Panic, But No Big Tsunami

India ends tsunami alert, issued after massive earthquakes measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale, hit Indonesia this afternoon. See Jerusalem Post.

U.K.'s Biggest Female Bodybuilder Still Single After Nine Years

Via Mail Online: Rene Campbell, 35, claims that her muscular physique has stopped her from finding love, and for the past nine years she has remained single.

N.J. Inventor Builds World's "Worst" Alarm Clock

Via Theo Spark: Snooze is not an option. A New Jersey man has invented an alarm clock that forces you to wake up, get up, and enter a code in another room to turn it off.

California Teenager Breaks Up With Ex-Teacher After Sex Assault Arrest

Via ABC News: A California student who left school, her family and her friends, to live with her teacher boyfriend has ended the relationship after the teacher was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting another girl 14 years ago.

Rihanna's Porn Habit Triggers Twitter Orgy

Via Entrevue: Tweeting in third person, Rihanna said, "@Pornhub if u only knew how much @Rihanna looove u!!! #brazilians #latinos", according to Miami New Times.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush: “They Didn’t Think I Could Read, Much Less Write A Book”

Former U.S. President George W. Bush doesn’t miss being in office, and he wishes the "Bush tax cuts" of the early 2000s didn’t carry his name, according to Los Angeles Times.

Santorum's Drop Out Speech

Via Theo Spark:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Pacem sequimini cum omnibus et sanctimoniam, sine qua nemo videbit Dominum". Hebrews 12:14

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

Via American Power: It looks like 4 more years of Obama.

Belgian Raf Simons Replaces John Galliano At Dior

Belgian designer Raf Simons takes over as artistic director at Christian Dior, ending months of speculation as to who would replace disgraced designer John Galliano, who was fired after a drunken anti-Semitic outburst in Paris, according to Forbes.

Large Silver Treasure Found On Gotland In Sweden

A large silver treasure - consisting of several thousand Western European coins from the mid 1000's - has been found on the Swedish island of Gotland, according to SVT.

The Average American Loves Google

A recent poll conducted by ABC and The Washington Post found that a staggering 82 percent of people had a favorable impression of Google, see Venturebeat.

Women Are Looking For Sex, Not Status

Males no longer serve a social purpose as an escalator to higher status, according to The Telegraph.

6 Reasons Twitter Is Becoming My New E-mail

I still have great use for e-mail, but if you want to reach me, now, send me a tweet. See Forbes.

NewsBusted 4/10/12

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Vos ex Deo estis, filioli, et vicistis eos, quoniam maior est, qui in vobis est, quam qui in mundo". 1 John 4:4

Monday, April 09, 2012

Belgian FM Didier Reynders: We Must Liberate Syria

If Syria's President Bashar al-Assad continues his barbaric ways, we must liberate Syria with our military, says Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, according to Le Soir.

Why Do We Let Politicians Hold Our Babies?

Via MSNBC: "Having your baby held by a politician is having your child held by someone powerful and important, making the baby important by proxy, or touched by greatness", says psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig.

Biggest Porn Site On The Web Gets Over Four Billion Hits A Month

30% of all web traffic is porn, according to Mail Online. Well, it is natural for humans to be interested in sex.

U.S.: "Last Chance" For Iran To Shut Down Civilian Nuclear Program

U.S. officials yesterday said that the upcoming Turkey meeting is Iran’s "last chance" to abandon its entire civilian nuclear program, shut down all enrichment facilities, and "surrender" all of their nuclear fuel to the West, according to

38 Killed In Easter Bombing Near Nigerian Churches

A car bombing in the northern Nigerian town of Kaduna killed dozens of people and damaged churches during an Easter worship service Sunday, April 8, officials and Christians said, according to Worthy Christian News.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Si autem vos Christi, ergo Abrahae semen estis, secundum promissionem heredes". Galatians 3:29

Sunday, April 08, 2012

North Korea Readies Rocket Launch: Threatens Merciless Punishment

North Korea has threatened retaliation and "merciless punishment" against any country that shoots down the long-range rocket it is preparing to launch, according to The Telegraph.

Tom Boonen Wins 2012 Paris Roubaix

Tom Boonen won the 2012 edition of Paris-Roubaix in France on Sunday with unstoppable solo attack, according to Cycling Weekly.

Pope Benedict XVI: "Darkness Threatens Mankind"

"The darkness enshrouding God and obscuring values is the real threat to our existence and to the world in general", the Pope said, according to Yahoo! News.

Happy Easter From Kate Upton

No Buses, No Trams, No Metro In Brussels After Inspector Is Killed

Via Yahoo! News: Bus, tram, and metro drivers in Brussels walked out in protest on Saturday and vowed not to return to work until Tuesday after one of their colleagues was beaten to death.

Hero Pilots Dump Fuel Before Navy F-18 Fighter Jet Slams Into Virginia Beach Apartment Block

Via Theo Spark:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Ecce ego mitto vos sicut oves in medio luporum. Estote ergo prudentes sicut serpentes, et simplices sicut columbae". Matthew 10:16

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cardinal Keith O'Brien Urges Christians To "Proudly" Wear Cross

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic Church cleric has called for Christians to wear a cross every day, according to BBC News.

The Shroud Of Turin Inspired Spread Of Christianity

The burial cloth Of Christ - The Shroud of Turin - was created by natural chemical processes at Christ's resurrection. See LiveScience. The image on the cloth - a sign of Jesus' bodily revival - was the result of the flash of energy or radiation, which accompanied Christ's resurrection, "burning" his image onto the cloth. People were so amazed when they saw the shroud of Jesus, it helped and inspired the spread of Christianity.

Bizarre Lindsay Lohan Morphing Face Video

Via American Power:

Prophecy Has Catholics And Protestants Watching Pope Benedict In April

As April 16th looms, speculation is mounting concerning the possible post-birthday retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, according to the Christian News Wire.

Aerobicise Situps Deborah Corday In White

Via Theo Spark:

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Sine offensione estote Iudaeis et Graecis et ecclesiae Dei". 1 Corinthians 10:32

Friday, April 06, 2012

Rising World Food Prices Spark Fears Of Unrest

Fears of hunger and a new wave of social unrest in poor countries looms as global food prices rose in March for a third straight month with more hikes to come, the UN’s food agency says, according to Financial Post.

Kate Upton Playing With Scissors

Via Theo Spark:

"Debt Suicide" Shakes Greece

Via American Power: The death of 77-year-old Greek pensioner - Dimitris Christoulas, a divorced and retired pharmacist - who shot himself in the head outside Parliament in despair over his financial problems, has shaken the austerity-weary country of Greece, according to The New York Times.

Wearable Computing - Google Glasses Take Off

Via Weekly World News: Google’s augmented reality glasses look they came straight out of Star Trek.

Porsche Designer, Ferdinand A. Porsche, Dead At 76

Ferdinand A. Porsche, who designed the original Porsche 911, the snazzy, powerful sports car that became the lasting signature of the German automobile company founded by his grandfather and later run by his father, died on Thursday in Salzburg, Austria, according to The New York Times.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Omnia possum per Christum qui me confortat". Philippians 4:13

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pope Assails "Disobedience" Among Priests

Striking the tone that once earned him the moniker "God’s Rottweiler", Pope Benedict XVI in a stern Holy Thursday homily denounced "disobedience" in the Church, cutting down reform-minded Priests who seek the ordination of women and the abolition of Priestly celibacy, according to The New York Times. Pope Benedict's message is a sad one, because it is contrary to both the Bible and the ancient tradition of the Church. The Church will face an angry God.

"Save The Titanic" With Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard in 1985 found the exact position of the ruins of the Titanic, following in the footsteps of those responsible for navigation on that fateful trip.

Antichurch Forces Attack Russian Orthodox Church Over Support For Putin

The Russian Orthodox Church has released a strong-worded statement on Tuesday claiming it is under attack by strong oppositional forces that do not support the Church's backing of President-elect Vladimir Putin, according to The Christian Post. Vladimir Putin took a brave decision and made the Russian Orthodox Church the official Church of Russia. Putin effectively shows the time for liberal politics and rigid religions is over. Now we have the better alternative - liberal religion - which is Christian Orthodoxy, perfectly working as a state religion. But it disturbs me as a Greek Orthodox that there is so much anti-Semitism in the Orthodox Church. We should not give offence, neither to Jews, Greeks, nor to the Church, according to 1 Corinthians 10:32. God does not take back His gifts, according to Romans 11:29. One of those gifts is that the Jewish people is elect, as much as the Christian nation. As a monk on Mount Athos, I was very surprised the Old Testament Septuagint could not be found or bought in the bookstores at the capital city Karyes. The first Christians did not put the Old Testament aside, and neither should we. The old traditions of the Church and the first Christians are as important as the Bible. The Apostles and first Christians used the Greek Septuagint and the Book of Enoch, and so should we, along with the Greek New Testament, of course. "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus", see Galatians 3:28.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"In hoc cognovimus caritatem Dei, quoniam ille animam suam pro nobis posuit; et nos debemus pro fratribus animas ponere". 1 John 3:16

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kate Upton In New TV Advert

TV bosses have hit upon the formula for the perfect advert — blonde bombshell Kate Upton in a bikini and just seven words of dialogue, according to The Sun.

12 Ancient Beauty Secrets

There are 12 beauty secrets of women from ancient times to the recent past, according to Weekly World News. Beautiful blonde highlights in the hair were achieved by Venetian ladies who poured lion urine on their tresses before sitting out in the sun. Crocodile dung made into a paste with donkey’s milk kept Cleopatra’s skin looking lovely in the Egyptian heat. She used it as a face mask – when Caesar wasn’t around.

Sarah Palin On "Today Show"

It was truly an ironic moment on the show when Sarah Palin began decrying the "lamestream media" in an interview with Matt Lauer, see Huffington Post.

New Testament News Has Moved

New Testament News has changed address and name on Blogger to Philip A. Ohlund -

Shooting At Oikos University In Oakland: Suspect Was Looking For Administrator

Via American Power: When the gunman, South Korean-born One Goh, 43, who killed seven people in a massacre at a Christian college, could not find the female administrator he was looking for, he shot dead a secretary at the front desk and then entered a classroom where he lined students up against a board and executed them at point blank range.

Crazy Horst: Catch Me If You Can

Via Theo Spark:

Swedish FM Carl Bildt: Saudi Arabia A "Family Business"

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said, during a press conference on Tuesday, that although he has not been consulted on the weapons deals with Saudi Arabia, he sees no problems with exporting arms to the country, according to The Local. "Would the situation in the world be better if they had bought French manufactured ones instead?", Bildt asked. The Swedish Minister of Defense was fired a few days ago over the controversial Swedish-Saudi arms deals.

North Korea To Unveil Missile Capable Of Striking Continental U.S.

Reconnaissance satellites have identified a huge missile at a government research and development facility in Pyongyang, capable of delivering a nuclear warhead more than 6.200 miles, according to The Telegraph. The Japanese government has stated that it will shoot down the rocket if it threatens Japanese territory.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Deo autem gratias, qui semper triumphat nos in Christo Jesu, et odorem notitiae suae manifestat per nos in omni loco". 2 Corinthians 2:12

Donald Trump: Gloria Would Be Impressed With My Genitals

The transgender beauty queen who was DQ'd from the Miss Universe pageant due to her birth gender says she never once asked to see Donald Trump's penis - so his obsession with her genitals isn't fair. 23-year-old Jenna Talackova held a news conference, and her attorney Gloria Allred insisted that Donald Trump unjustly disqualified her from the competition last week by limiting participants to "naturally-born" females. Gloria said, Jenna "didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he's a naturally born man". Now Donald says he'd be willing to show what he's got - if Gloria's willing to pay the right price, according to TMZ. Donald adds he "couldn't care less" if Jenna even competes.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lara Flynn Boyle Is Doing Great

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Vicar Jailed Over Sham Marriage Scam

A Church of England vicar was jailed for four-and-a-half years today for presiding over nearly 250 sham marriages in a "massive and systematic" immigration fraud, according to The Sun. The Rev Brian Shipsides, 56, conducted the bogus unions at his inner-city parish, pocketing the proceeds for his own financial gain.

Truck And Tractor Trailer Roll Over Cliff In Northern Norway

A truck driver in Norway considered himself lucky Sunday, after a trailer and his tow truck were pulled off of a steep snow-covered cliff. The driver was taken to a hospital, where he was treated for broken bones.

Sudan Bombs Churches And Schools

Worthy Christian News reports Sudanese aerial strikes last week targeted Church buildings and schools in Kauda, South Kordofan state.

NewsBusted 4/03/12

Egyptian Copts Abandon Constitution Talks

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church has announced it is withdrawing from talks on a new constitution, saying Islamist domination of the drafting body made its participation "pointless", according to Todays Zaman. The Coptic Orthodox Church General Council agreed with the approval of all of the council's 20 members to withdraw from the constitutional assembly.

France Elections 2012: Clara Morgane Says She Will Not Vote For Socialist Candidate Francois Hollande

The popular French singer and actress, Clara Morgane, recently presented her new single - Je t'adore. Clara Morgane said, when she was asked, she will not vote for French Socialist candidate Francois Hollande in the upcoming French Presidential elections, according to BuzzRaider.

"Total Recall" Trailer

For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell), even though he's got a beautiful wife (Kate Beckinsale) who he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life...

Rick Santorum TV Ad Compares Romney To Obama

Monday, April 02, 2012

Alec Baldwin Is Marrying His Yoga Instructor

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?: The millionaire in his mid 50’s who dates a yoga instructor half his age, seems very happy. Alec Baldwin, 54, has proposed to his girlfriend Hilaria Thomas, 28, and she was seen earlier today in New York with a huge engagement ring.

Children Sacrificed To Mexico's Cult Of Saint Death

Eight people have been arrested for allegedly killing two 10-year-old boys and a 55-year-old woman in ritual sacrifices by the cult of La Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, Mexican prosecutors said, according to The Telegraph.

Jose Larrinaga, spokesman for Sonora state prosecutors, said the victims' blood was poured around an altar to the saint, which is depicted as a skeleton holding a scythe and clothed in flowing robes.

The grisly slayings recalled the notorious "narco-satanicos" killings of the 1980s, when 15 bodies, many of them with signs of ritual sacrifice, were unearthed at a ranch outside the border city of Matamoros.

The "narco-satanicos" killings of the 1980s were committed by a cult of drug traffickers who believed that ritual sacrifices would shield them from police.

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