Thursday, August 29, 2013

Irina Shayk Models Bikinis For Beach Bunny


Whenever I go to extended family or large social functions and people ask me what I do, I always say I’m a pornographer. It’s simply the best way to get people to leave you alone.

Nobody ever asks you, "Oh, yeah, what kind?" or "Who do you work for" or shit like that.

They just slowly edge their children away from you allowing you to get easier access to the bar.

But what I’d really like to be is a bikini designer.

It seems like a pretty easy job.

You take what you did the last time, change the colors a bit, add a different kind of knot, then you get some crazy hot chick to model it and everybody calls you a genius.

Also, if you pretend to be gay, you get to hang out in the dressing room where all the girls change. I could do that.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Message From Elijah The Tishbite And Gloria

Via Two Olive Trees:

In his latest post Elijah the Tishbite esplains that Almighty God is sending Planet X or Nibiru to cross between the Sun and the Earth to cause three days of darkness as written in Joel 2:31.

Some things Elijah the Tishbite writes are a bit difficult to understand.

But remain calm and rest asssured people that this Levite will draw everything right for you in due time in the light of the Septuagint.

If this is the appointed time for furthering my subduing of the emotional and material dimension, I might soon be at an appointed Greek Orthodox monastery again for necessary spiritual excercises.

Elijah the Tishbite was by the way the person who in the 1980's laid out my Biblical and spiritual knowledge to my esoteric training, before I became baptized Greek Orthodox Christian at Mount Athos in Greece, which only happened in 2011.

Anyway, this is what Elijah the Tishbite and his scribe Gloria wrote a couple of days ago:

"I and Gloria, my scribe, are here because it is appointed to be. We do what we believe He has us to do at this appointed time before He moves us to the next appointed place to do whatever leads us to do, and to whomever He has to meet for His will to be done.

We live like it is written, as strangers and pilgrims. We speak such hard words of truth that most people cannot bear them. Most so-called Christians are not spiritual from the pulpits on down of most churches, whatever kind. But there are some that are glad to hear the truth of Almighty God's Word His Lord Jesus or Michael gave, Daniel 12:1-3.

We read in Daniel 11:37 of the son that has turned from the God of His father, from being a Christian to the god of Islam, Allah, as a muslim convert on Cyprus Island in Tim Cohen's book, "The Anti-Christ Prince and A Cup of Tea". It shows a photo of his mother, a high witch, placing her sword of approval upon Prince Charles' head saying that her master, the dragon, that is, Satan, will give him all the power and authority to be king over the soon-to-be arisen Roman Empire, Revelation 9:11, Revelation 13:1-2 + 18.

The Queen of England is about ready to abdicate her throne and move to her new mansion under the Denver Airport along with all the rich elite to dwell in their new safety havens, all being the children of Satan as written in Almighty God's Word in Revelation l6:14-17.

At this time Almighty God is sending Planet X or Nibiru to cross between the Sun and the Earth to cause three days of darkness as written in Joel 2:31.

While the Earth is in total darkness, the Lord will come down as a bright star having the key to the bottomless pit to allow Satan spiritually to be set free to come up upon the Earth as written in Revelation 13:11 + 5 to be the ruler of his whole rebellious Earth for 42 months as written in Revelation 13:5.

When Satan comes up upon this Earth, Prince Charles will come up out of the sea in a giant submarine as written in Revelation 13:1-2.

Then we have Revelation 16:13-14. These three named will be placing demonic spirits into the rulers to be led by them every time they allow evil to dwell in their heart. They get more and more wicked. It's liken to the one that the Lord met who had a legion of demons in his earthly vessel. God knows how many person are running around like this in high places.

No matter, come quickly, Lord Jesus.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NASA's Plan To Put A Landsail Rover On Venus

Via abc NEWS:

Venus is like a reclusive celebrity that gets the public's attention every couple of years, though in the planet's case it's more like every century.

One group at NASA wants to get to know the real story behind Venus in a much more intimate setting.

Rather than observe the planet from afar, either through Earth's observatories or with satellites and probes, Geoffrey Landis and his team at NASA want to put a sail-powered rover on Venus's surface.

"Venus is the closest planet to Earth, but we know so little about it", Landis, the principal investigator behind the Venus landsail, told ABC News. "We'd be looking at a planet similar to Earth, but [something] went terribly wrong".

Earth and Venus are both rock-based planets similar in size and gravity, but the similarities end there. "It's hotter than the inside of your oven, with a pressure like it's one kilometer under [Earth's] ocean", said Landis.

He and his team have been looking at electronics and power sources that will hold up in these harsh conditions for Zephyr, their landsail rover named after one the Greek wind gods.

Paul Mahaffy, the principal investigator behind the SAM suite of instruments on board the Curiosity rover on Mars, said that NASA has tried to do rigorous measurements in Venus's atmosphere but failed. "The Pioneer Venus Project's mass spectrometer got clogged up by sulfuric acid droplets as it went through the atmosphere", he said. "Part of the reason [Venus missions] haven't succeeded are the technical challenges".

Landis's team went with a landsail design because it takes advantage of the planet's flat topography and its calm winds. "Venus's surface is remarkably smooth", said Landis. "It looks like a nice place for driving around". The rover would be passively powered by the sail and any electric power can instead be directed to the radio and the scientific instruments, he added.

Thinking about how to power the rover on Venus's surface may seem premature. The famous seven minutes of terror that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory endured while landing Curiosity on Mars last year shows how stressful the landing procedure is.

Zephyr still needs a detailed flight plan, though it would have to be different than Curiosity's.

For one, if Zephyr used a large parachute equal in size to the one that that landed the Mars rover, it would act more as a hindrance because of Venus's thick atmosphere. "You need a much smaller parachute. Otherwise, it would take a long time to come down", said Landis.

Landis and his colleagues have focused on getting Zephyr to Venus's surface, almost to the point that they're not even sure what to expect once it actually lands. "It's hard to predict what we'd find", said Landis. "But there are some very interesting land forms on Venus that we don't know anything about. It'd be enlightening to drive around and see what Venus looks like".

Mahaffy is also excited to see the possible questions Zephyr might answer. "Why is the atmosphere nearly 100 times that of Earth's? Was there some big volcanic event hundreds of million years ago that brought all this material to the planet's surface?" he asked. "Oh man, there's terrific science to be done on Venus".

While Zephyr wouldn't be the first rover to land on Venus, it would be the first to stay on the planet at least overnight. "The longest [lander] mission on Venus only lasted two hours", Landis said.

Zephyr itself is still very early in its development, existing only on paper and prototypes. However, if it follows the path of Curiosity, we might see a crowd of excited engineers cheering Zephyr's triumphs in a decade or two.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Electromagnetic And Microwave Attacks

Via Unknown Country:

Food for thought.

If Dr. Barrie Tower is telling even a small part of the truth, there are terrifying weapons capabilities that can be directed not just against the body of an individual, but against his mind.

Put things like that into the hands of people who are hidden behind laws that protect them from scrutiny and exempt their actions from due process, and you have trouble.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit". ~ Psalm 34:18

Today Is GoTopless Day 2013

Via Theo Spark:

Today is GoTopless Day which will be celebrated at rallies around the world as women fight for their right to be bare-chested in public.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

BRICS: World's Wealthiest Bloc In 30 Years?

BRICS is an international political organization of leading emerging economies.

The BRICS countries are the new economic powers in the world.

Some of them have have very big populations like China and India, and some of them have large oil and gas reserves, like Russia and South Africa.

China and India, respectively, will become the dominant global suppliers of manufactured goods and services, while Brazil, Russia, and South Africa will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials.

*Alert* World War 3 Is Here?

Via Before It's News:

Shocking! WW3 is here!

Part 1 of the New World Order: Order out of Chaos series.

The war has begun!

Get ready for thermonuclear warfare!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Volvo To Launch Two New Auto Plants In China

Via The Local:

Auto maker Volvo, the Swedish subsidiary of Chinese-based Geely Group, said on Friday it had received the green light from Beijing to build a second and third plant in China.

An engine plant in the north Chinese city of Zhangjiakou will become operational during the autumn of this year, while an assembly plant in northeast China's Daqing city will be fully operational in 2014, the company said in a statement.

Both companies are joint ventures, in which Volvo holds 30 percent and companies under the Geely Group hold the rest, the company said. The statement did not provide a figure for the size of the investment.

Volvo has made China a priority, as it struggles with a European car market in crisis and remains a marginal brand even in the United States, its biggest national market.

Volvo, which has an existing plant in the southwest Chinese city of Chengdu, was bought in 2010 by Geely, whose brands - Geely, Gleagle, Emgrand, and Englon - are virtually unknown in the West.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bizarre Video: Copperhead Rattler Bites Itself After Decapitation

Via American Power:

You've heard the proverbial tale about beheaded chickens running around as if nothing happened, but you've probably never seen a decapitated snake head bite its still thrashing body...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Syria: Nerve Gas Attack Near Damascus Leaves Up To 1.300 Dead

Via Mail Online:

Activists said rockets with chemical agents hit the suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka, and Jobar in the Ghouta region at dawn, killing more than a thousand people and making it the deadliest attack since the start of the two-year-long war.

Melanie Iglesias Eating Ice Cream

Via Theo Spark:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lady Gaga Writhes In Revealing Clamshell Costume In New Video For Applause

Via Mail Online:

She still has naked ambition!

She's worn a multitude of seductive outfits, but Lady Gaga may have never looked so glamorous while dressed in so little.

The 27-year-old pop star donned a glued on half-clamshell bikini - sans straps - with a massive beach blow-out hairdo in her latest music video offering Applause, displaying her incredibly smooth and curvaceous figure.

The video opens with Gaga - a.k.a. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - in lacy lingerie gyrating on a mattress on the floor.

The moving montage then quickly flashes between her writhing and a winged version of herself suspended in mid air, all in stark black and white.

She is then seen alternately inside a large soup pot and emerging from a black magician's hat like a rabbit.

Gaga then assumes various personas, wherein the video bleeds out into color in surprising moments as she masquerades as the winged creature while a group of dancers writhe and convulse beneath her in a gaudy version of a sweaty nightclub.

But the seemingly stream of consciousness and incongruous video has an explanatory moment when the screen explodes with a multitude of Gagas wearing different expressions.

The schizophrenic display reveals the narrative motif underscoring the visually diverse video, communicating the complexity and variety of the performative masks she wears.

Gaga appears to be saying she is acting at all times, trying on different characters for her various musical arrangements.

In a characteristically odd but revealing moment she wears the make-up of a sad broken clown smearing the thick paint over her face - but then the visually vibrant narrative shows her as a caged woman in thick garish make-up.

The entire display seems to be a not too subtle allusion to the performative personas she dons as a pop star, communicating how it is an art that leaves her overexposed and caged at the same time - with a multitude of identities populating the media with each new song/album she unveils.

The narrative clearly communicates that she is a versatile performer, who only shows her audience what she wants them to see.

In keeping with the visual arc Gaga then goes topless in leather gear as an unseen figure grasps her breasts to cover her modesty.

As the Poker Face singer's head is superimposed over the body of a black swan, she reflectively sings about art and pop culture and her place in it as someone who "lives for the applause".

She then carries a massive bouquet that dwarfs her body, seemingly communicating her out-sized desire for adulation.

The video abruptly ends with her writhing on the bare mattress in lingerie and cutting to her convulsing seductively on the ground in her clamshell mermaid outfit.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Voyager 1 Has Left The Solar System

Via ScienceDaily:

Voyager 1 appears to have at long last left our solar system and entered interstellar space, says a University of Maryland-led team of researchers.

Carrying Earthly greetings on a gold plated phonograph record and still-operational scientific instruments -- including the Low Energy Charged Particle detector designed, built and overseen, in part, by UMD's Space Physics Group -- NASA's Voyager 1 has traveled farther from Earth than any other human-made object.

And now, these researchers say, it has begun the first exploration of our galaxy beyond the Sun's influence.

"It's a somewhat controversial view, but we think Voyager has finally left the Solar System, and is truly beginning its travels through the Milky Way", says UMD research scientist Marc Swisdak, lead author of a new paper published online this week in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Swisdak and fellow plasma physicists James F. Drake, also of the University of Maryland, and Merav Opher of Boston University have constructed a model of the outer edge of the Solar System that fits recent observations, both expected and unexpected.

The Sun's envelope, known as the heliosphere, is relatively well-understood as the region of space dominated by the magnetic field and charged particles emanating from our star.

The heliopause transition zone is both of unknown structure and location.

According to conventional wisdom, we'll know we've passed through this mysterious boundary when we stop seeing solar particles and start seeing galactic particles, and we also detect a change in the prevailing direction of the local magnetic field.

NASA scientists recently reported that last summer, after eight years of travel through the outermost layer of the heliosphere, Voyager 1 recorded "multiple crossings of a boundary unlike anything previously observed".

Swisdak and his colleagues suggest that Voyager 1 actually crossed the heliopause on July 27, 2012.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Amur River Flooding Hits Historic Level In Russia’s Far East

Via RIA Novosti:

The water level of the Amur River in Russia's Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk has peaked at 642 centimeters, reaching the historic maximum of 1897, a local government official said on Sunday.

"Today at 12 p.m. this level was recorded in Khabarovsk. The level is forecast to rise up to 7 meters", said a deputy head of the local government’s civil defense department, Yevgeny Kuzmin.

Nearly 28.500 people have been affected by floods in three regions in Russia’s Far East – the Amur Region, the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region – following heavy rains.

The floods have inundated some 4.380 houses, inhabited by over 27.000 people in the Amur Region and some 959 people in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

More than 19.000 people have been evacuated, including 6.100 children. One hundred and sixty-six temporary shelters have been set up across the three regions, providing drinking water, hot food and medical supplies.

Massive Flooding Hits Russia's Far East

Via Voice Of America:

The worst flooding in more than a century is ravaging Russia's Far East, displacing thousands near the Amur River, which forms the border with northeastern China.

Russian authorities say 17.000 people had been evacuated by Saturday, and warned that figure could reach 100.000 in the coming days.

China's official Xinhua news agency said Friday the flooding had killed 11 people and displaced more than 140.000 others on its side of the river, known in China as the Heilongjiang.

It also said floodwaters had destroyed more than 2.500 homes, halted passenger rail service, and inundated at least 1.4 million hectares of farmland.

Moscow has identified the Siberian deluge, which began in late July, as a natural disaster in the worst affected parts of the Amur and the Khabarovsk regions, and in the nearby Jewish Autonomous District.

Russian news agencies quoted President Vladimir Putin as describing damages as "enormous" in dozens of towns. But he vowed that all damaged infrastructure, including roads bridges, and utilities will be repaired.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper". ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Video: Obama Backed Militants Execute Teenage Boys

Via Propaganda Matrix:

A shocking new video out of Syria shows Obama-backed militants executing two teenage boys whom they accused of supporting the Assad regime, yet another reminder that the White House is arming jihadist extremists.

The clip shows two blindfolded teenage boys being forced to kneel on the floor as a masked man standing over them reads out a statement in which he accuses the boys of being regime gunmen and that, "It is our duty to execute them".

The man then walks away as a crowd screams "Allahu Akbar!" and the two boys are horrifically shot to death.

The execution took place in northern Syria and was carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an Al-Qaeda affiliate group. The two boys came from the Shiite-majority towns of Nubul and Zahra in Aleppo province.

An Associated Press report citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights still manages to partly blame the Assad regime for the boys' deaths, claiming that attempts to exchange them for rebel prisoners were rejected.

The Obama administration announced its intention to arm the Syrian opposition back in June despite a plethora of evidence confirming that FSA rebels have joined forces with Al-Qaeda terrorists and are committing atrocities on a routine basis.

Last month we reported on how an entire town of Christians in Syria's Western province of Homs were massacred by FSA rebels.

It recently emerged that the CIA had been using an annexe near the US Consulate in Benghazi that was attacked last year as an outpost to smuggle weapons to FSA rebels. The federal agency attempted to cover-up the scandal by subjecting its agents to regular polygraph tests in an effort to prevent leaks.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Area 51 Officially Acknowledged By CIA


Area 51 has long been a topic of fascination for conspiracy theorists and paranormal enthusiasts, but newly released CIA documents officially acknowledge the site and suggest that the area served a far less remarkable purpose than many had supposed.

According to these reports, which include a map of the base's location in Nevada, Area 51 was merely a testing site for the government's U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs.

The U-2 program conducted surveillance around the world, including over the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Area 51, about 125 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is synonymous in popular culture with government secrecy, and many have theorized that it holds the answer to one of the greatest questions plaguing mankind: Are we really alone in the universe?

But the newly released documents make no mention of alien autopsy rooms or spaceship parking lots.

This information will be disappointing to some, who have come to view the area has been a mecca of sorts for alien encounters.

For these true believers, the existence of alien spacecraft at Area 51, and the government's attempts to cover up their trace, is irrefutable and has been since reports of Unidentified Flying Objects -- or UFOs -- began to emerge from the Nevada desert in the middle part of the 20th century.

The map and other documents were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Jeffrey T. Richelson, a senior fellow at the National Security Archives, in 2005.

Richelson submitted the request as part of his continuing study of aerial surveillance programs and told CNN that he was not given an explanation of why the new documents were less redacted than previous versions declassified by the agency.

He points out, however, that the location of Area 51 was not a particularly well-kept secret.

Its location appears in books on aerial surveillance and is widely referenced in popular culture.

In fact, the map that was released in the CIA documents mirrors the one that appears after a simple Google Maps search for "Area 51".

Area 51 has also been referenced in government documents in the past, though this newest release is the first that acknowledges its existence and location in a purposeful way.

Richelson told CNN he believes this could signal a dramatic change in the government's willingness to declassify information about the famed base, meaning even more information could come out about Area 51 in the future.

The release of these reports seem to put the theories about aliens and flying saucers to rest for the time being, although they may not be enough to silence the true believers.

At least they still have Roswell, right?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scientists Create Glow-In-The-Dark Rabbits


Scientists in Istanbul are pleased with the success of their latest scientific achievement: glowing green rabbits.

Two rabbits born from a litter of eight at the University of Istanbul proved again that genetic manipulation is possible prior to birth.

The unique coloration was achieved by injecting the DNA of jellyfish into a female rabbit’s embryos and then reinserting them into her womb.

The experiment is part of a joint scientific effort between Turkey and Hawaii.

The glowing represents nothing more than a marker that indicates the genetic process works.

This isn’t the first time such an approach has been taken, either: cockroaches and cats have been made to glow through similar methods, as well as fish, sheep, and monkeys.

Scientists are interested in the process since they hope it will provide answers on how to utilize genetic manipulation when producing medicines to combat disease.

Stefan Moisyadi, an associate professor with the University of Hawaii who is involved in the project, explained the scientific goals behind the process to The Guardian.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joanna Krupa In A Bikini


Joanna Krupa really reaffirms the American dream for people around the world.

The noble notion that even a simple girl from a humble Polish background, if she’s really fucking hot, can come to America, become a famous model, sleep with Joe Francis, deny that she’s a hooker, marry a guy who is a "nightclub investor", and end up being one of the few Real Housewives not in jail or dead.

If they get around to updating the motto on the Statue of Liberty, they ought to go with this story.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States

Via The Economic Collapse:

The Russian Bear is stronger and more powerful than it has ever been before. Most Americans don't understand this.

They still think of Russia as an "ex-superpower" that was rendered almost irrelevant when the Cold War ended.

And yes, when the Cold War ended Russia was in rough shape.

I got the chance to go over there in the early nineties, and at the time Russia was an economic disaster zone.

Russian currency was so worthless that I joked that I could go exchange a 20 dollar bill and buy the Kremlin.

But since that time Russia has roared back to life.

Once Vladimir Putin became President, the Russian economy started to grow very rapidly.

Today, Russia is an economic powerhouse that is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Their debt to GDP ratio is extremely small, they actually run a trade surplus every year, and they have the second most powerful military on the entire planet.

Anyone that underestimates Russia at this point is making a huge mistake.

The Russian Bear is back, and today it is a more formidable adversary than it ever was at any point during the Cold War.

Just check out the following statistics. The following are 18 signs that Russia is rapidly catching up to the United States...

#1 Russia produces more oil than anyone else on the planet. The United States is in third place.

#2 Russia is the number two oil exporter in the world. The United States is forced to import more oil than anyone else in the world.

#3 Russia produces more natural gas than anyone else on the planet. The United States is in second place.

#4 Today, Russia supplies 34 percent of Europe's natural gas needs.

#5 The United States has a debt to GDP ratio of 101 percent. Russia has a debt to GDP ratio of about 8 percent.

#6 The United States had a trade deficit of more than half a trillion dollars last year. Russia consistently runs a large trade surplus.

#7 The United States has an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. Russia has an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent.

#8 Since Vladimir Putin first became President of Russia, the Russian economy has grown at a very rapid pace.

The following is from Wikipedia...

Under the presidency of Vladimir Putin Russia's economy saw the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) double, climbing from 22nd to 11th largest in the world. The economy made real gains of an average 7% per year (1999: 6.5%, 2000: 10%, 2001: 5.7%, 2002: 4.9%, 2003: 7.3%, 2004: 7.2%, 2005: 6.4%, 2006: 8.2%, 2007: 8.5%, 2008: 5.2%), making it the 6th largest economy in the world in GDP(PPP).

In 2007, Russia's GDP exceeded that of 1990, meaning it has overcome the devastating consequences of the recession in the 1990s.

During Putin's eight years in office, the industry grew by 75%, investments increased by 125%, and agricultural production and construction increased as well. Real incomes more than doubled and the average salary increased eightfold from $80 to $640. The volume of consumer credit between 2000–2006 increased 45 times, and during that same time period, the middle class grew from 8 million to 55 million, an increase of 7 times.

The number of people living below the poverty line also decreased from 30% in 2000 to 14% in 2008.

#9 According to Bloomberg, Russia has added 570 metric tons of gold to their reserves over the past decade. In the United States, nobody seems to be quite sure how much gold the Federal Reserve actually has left.

#10 Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world. Meanwhile, the United States actually has the unfriendliest city in the world (Newark, New Jersey).

#11 More billionaires live in Moscow than in any other city on the globe.

#12 The Moscow metro system completely outclasses the subway systems in Washington D.C. and New York City.

#13 The United States has the most powerful military on the planet, but Russia is in second place.

#14 Russia has introduced a new "near silent" nuclear submarine which is far more quiet than anything the U.S. has... The Borey Class submarine, dubbed Vladimir Monomakh, has a next generation nuclear reactor, can dive deeper than 1.200 feet, and carries up to 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). Each of these "Bulava" ICBM's can carry ten detachable MIRV warheads, what they call "re-entry vehicles", capable of delivering 150 kiloton yields per warhead.

#15 While Barack Obama is neutering the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal, Vladimir Putin is working hard to modernize Russian nuclear forces.

#16 Russian missile forces will hold more than 200 drills during the second half of 2013.

#17 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made headlines all over the world when he climbed into the cockpit of Russia’s new "fifth generation" fighter jet and announced that it was far superior to the F-22 Raptor.

#18 It is estimated that Russia has more spies inside the United States today than it did at any point during the Cold War. Unfortunately, whenever I write an article about Russia I find that most people simply do not get it. They will make statements such as "the Cold War is over" or "Russia is our friend" which show a complete and total lack of understanding of the current geopolitical situation. Russia has been steadily building a stronger relationship with China, and collectively they represent the number one strategic threat to the United States.

Someday this will become abundantly clear to the American people.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt Is A Real Actress


Lots of people give me shit for calling Victoria Silvstedt a prostitute. Which I have never actually said before.

I always use a bunch of idiotic euphemisms to suggest that she might be sleeping with rich old men in exchange for cash. Also, at one time, okay, so she was a real prostitute.

But, I’m only saying that now to prove that I’ve never said she was a prostitute before.

And also because Victoria is far more than just a prostitute, not that I’m even calling her that. She’s a talented on-air personality.

Some dude sent me this video of her talking to a human-bear-puppet who licks her toes until he explodes.

It’s good that she has prostitution to fall back on as a day job. Not that I’m suggesting she’s a prostitute. Just watch and be disturbed or her pimp will cut you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dirt Bike Rider Attacked by Angry Ram

Via American Power:

When he rubbed his little foot on the ground you knew it was trouble...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Experiments Reveal That Crabs And Lobsters Feel Pain


Each year thousands of them are boiled or torn apart whilst they are still alive, and now there is strong evidence to suggest that crustaceans experience discomfort.

That was the stark message delivered by Robert Elwood, an animal behaviour researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, to the Behaviour 2013 meeting in Newcastle, UK.

Crustaceans — crabs, prawns, lobsters and other creatures — are usually not protected by animal-welfare laws, despite massive numbers of them becoming caught or farmed for human consumption. The exclusion has been primarily based on the belief that these animals cannot experience pain — usually regarded as an ‘unpleasant feeling’ — and alternatively only have nociception, a reflex response to move away from a noxious stimulus.

This is a useful belief, as crustaceans are subjected to what Elwood calls "extreme procedures" — lobsters in factories having their legs removed although they are still alive, crabs being kept alive but tightly bound for days in fish markets, and reside prawns being impaled on sticks for eating. Such procedures, he notes, "would never be permitted with vertebrates".

One way Elwood attempted to figure out whether crustaceans can experience discomfort was to look at avoidance studying: can the animals truly discover from discomfort, or do they just continue to respond to a stimulus? To answer this, Elwood and his colleague Barry Magee presented shore crabs with a option of two distinct shelters. Getting into one shelter resulted in an electric shock for the animal, which was repeated if the animal remained there. The other shelter was a safe haven.

Crabs shocked the second time the experiment was run have been far much more likely to choose the other shelter in the subsequent trial, whilst crabs by no means left a non-shocking shelter. This, says Elwood, shows that the shock is aversive.

In another experiment Elwood investigated whether hermit crabs could make motivational trade-offs as a outcome of discomfort. They presented Pagurus bernhardus crabs with two kinds of shell, one of which the animals are recognized to favor, and gave some of the animals small electric shocks when they have been inside these new residences.

When these crabs had been later presented with a new shell they could move into, the shocked crabs had been far more likely to take up this supply, and they did so more speedily.

"Assessing pain is tough, even within humans", Elwood told the Newcastle meeting. But there is a "clear, extended-term motivational adjust [in these experiments] that is completely consistent with the notion of pain".

Such evidence would be sufficient to prevent mice being subjected to the deaths that crustaceans experience, he says.

Robert Hubrecht, deputy director of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) and the organizer of the session at which Elwood gave his talk, says that the data for crustaceans appear equivalent to the kind of information that are used to give mice the advantage of the doubt, and hence award them protection from attainable pain below the law.

"We’re behaving in an illogical way at the moment" by defending mice but not crustaceans, he notes.

No matter whether wider society is ready to consider crabs as issues that can feel pain and should be protected is not clear. "This is somewhere science has to lead", says Hubrecht.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Japan Finally Admits Truth: "Right Now, We Have An Emergency At Fukushima"


Highly radioactive water seeping into the ocean from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is creating an "emergency" that the operator is struggling to contain, an official from the country's nuclear watchdog said on Monday.

This contaminated groundwater has breached an underground barrier, is rising toward the surface and is exceeding legal limits of radioactive discharge, Shinji Kinjo, head of a Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) task force, told Reuters.

Countermeasures planned by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) are only a temporary solution, he said.

Tepco's "sense of crisis is weak", Kinjo said. "This is why you can't just leave it up to Tepco alone" to grapple with the ongoing disaster.

"Right now, we have an emergency", he said.

Tepco has been widely castigated for its failure to prepare for the massive 2011 tsunami and earthquake that devastated its Fukushima plant and lambasted for its inept response to the reactor meltdowns. It has also been accused of covering up shortcomings.

It was not immediately clear how much of a threat the contaminated groundwater could pose. In the early weeks of the disaster, the Japanese government allowed Tepco to dump tens of thousands of tons of contaminated water into the Pacific in an emergency move.

The toxic water release was however heavily criticized by neighboring countries as well as local fishermen and the utility has since promised it would not dump irradiated water without the consent of local townships.

"Until we know the exact density and volume of the water that's flowing out, I honestly can't speculate on the impact on the sea", said Mitsuo Uematsu from the Center for International Collaboration, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo.

In the United States, across the Pacific, there was no sense of alarm.

"With the amount of dilution that would occur, any kind of release in Japan would be non-detectable here", said David Yogi, spokesman for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Eric Norman, a nuclear engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said the latest leak was not a concern.

"The Pacific Ocean is an enormous place", said Norman, who found radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power in California rainwater, milk and plants soon after the earthquake and tsunami. "There's a lot of material between us and Japan. No matter what happens in Fukushima, it's not going to be a problem over here".

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hotshot Widow Juliann Ashcraft Fights For Survivor's Benefits

Via American Power:

Juliann Ashcraft, 29, says the City of Prescott is denying the lifetime benefits she said she needs to raise her four children.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Farrah Abraham Poses For "Girls And Corpses" Magazine


Everybody’s favorite Backdoor Mom, Farrah Abraham, is back as the featured model in the December issue of Girls and Corpses magazine.

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a fetish magazine in which girls pose provocatively with rotting corpses for the fapping pleasure of filthy necrophiliac perverts.

She claims, "Girls and Corpses is one of the best magazine shoots I have ever been apart of".

Makes you wonder how bad her normal shoots must be.

Courtney Stodden once posed for this magazine too, so there’s that.

I think Farrah’s digression just goes to show what the entertainment business is like, especially for talentless wastes of space like Farrah Abraham.

Farrah starts out on a shitty, but highly rated TV show on MTV, then she makes a "sex tape" with James Deen and gets paid a fuck ton of money for it, and now she’s doing corpse fetish porn for not a lot of money.

I mean, I hope that Girls and Corpses doesn’t have a lot of money.

The implications of a wide readership are too disturbing to contemplate.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Penelope Cruz Directs Irina Shayk In A Lingerie Commercial


I’m not sure why Penelope Cruz wrote and directed a long form lingerie commercial for Agent Provocateur lingerie.

Maybe she’s had a panties and garter story beating inside her chest for years that just had to come out. Or, she got paid.

The commercial has European sensibilities, which basically means confusing shit happens between seeing half naked girls.

I’m sure it’s being hailed as something important.

Either way, I’d recommend you finish your whack job before Penelope’s husband Javier Bardem shows up in the film. Oscar or no Oscar, he’s a boner kill.