Friday, May 31, 2013

More Workers Fall Asleep On The Job

Via MarketWatch:

Napping during office hours is on the rise, giving employers nightmares.

Sleep-deprived employees are increasingly likely to nod off at work.

But when it comes to addressing this potential productivity and safety issue, experts say, most employers have been caught napping...

Insider – (Scary) Real Religion Of Illuminati

Via Before It's News:

An "Insider" reveals the Illuminati's actual religion.

It's Not About The Nail.....

Via Theo Spark:

"Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen".

Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chinese Baby Flushed Down Toilet

Via Mirror Online:

Mum tells police miracle boy fell into sewage pipe.

The mum said she gave birth unexpectedly and she raised the alarm after trying and failing to stop him falling down the sewage pipe.

The mum of the miracle baby who survived after being flushed down a loo claimed she was abandoned by his dad after she became pregnant following a one-night stand.

The mum said she gave birth unexpectedly and she raised the alarm after trying and failing to stop him falling down the sewage pipe.

The newborn boy, identified only as Baby 59 after his hospital incubator, was found in the four inch wide pipe at a rundown block of flats in Jinhua, eastern China.

Rescuers were alerted after his cries were heard from the plumbing system and it took them two hours before they could free him by cutting an L-shaped section of piping.

The unnamed woman, aged 22, said she told her landlord about "kitten like" sounds but initially did not admit to being the mother because of her shame.

Covered in excrement and with his placenta still attached, the 6lb 2oz tot was taken to hospital where he was initially feared to be suffering from a fractured skull.

However, despite his ordeal, he only had minor abrasions and was otherwise unharmed.

The baby’s mother claimed that she was unmarried, could not afford an abortion, and had to keep her pregnancy secret from family and friends.

Sweden Eyes Mali Peacekeeping Mission

Via The Local:

The Swedish government wants to send troops and police officers to participate in UN peace keeping efforts in Mali, arguing it's "in Sweden's interests" to support peace and security in the west African nation.

"Sweden has extensive experience in these operations, and a mission in Mali would be yet another example of such participation", Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, Development Aid Minister Gunilla Carlsson, and Defense Minister Karin Enström wrote in an article published in the Expressen newspaper outlining the proposal.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chloe Madeley Wears Her Shorts A Little Too Low In Yet Another Selfie

Via The Sun:

Chloe Madeley has been flashing the flesh yet again in another Twitter selfie.

The former Dancing On Ice contestant, who was last week seen baring her boobs in a see-through top on a night out, has been busy posting numerous pics of herself on the internet of late.

Chloe, 25, has been flaunting her figure online since dropping a dress size in just four weeks.

But Richard and Judy's daughter's latest Twitter pic reveals a little more than her toned abs.

The blonde is seen posing in a pink sports bra and tiny black shorts, which are worn almost indecently low on her hips.

Chloe, who gives a thumbs up in the pic, tweeted it yesterday with the caption: "LOVE my new @StridersEdge gym gear!It's nearly summer and I need not be sweating into trackies no more.Thanks guys!x".

Never Mess With This Girls Purse.....

Via Theo Spark:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sara Jean Underwood In Lingerie

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Guys love Sara Jean Underwood because they imagine her to be a cool chick friend they can hang out with, shotgun some beers, and watch a ball game.

But none of that works if after the game ends they can’t mount her like a sheepdog.

Sweden: Nahar Wins Elitloppet 2013

Via ATG:

What a week for the Sedin brothers!

Daniel and Henrik won the World Championship in ice hockey just a week ago and now their horse Nahar got the victory in Elitloppet...

"The biggest thing that's ever happened to me", trainer and driver Robert Bergh said in after winning Elitloppet with Nahar at Solvalla on Sunday.

The American entry, Arch Madness, with Trond Smedshammer, once again finished in second place, just like he did last year.

The only French horse in Elitloppet, Timoko, came in third in the hands of Joseph Verbeek.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bikini Babe Tulisa Is Feeling Ink-redibly Lucky After Danny Split

Via The Sun:

Tulisa shows off more than just her bikini body as she enjoys a beach party in skimpy swimwear.

The singer also revealed a suggestive tattoo on her bikini line with a cheeky message reading: "Lucky You" and a four-leaf clover.

Tulisa, 24, exposed the etching as she donned a barely there two-piece on holiday in Marbella, Spain, yesterday.

British Supermarkets Could Face Sexual Harassment Complaints Over Lads' Mags

Via American Power:

Today's Guardian contains more proof, if proof were needed, that Harriet Harman's Equality Act poses a direct threat to free speech.

It has published a letter from 11 lawyers, including a QC, threatening supermarkets with legal action unless lads' mags are immediately withdrawn from sale.

"Displaying these publications in workplaces, and/or requiring staff to handle them in the course of their jobs, may amount to sex discrimination and sexual harassment contrary to the Equality Act 2010", it says.

"Similarly, exposing customers to these publications in the process of displaying them is capable of giving rise to breaches of the Equality Act".

87-Year-Old Ikea Founder: "No, I'm Not Going To Withdraw. Not As Long As I Can Walk Upright"

Via The Swedish Wire:

"No, I'm not going to withdraw. Not as long as I can walk upright", 87-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who controls Ikea Group, the world’s biggest home-furnishings retailer, told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

"I think forward all the time and come up with new ideas. Sometimes it takes just a little longer".

Ingvar Kamprad is the world’s fifth-richest man with a $55.6 billion fortune.

He began to develop a business as a young boy, selling matches to neighbors from his bicycle. He found that he could buy matches in bulk very cheaply from Stockholm, sell them individually at a low price, and still make a good profit.

IKEA was founded in 1943 at Kamprad's uncle Ernst's kitchen table.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amanda Bynes Claims She Was "Sexually Harassed" By Police Officer

Via Access Hollywood:

Following her arrest on Thursday (and Friday release), Amanda Bynes is claiming she was sexually harassed by one of the police officers.

"Don’t believe the reports about me being arrested. It’s all lies", the 27-year-old former actress Tweeted on Saturday.

"I was sexually harassed by one of the cops the night before last which is who then arrested me", she alleged.

"He lied and said I threw a bong out the window when I opened the window for fresh air. Hilarious. He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal".

See also What Would Tyler Durden Do?.

Saudi Arabia Warns Against Iran's Nuclear Program

Via Yahoo! News:

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has warned against the danger of Iran's nuclear program to the region's security and said Iran should not threaten its neighbors since countries in the region harbor no ill-intentions to the Islamic Republic.

"We stress the danger of the Iranian nuclear program to the security of the whole region", Prince Saud said Saturday in a joint news conference with Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid in the city of Jiddah.

Turning to Syria, he also that Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime should have no role in the country's future.

North Korea Condemns U.S. Ballistic Missile Test

Via RIA Novosti:

North Korea condemned on Sunday the U.S. recent ballistic missile test, slamming it as "military provocation", the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

The U.S. fired on May 22 a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from a California base as part of the country's test flight aimed at determining weapon accuracy.

Someone Paid $1.5 Million To Go Into Space With Leonardo DiCaprio

Via Hollyscoop:

Someone who is very rich and very obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio just shelled out $1.5 million for a seat on the inaugural Virgin Galactic voyage sitting right next to The Great Gatsby himself.

The outer space flight was auctioned off at the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS Charity event and the same anonymous individual who shelled $1.5 million clams also put down another $1.5 million to attend the premiere of DiCaprio’s upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street and the guy (or girl, we don’t know) also gets to go on a date with Heidi Klum.

Swedish Union Leaders Suspected Of Gang Rape

Via The Local:

Several union leaders are suspected of having raped a female colleague at a conference in Sandviken in central Sweden in April, according to a report in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

The union has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation involving several of their elected representatives, saying that the suspects are from the delegation from Dalarna.

The conference in Sandviken was attended by some 200 delegates from the counties of Dalarna, Gävleborg, and Uppland. The Dalarna delegation numbered 70 people.

Unionen is a white-collar trade union, formed on January 1st 2008. It is the second biggest trade union in Sweden with around 500.000 members.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

" Let Thine hand help me; for I have chosen Thy precepts". ~ Psalms 119:173

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Astronauts To Survive On 3D Printed Food

Via India Times:

In a scene right out of Star Trek, a Texas company is developing a 3D food printer for astronauts to create custom meals on the fly.

With support from NASA, the firm, Systems and Materials Research Corp of Austin, intends to design, build and test a food printer that can work in space.

"This project is to demonstrate we can create and change the nutrition of the food and be able to print it in a low-gravity environment", the company's research director and lead chemist, David Irvin, said.

Three-dimensional printers create solid objects by depositing droplets of material one layer at a time.

One of the first goals for SMRC’s printer is the humble pizza.

It was chosen because it contains a variety of nutrients and flavors, said David Irvin, director of research at SMRC.

More importantly, a pizza is made up of layers, a key principle used in 3-D printing technology.

Systems and Materials intends to create nutritionally rich, aesthetically appealing, and tasty synthetic food by combining powdered proteins, starches, fats and flavors with water or oil to produce a wide array of digital recipes.

All the ingredients are designed for extremely long shelf-lives, making them suitable for long stays in space.

"The 3D printing system will provide hot and quick food in addition to personalized nutrition, flavor and taste", the company wrote in its proposal to NASA.

"The biggest advantage of 3D printed food technology will be zero waste, which is essential in long-distance space missions", it added.

The project was presented at the Humans 2 Mars Summit in Washington earlier this month.

At the presentation, Anjan Contractor, an engineer at SMRC and the project manager, explained how the idea originated: he had used a 3-D printer to print chocolate for his wife.

The chocolate experiment led the company to think about other kinds of food that could be printed.

A space-food printer doesn’t actually exist yet — it’s still a concept, which the company hopes to develop by the end of the year using NASA’s grant money.

Ultimately, the company sees food printers as a way to help feed a world population that is estimated to reach 12 billion by the end of the century.

The technology may also have implications for the military.

"A 3D-printed food system can reduce military logistics, disposal waste, increase operational efficiency and mission effectiveness especially during wartime", the company said.

"In addition, 3D printed food can provide optimal nutrient to the soldiers depending on their personal needs and level of physical activities".

A Dutch research company, TNO, floated the idea that 3-D printers could use several forms of organic life as a protein component — algae, grass, or even insects.

Eventually Irvin sees a day when food printers will play a role in everyday diet and nutrition.

"The initial plan is to work with NASA and the astronauts and then as things become commercially viable, we will definitely consider weight loss and weight gain" applications, Irvin said.

The company's six-month, Small Business Innovation Research study contract, worth up to $125.000, is pending, said NASA spokesman Allard Beutel.

Calif. Teen Takes Supermodel To Prom

Via AP:

A Southern California teen turned heads at his prom when he showed up with a Sports Illustrated model as his date.

Nina Agdal agreed to step in as Jake Davidson's date Thursday night after he got turned down for prom by supermodel Kate Upton.

The Sherman Oaks teen appeared in a YouTube video that was viewed more than 2.5 million times asking Upton to be his date.

After Upton declined because of a scheduling conflict, Agdal volunteered to go, saying she never got to attend her own prom.

The Danish model is better known as the bikini-clad sunbather in a Carl's Jr. ad.

Davidson told the Los Angeles Daily News ( he had an incredible night and said Agdal was down to earth.

Kristen Stewart Twice As Angry As Ever

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Sometimes I wonder how awesome life would be if instead of flipping the bird, Kristen Stewart just held her breath when she got angry.

Stop taking my picture! I’m not pretty! My parents are in the business! ~ Hu-ommmmmmmm.

We could sit on a bench and drink a couple brews while we place bets on how long until Kristen passes out.

She’s very angry. You know she’s going well past blue to prove her point.

Stockholm Riots Spread West On Sixth Night

Via The Local:

Stockholm experienced a sixth straight night of riots early Saturday, with cars torched in several immigrant-dominated suburbs, as Britain and the United States warned against traveling to the hotspots.

Nearly a week of unrest, which spread briefly Friday night to the medium-sized city of Örebro 160 kilometers west of Stockholm, have put Sweden's reputation as an oasis of peace and harmony at risk.

Friday, May 24, 2013

U.S. And U.K. Issue Travel Warnings For Sweden

Via The Local:

The UK Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for Sweden after arsonists tore through several Stockholm suburbs, while Americans have been warned to stay out of the affected areas by their embassy.

"Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence", an email sent to US nationals living in Sweden cautioned on Friday.

"We recommend that US citizens avoid the areas where such demonstrations are occurring if possible, and, as always, exercise caution in the vicinity of any parades or protests".

While the email cited Swedish police, who had told them the situation was contained, the embassy nonetheless sent out a list of suburbs to avoid, including Husby, Tensta, Kista, Rinkeby, and Fittja.

The British also urged caution.

"You should avoid large gatherings, take care and monitor local news reports", the Foreign Office stated on its website.

"There have been riots in the suburbs of Stockholm every night since 19 May. Suburbs affected so far are Husby, Hagsätra, Rågsved, Skogås".

The foreign office said that almost 600.000 Brits visited Sweden last year, and said most visits had been incident-free.

After five nights of rioting throughout the outskirts of Stockholm, many in Sweden and elsewhere are trying to make sense of it all.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Strips In 'We're The Millers' Red Band Trailer!

Via Just Jared:

Jennifer Aniston strips down to her lingerie in the red band trailer for her new comedy We’re The Millers, in theaters August 9!

The 44-year-old actress stars alongside Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter in the new film about a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

Jennifer plays a stripper who poses as Jason‘s wife in the film, with Emma and Will playing the two kids.

Neanderthals: Extinction By BBQ?


Humans today eat gorillas and chimpanzees, so why would our prehistoric ancestors flinch at sitting down to a nicely roasted Neanderthal?

That's the shocking new hypothesis being raised by anthropologists in Spain, who wonder if our closest extinct relative was exterminated in the same way as 178 other large mammals, so-called megafauna, which are suspected of going at least partially by the hand of hungry human hunters.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bel's Frisky: Actress Flashes Her Cannes On The Red Carpet

Via The Sun:

French actress Frederique Bel steals the spotlight at the Cannes Film festival - posing for photographers in a totally see-through dress.

The 38-year-old actress shared the red carpet at The Great Gatsby premiere with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Carey Mulligan.

But she made sure all eyes were on her, flashing her bare boobs under a sheer turquoise frock that failed to properly protect her assets.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

VIDEO: Melissa Debling And Daisy Watts X-Rated

Via American Power:

Melissa Debling and Daisy Watts in ZOO Magazine's rude topless teaser!

A Lazy Day In Bed With Megan - Eye Handy

Via Theo Spark:

I don't know about you, but I am definitely not a morning person.

Sometimes you've just got to hit the snooze and roll around in your blankets, all the while looking sexy as hell.

Well, if you're Megan at least.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eva Longoria Shows Off Her Knickers Day After Going Pants-Free

Via The Sun:

Eva Longoria is keen to show the world she has her knickers firmly in place after flashing more flesh than she intended on the red carpet yesterday.

The petite actress showed off her simple black briefs underneath a glitzy sheer evening gown as hosted the Cannes version of her Global Gift Gala charity fundraising event on Sunday.

Eva, 38, may have kept her pants on but she still shed her bra to pull-off the flesh-flashing outfit which left little to the imagination.

The Hollywood star was left red-faced on Saturday night when she went underwear-free underneath another skin-baring gown - then accidentally exposed her naked privates as she lifted up the skirt to avoid dragging it along the ground in the rain.

Eva looked stunning as she posed alongside fellow stars including burlesque babe Dita Von Teese at Sunday night's bash.

Sweden Wins Ice Hockey World Champs At Home

Via The Local:

Sweden battled back from a goal down to grab their ninth world ice hockey title on Sunday with a 5-1 win over unfancied Switzerland.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kitten Freaks Out Over Lizard

Via American Power:

A kitten practices its stalking skills on a lizard on the floor as a second lizard follows behind the kitten unnoticed.

Then, the second lizard accidentally brushes up against the kitten, surprising the cat and causing it to jump up and freak out.

Denmark Wins Eurovision 2013 In Malmö

Via The Local:

Emmelie De Forest from Denmark takes over from Sweden's Loreen as the Eurovision Song Contest champion, capping a spectacle that kept Malmö and the rest of Europe cheering on Saturday night.

Tipped as one of the early favourites, the 20-year-old De Forest didn't disappoint, with her song, Only Teardrops, raking in the most votes from viewers across Europe.

"This is totally fantastic", De Forest told Danish television.

"I'm so happy".

Denmark's victory was mathematically determined before all the votes had been counted.

Sweden's entry Robin Stjernberg finished in 14th place.

Viewers and professional juries in 39 countries picked the winner together, with tele-voting and juries each representing 50 percent of the outcome.

The win by Denmark closed out a marathon evening of pop music performances by artists from 26 countries that wowed the crowd on hand in Malmö.

The evening began with an opening number written by Abba's Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, along with Swedish DJ and producer Avicii.

While the music ranged from heartfelt ballads to upbeat dance tunes, the evening also featured a number of humourous interludes that showcased Sweden in a self-deprecating manner.

Swedish comic Petra Mede also won plaudits for a stellar performance as Eurovision host, which included a leading role in a sprawling Broadway-esque production that used dancing meatballs, pram-pushing dads, and bikini-clad blondes to poke fun at Swedish stereotypes.

Welsh balladeer Bonnie Tyler was the biggest name to participate in Eurovision this year, but the 61-year-old didn't pack enough star power to impress viewers or jurors.

Denmark jumped to an early lead in the voting, with Ukraine, Norway, and Azerbaijan also pulling away from the other contenders after half the votes had been counted.

Sweden's neighbor to the south merely added to the early lead as voting continued, with Denmark eventually amassing 281 points.

The win marks Denmark's second win at a Sweden-hosted Eurovision, with the Danes emerging victories at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Danes Invade Sweden For Eurovision Final

Via The Local:

Tonight, the Grand Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast LIVE from the Malmö Arena, Sweden, from 21:00 CET, where 26 contestants will give their best performances in order to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Denmark is the hot favorite to claim this year's Eurovision title, leading to a mass exodus of patriotic fans across the Öresund Bridge to cheer on Emmelie de Forest.

David Beckham Retires From Soccer

Via American Power:

The video has been viewed more than 8 million times and for good reason.

Beckham's free kicks were a sight to behold, with the ball streaking into the net with a speed and right-to-left arc that looked like a Zack Greinke curveball.

SKIN + GUNS? What About BIKINIS + Fishing?

Via Theo Spark:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sweden Ousts Canada In Dramatic Hockey Win

Via The Local:

Sweden edged Olympic champions Canada 3-2 in a penalty shootout on Thursday night to set up semi-final clash against arch rivals Finland at the ice hockey World Championships.

"I’m really happy", Sweden coach Per Mårts told the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) website after the game.

"They are a tough team to beat. We knew we had to play our best game of the tournament. Today everything worked well. I’m happy for Swedish hockey because you have to play for the medals in your home tournament".

Israel Tells Russia They Will Wipe Out Syria If Assad Attacks


An Israeli official confirmed Wednesday night that a dramatic and unprecedented message to this effect had been conveyed to Damascus, Channel 2 news reported.

The report said that Israel’s position to this effect also came up during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency meeting in Russia on Tuesday with President Vladimir Putin, during which Netanyahu also told Putin of Israel’s profound opposition to Russia’s sale of sophisticated S-300 missile defense batteries to Assad.

The warning came hours after mortar shells hit the Mount Hermon areafor the first time in the two-year Syrian civil war, and as Arabic newspapers reported talk of Hezbollah opening "a new front" against Israel on the Golan Heights.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hollande Calls For EU "Economic Government"

Via France 24:

French President François Hollande called Thursday for the establishment of an "economic government" for the eurozone that would have a full-time President, its own budget, and a coordinated tax system.

Speaking from the Elysée presidential palace, Hollande said that France wanted to create a more politically integrated European Union within two years.

He said the initiative would help put an end to the "lethargy" that was threatening Europe's future.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Seeing This Crazy Guy With Two Huge Knives And Hate In His Eyes I Knew I Had To Get Out Of Celeb Circus"

Via The Sun:

Oozing glamour in her designer bikini, Paris Hilton is the poster girl for having it all – but fame has come at a terrible price.

The hotel heiress, who has long been a magnet for stalkers and burglars, has revealed she feared she would DIE at the hands of a knife-wielding maniac.

Bravely she relived that terror while playing herself in a similar situation in crime film The Bling Ring, which premieres at Cannes this month.

But the incident, in August 2010, also prompted a complete change of lifestyle.

Once a party animal and reality TV airhead, New Yorker Paris now plans to step out of the spotlight and build her own hotel empire.

Opening up about her shocking ordeal for the first time, Paris, 32, recalls: "It was terrifying. I had never experienced anything like that before and it really shook the foundations of my world".

"It was about 5am when I heard someone banging on my window".

"I went downstairs and saw a crazy guy outside with two huge kitchen knives in his hands".

"He looked like he wanted to kill me and he kept banging on the windows, demanding to be let in".

"I screamed. I was certain he was going to get through the windows or the door and then that would be it".

"I was certain he would kill me if he could get inside".

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt Is Working Right Now

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Victoria Silvstedt is a whore.

I mean that in the nicest sense of the word.

Like, "whoa, man, your lady is such a whore". Or, "hey, check out his mom, she’s a world class whore".

The term is hardly sexist.

It can be used as a measure of respect for men too, as in "Bobby takes cock like a whore" or "is there nothing that crack whore Steve won’t do to get his rock?"

Victoria has sex with wealthy men. And she’s apparently very good at it.

So good that she spends her life on a yacht anchored off the coasts of the most exclusive ports in the world.

Think of her as a fancy buoy. A big fancy whore buoy.

Monday, May 13, 2013

At Least 12 People Shot At Mother's Day Parade In New Orleans


Twelve people are being treated for gunshot wounds following a shootout at a second line parade on Mother’s Day in New Orleans.

The youngest victim in the surprise attack was 10 years old, according to a local resident.

Over 300 people were participating in the residential festival, on Frenchmen Street, in the north of the city, when several shots were fired.

The incident occurred around 2pm local time on Sunday.

Nine people were immediately taken to University Hospital by emergency responders, eight of whom had gunshot wounds, according to local channel WWLTV.

One more was injured in an attempt to escape from the shooting.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fast Woman Jordana

Via The Sun:

Fast And Furious star Jordana Brewster knows how to get pulses racing — showing off her chassis in silky black lingerie.

The 33-year-old actress was in London this week for the world premiere of the sixth film in the motoring action movie franchise.

Dallas star Jordana — who stars alongside Paul Walker in FF6 — regularly makes world’s sexiest women lists.

And in gear like this, it’s not hard to see why the fellas get revved up.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bombshell Kate Upton Lands First U.S. Vogue Cover

Via Mail Online:

Kate Upton can split opinion like no other model, with many laughing at her dreams of making the transition from swimwear to couture.

But it seems like her dreams are one step closer to reality now she has scored her first ever U.S. Vogue cover.

The 20-year old model is the star of the June issue, and in the newly released cover, she is heralded as "the hottest supermodel on Earth" and she took the opportunity to defend her voluptuous body against her critics.

What Your Body Tells You About Your Emotional State


"This is no exaggeration: you were born to put death to death". ~ Leonard Perimutter

Bruce Lipton, a leading development biologist who believes that genes and DNA can be manipulated by our beliefs is not the only brilliant mind to propose such a mind-bending idea.

In fact, he says that our DNA and cells do not control our health, our emotions do.

The major crisis of the human race is not of raising our IQs, it is one of elevating our WILL quotients.

We must will ourselves to happiness, and thereby experience true health.

While we can't nor should stuff our emotions down, including negative ones, we can learn to control them and shift our attention to positive feelings as often as possible to dramatically change our bodies right down to our DNA.

Scientists have now been able to measure emotions, including their physiological response on the body.

For example, anger causes higher cholesterol levels and a faster resting heart rate.

Prolonged sadness can cause depression, which leads to a depleted immune system.

Unexpressed or sublimated emotions will get stuck in your back, shoulders, calves, etc.

When too many negative emotions are stuffed away where you can't see them, or feel them, they can cause the body to come out of balance.

Chinese medicine agrees that emotions can create stagnation in the energy of the body, leading to issues with the spleen, heart, kidneys, liver, bladder, gallbladder, etc.

They usually categorize the emotions into seven distinct areas: grief, sorrow, worry, fear, joy, anger and fright.

Happiness is better even than plastic surgery, and certainly better than chemotherapy or pharmaceuticals at keeping you profoundly alive and healthy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sports Nutz 12 - Sports Nutz Bedtime Reading

Via Theo Spark:

On a cold winter night, Susannah and Sam turn up the heat with an excerpt from another of the seminal works in the sports literature canon.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Putin On Victory Day: Russia A Security Guarantor

Via Ynetnews:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said at the annual military parade on Red Square that Russia will be a guarantor of world security.

Putin's short speech Thursday came at the culmination of Victory Day, marking the defeat of Nazi Germany 68 years ago.

It is Russia's most important secular holiday, honoring the huge military and civilian losses of World War II and showing off the country's modern arsenal.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, while in Shanghai, was given a sharp dressing-down by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a warning that Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks on Damascus and would respond.

Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria, according to

Kimberley Garner Shows Off Her Stunning Bikini Body As She Unveils Her Debut Swimwear Collection

Via Mail Online:

She's the willowy blonde who shot to fame on Made In Chelsea.

But away from the bitching and backstabbing of the E4 reality show, Kimberley Garner has been working on a new project - her own range of swimwear.

The 23-year-old star is seen showing off her tanned and toned figure in a variety of her sexy bikinis and one-pieces in a stunning Barbados photoshoot.

From tiny monokinis to even smaller Brazilian style bikinis, Kimberley has been working on the Kimberley London line for the past few months to perfect her designs.

Megan Fox Jumps On Trampoline

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Megan Fox jumping on a trampoline in stretch pants and a tight top.

Fuck all the tortured souls developing their craft down at the Lee Strasberg Institute right now.

This is what you call acting.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sports Nutz 7 - Sports Nutz Summer Reading

Via Theo Spark:

Susannah and Sam dramatize an excerpt from a seminal work in the sports literature canon - Darryl Dawkins' autobiography, "Chocolate Thunder".

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Slashin’ Fashion: Cara, Emma, And Miranda Are A Cut Above At Met Ball

Via The Sun:

Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne, and Miranda Kerr were fashion’s leading ladies at last night’s star-studded Met Ball.

The three beauties all flashed the flesh in gowns featuring cut-out sections at the bash held in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

British model Cara paid homage to the punk theme, dazzling in a dramatic plunging black gown by Burberry with studded embellishment.

The 20-year-old seemed in high spirits following recent pictures showing her dropping a bag of white powder on her central London doorstep.

She sported heavy smokey eye make-up and some sharp pendants around her neck, and a knuckleduster-style ring and sharp earrings.

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson looked stunning as she flaunted her toned tum and legs in a black Prabal Gurung cut out dress.

The slashed-to-the-thigh gown featured a long train – and an assistant was on hand to help the 23-year-old Brit negotiate the red carpet steps.

Underwear model Miranda Kerr showed off her incredible figure in a similar black cut out gown.

The Australian beauty donned a revealing gown designed by New Yorker Michael Kors and featuring a black sequined boob tube.

She teamed it with Tabitha Simmons shoes, Cartier jewels, and a metallic Christian Louboutin purse.

Lindsay Comes Clean Before Betty Ford

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Talk about your total pile of revisionist excrement. Lindsay Lohan did one last tell-all with Piers Morgan for the Daily Mail to get some cash for smokes at Betty Ford.

It includes such unlikely gems as: Lohan claims that "the first time" she’d taken drugs was when she was popped for her first DUI on May 26, 2007, and police found cocaine in her car.

Yeah, and, uh-huh. Maybe British people will believe that one. And my aunt Chelle. She’s big on horoscopes and alien abductions. But, wait, there’s more.

Lindsay laughs off the idea that she’s a heavy former child actress drinker, a mild social consumer at best. a teetotaler really.

Lohan claims she didn’t have her first drink until she was 17, and that mom Dina taught her a lesson the first time she did. "I got really sick and Mum made me sleep with vomit still on me so I’d understand how it felt".

It probably felt like sleeping with Michael Lohan.

Maybe mom was sending you a bigger message. Maybe it was a cry for help from your drug addicted abused mother!

And, finally one honest moment: "I’ve been court-ordered to do rehab six times. I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab it was like a joke, like killing time", and that "they just asked me the same old questions I’d answered before".

Of course rehab is pointless. You don’t do drugs and you had a couple drinks once in high school. That’s why it’s worse for you than jail time. You can handle the prison rapes and used sanitary napkin beat downs, it’s the hypocrisy that kills you.

See also in Hollyscoop: Lindsay Lohan Caught Lying About Cocaine Use.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Swedish FM Carl Bildt Disarms Nuke Critics In Shock Radio Show Call

Via The Local:

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt surprised listeners on Monday by spontaneously calling into a radio talk show to answer criticism about Sweden's nuclear anti-proliferation policy.

Experts in Sweden are up in arms over Bildt's failure to back a recent nuclear weapons anti-proliferation proposal presented at a recent UN conference.

Delegates at the conference, held in Geneva in April to discuss the UN-backed Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT), proposed to rewrite the anti-proliferation text by saying nuclear weapons should be banned for humanitarian reasons.

The proposal was well-received by most countries at the conference, with Sveriges Radio (SR) reporting that 78 of the almost 100 nations represented decided to throw their weight behind the amended text.

The detractors, meanwhile, included several countries that possess nuclear weapons themselves, as well as Sweden, which doesn't have a nuclear arsenal.

Swedish politicians and proliferation experts have reacted angrily to Bildt's decision not to back the proposal.

Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) foreign affairs spokesman Christer Winbäck told SR that the foreign minister's move could hurt Sweden's credibility in attempts by the international community to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

"I'm surprised, there have been previous statements that the consequences for using nuclear weapons are indeed devastating from a humanitarian point of view", he said.

"I think there is a risk Sweden's voice could be toned down in the eyes of other countries if we refuse to sign papers confirming the dangers of nuclear weapons".

In the days leading up to the conference, Sweden announced it was leaving the New Agenda Coalition (NAC), a coalition working for nuclear disarmament that Sweden founded in the 1990s along with Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The contrast lead Josefin Lind at Swedish Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Svenska läkare mot kärnvapen) to claim the government was not prioritizing the nuclear weapons question.

"The fact that Sweden hasn't recently initiated any projects seeking to prohibit the use of nuclear weapons clearly indicates that the government is interested in other things", she told SR.

Bildt, meanwhile, has hit back by saying his no vote was a non-issue, blown out of proportion by SR.

The Foreign Minister even made the unusual move of phoning radio call-in programme "Ring P1", a radio equivalent to a newspaper's "letters to the editor" section, allowing concerned citizens of all stripes to call in and air their opinions about whatever is on their mind.

After host Alexandra Pascalidou first took to Twitter to ask why Bildt refused to sign on to the agreement, the Foreign Minister tweeted back "I'm calling!" in an attempt to clarify the issue.

"This is not a big issue, even if SR has made it into a big issue," he said on Monday.

"We undertake quite a lot of serious work when it comes to nuclear disarmament, including treaties on nuclear tests and getting those treaties signed".

"That specific proposal was a side issue that no serious countries were engaged in", Bildt added.

"We should take our disarmament work seriously and try to get done what can be done".

Bildt's move angered SR news chief Anne Lagercrantz, who accused the Swedish Foreign Minister of trying to avoid facing questions from journalists by instead taking to the airwaves on a call-in program.

"This is one of several independent incidents on the same topic where he's avoided talking to the most informed reporters, and that's a worrisome development", she told the Expressen newspaper.

Ghana’s Cedi May Extend West Africa’s Worst Drop On Imports

Via BusinessWeek:

Ghana’s cedi, West Africa’s worst performing currency this year, will depreciate about 5 percent in 2013 to a record low on greater demand for imports, according to the country’s second-biggest bank.

The cedi is projected to trade at 2 per dollar by the end of this year, John Awuah, chief financial officer at Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd., said by phone from Accra, the capital, on May 2.

The cedi gained 0.1 percent to 1.9755 per dollar by 8:16 a.m. in Accra, retreating from May 3’s lowest level since at least June 1994 when Bloomberg began compiling the data.

The cedi started the year at 1.9045.

A "Fifth Force" May Alter Gravity At Cosmic Scales


Radical new research is attempting to characterize the properties of a fifth force that disrupts the predictions general relativity makes outside our own galaxy, on cosmic-length scales.

University of Pennsylvania astrophysicist Bhuvnesh Jain, says the nature of gravity is the question of a lifetime.

As scientists have been able to see farther and deeper into the universe, the laws of gravity have been revealed to be under the influence of an unexplained force. Two branches of theories have sprung up, each trying to fill its gaps in a different way.

One branch - dark energy - suggests that the vacuum of space has an energy associated with it and that energy causes the observed acceleration.

The other falls under the umbrella of "scalar-tensor" gravity theories, which effectively posits a fifth force (beyond gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces) that alters gravity on cosmologically large scales.

"These two possibilities are both radical in their own way", Jain said. "One is saying that general relativity is correct, but we have this strange new form of energy. The other is saying we don't have a new form of energy, but gravity is not described by general relativity everywhere".

Jain's research is focused on the latter possibility; he is attempting to characterize the properties of this fifth force that disrupts the predictions general relativity makes outside our own galaxy, on cosmic length scales.

By innovatively analyzing a well-studied class of stars in nearby galaxies, Jain and his colleagues - Vinu Vikram, Anna Cabre and Joseph Clampitt at Penn and Jeremy Sakstein at the University of Cambridge - have produced new findings that narrow down the possibilities of what this force could be.

Their findings, published on the Arxiv, are a vindication of Einstein's theory of gravity.

Having survived a century of tests in the solar system, it has passed this new test in galaxies beyond our own as well.

In 1998, astrophysicists made an observation that turned gravity on its ear: the universe's rate of expansion is speeding up.

If gravity acts the same everywhere, stars and galaxies propelled outward by the Big Bang should continuously slow down, like objects thrown from an explosion do here on Earth.

This observation used distant supernovae to show that the expansion of the universe was speeding up rather than slowing down.

This indicated that something was missing from physicists' understanding of how the universe responds to gravity, which is described by Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Jain's recent breakthrough came about when he and his colleagues realized they could use the troves of data on a special property of a common type of star as an exquisite test of gravity.

Astrophysicists have been pursuing tests of gravity in the cosmos for many years, but conventional tests require data on millions of galaxies.

Future observations are expected to provide such enormous datasets in the coming data.

But Jain and his colleagues were able to bypass the conventional approach.

"We've been able to perform a powerful test using just 25 nearby galaxies that is more than a hundred times more stringent than standard cosmological tests", Jain said.

The nearby galaxies are important because they contain stars called cepheids that are bright enough to be seen individually.

Moreover, cepheids have been used for decades as a kind of interstellar yardstick because their brightness oscillates in a precise and predictable way.

"You can measure the brightness of a light bulb at some distance and know that, if you move it twice as far, it will be four times as faint. So you can tell just by the difference in its observed brightness how much further you moved it", Jain said. "But you need to know how intrinsically bright the bulb is first to determine its actual distance from us".

Cepheids have a unique trait that allows astrophysicists to get this critical information: their luminosity oscillates over the course of days and weeks.

The known relationship between a cepheid's rate of oscillation and intrinsic brightness serves as that baseline for calculating its distance from Earth, which in turn serves as a baseline for calculating the distance of other celestial objects.

The accelerating universe observation, for example, relied upon cepheid data for scale.

"Now that we understand a little bit more about what makes the cepheids pulsate - a balance of gravity and pressure - we can use them to learn about gravity, not just distance", Jain said. "If the fifth force enhances gravity even a little bit, it will make them pulsate faster".

Because of their usefulness, there was already more than a decade of data on cepheids based on the Hubble Space Telescope and other large telescopes in Chile and Hawaii.

Using that data, Jain and his colleagues compared nearly a thousand stars in 25 galaxies.

This allowed them to make comparisons between galaxies that are theoretically "screened" or protected from the effects of the hypothetical fifth force and those that are not.

Larger galaxies and ones that belong to galaxy clusters are screened, while smaller, isolated galaxies are not.

"If we compare galaxies that don't permit this extra force, like our own galaxy, with others that do, then we should see a difference in the way those galaxies' cepheids behave", Jain said.

"Because this new force would increase the speed of their oscillations and because we can use the rate of their oscillations to their measure distance from us, the measurement we get from cepheids in unscreened galaxies should be smaller than distance measurements made with different techniques".

Jain and his colleagues ultimately did not see variation between their control sample of screened galaxies and their test sample of unscreened ones.

Their results line up exactly with the prediction of Einstein's general relativity.

This means that the potential range and strength of the fifth force is severely constrained.

"We find consistency with Einstein's theory of gravity and we sharply narrow the space available to these other theories. Many of these theories are now ruled out by the data", Jain said.

With better data on nearby galaxies in the coming years, Jain expects that an entire class of gravity theories could essentially be eliminated.

But there remains the exciting possibility that better data may reveal small deviations from Einstein's gravity, one of the most famous scientific theories of all time.

The image at the top of the page shows the most distant X-ray cluster of galaxies yet found by astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Approximately 10 billion light years from Earth, the cluster 3C294 is 40 percent farther than the next most distant X-ray galaxy cluster previously known.

The existence of such a distant galaxy cluster is important for understanding how the Universe evolved.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Top Of The Blocks! Alicia Keys Peforms In LEGO-Style Blouse

Via The Sun:

Alicia Keys certainly isn’t bricking it on stage – despite wearing a top that looks like it’s made from LEGO.

The singer donned the quirky outfit on stage as her Set The World On Fire Tour hit Detroit yesterday.

The sheer blouse featured a purple patch across the bust made from what looked like a violet version of the plastic building blocks.

She teamed the long-sleeved top with skin-tight tuxedo trousers, a thick belt and patent heels.

She completed the look with a black Panama hat, pulled down low over her face to add a hint of mystery to the ensemble.

The Empire State of Mind star recently completed the North American leg of her international tour.

She’s set to hit the UK on May 19, starting in Liverpool and finishing in London 12 days later.

Alicia tweeted about her excitement for the upcoming dates on Friday: "Liverpool > Newcastle > Belfast> Dublin > Manchester. Here I come!"

Israel May Join Defense Pact With Saudi Arabia, UAE

Via The Times Of Israel:

Israel is working on joining an anti-Iran defense alliance with a number of moderate Arab states that would involve sharing Jerusalem’s newly developed anti-missile technologies, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

The plan would see Israel join with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, to create a Middle Eastern "moderate crescent", according to the Sunday Times, which cited an unnamed Israeli official.

Israel does not currently maintain formal ties with Riyadh or Abu Dhabi, and relations with Ankara have been strained since 2009.

Why I Loved Singing About The Pain Of My Divorce - By Abba's Agnetha

Via Mail Online:

The Winner Takes it All is about her failed marriage to Bjorn Ulvaeus.

Despite this, Agnetha Fältskog admits its her favorite ABBA song.

For most women, divorce is a heartbreaking memory they would rather forget.

But Abba star Agnetha Fältskog has a constant reminder of that pain – thanks to one of the group’s biggest hits.

Her ex-husband and former bandmate, Björn Ulvaeus, wrote The Winner Takes it All about the collapse of their nine-year marriage.

But despite the deeply personal subject matter, the Swedish singer has revealed that the 1980 chart-topper is her favorite from Abba’s back catalogue, because of its honesty.

In her first major interview in 30 years, the 63-year-old said: "Björn wrote it about us after the breakdown of our marriage. The fact he wrote it exactly when we divorced is touching really. I didn’t mind. It was fantastic to do that song because I could put in such feeling. I didn’t mind sharing it with the public. It didn’t feel wrong. There is so much in that song. It was a mixture of what I felt and what Björn felt but also what Benny and Frida [the other couple in Abba, who also divorced] went through".

Rihanna Flaunts New Long & Two-Toned Hair At Nets Game!

Via Just Jared:

Rihanna sits in courtside seats while watching the Brooklyn Nets take on the Chicago Bulls during game seven of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs on Saturday (May 4) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 25-year-old singer showed off her new long and two-toned hair at the game and also in some new pictures posted on her Instagram account.

"I could trip a referee….#BROOKLYN meet you here tomorrow!!!", Rihanna tweeted.

Rihanna was supposed to perform her Diamonds World Tour concert that evening at the Barclays Center, but her show was postponed till Tuesday because of the NBA game.

Bible Quote Of The Day.....

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest". ~ Joshua 1:9

Obama: Israel Has Right To Defend Itself From Hezbollah

Via American Power:

President Barack Obama said he won’t comment on an Israeli airstrike against Syria that targeted a shipment of advanced missiles believed to be headed for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Israeli officials on Saturday confirmed the Israeli Air Force strike, which took place early Friday.

Obama told the Spanish-language network Telemundo in an interview that he will defer to the Israeli government for comment.

He also repeated his view that the Israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weapons to organizations like Hezbollah.

Never Leave A Man Behind

Via Theo Spark:

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Kelly Brook Is A BAD Girl In Saucy Bed Snap

Via The Sun:

Naughty Kelly Brook teased her fans with a snap of her in bed, licking her lips.

The model and TV presenter appeared to be topless under her duvet cover in the snap she labeled "Bad".

Kelly, 33, shared the suggestive photo on her Instagram page – just hours after striking a much more innocent pose.

In another picture she is made up to look like children’s favorite Mary Poppins, with her hair in luscious curls and dressed in a prim collared dress.

Kelly was also seen shaking her booty at the Beyoncé concert at the O2, waving her hands in the air with opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

The pair were dancing to hit Single Ladies, which includes the line: "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it".

Kelly was joined at the concert with crocked boyfriend Danny Cipriani.

She also posted a snap of the trio together with Katherine’s pal Luke Jones backstage.

Nicole Kidman Fun Vitamin AD - Ultivites Commercial

Via Just Jared:

Watch a newly released commercial of Nicole dancing while promoting Swisse Wellness Vitamins.

Kristen Nicole - Miss May 2013

Via American Power:

Paris Hilton Waves To Her People

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Paris Hilton would make a great dictator’s wife.

It’s not her built in sieg heil salute so much as her ability to stare blankly, smile, and wave to uninterested passersby in the street and pretend they are adoring fans.

She can speak for an hour on any topic and never leave an intelligible sound bite.

And, if someday her husband’s head got cut off in a coup d’etat, she’d have no trouble swearing allegiance and hopping on top of the guy who took over.

Plus, she loves shoes.

"A lot of women feel it's a man's world. Some people think all you need to do is marry a rich guy, and you don't need to do anything with your life.... I would hate that. I don't care whether he has money or he doesn't, because I don't need it, and that's a good feeling that I don't have to worry about that". ~ Paris Hilton

Friday, May 03, 2013

Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Vamps It Up In Sexy New Movie

Via The Sun:

Gemma Arterton gets her teeth into her latest role as a vampire in our exclusive clip from Byzantium.

The former Bond girl plays mysterious mother Clara who moves to a run-down coastal town with teenage daughter Eleanor – played by Saoirse Ronan.

After finding shelter in the deserted farmhouse of loner Noel (Danny Mays) they settle into a new life.

But the close-knit pair have a deadly secret – they are over 200 years old and need to drink human blood to survive.

After Eleanor spills the beans to a new school friend, the secret begins to leak out and their past catches up with them with grave consequences.

In our intense scene, Clara is forced to uncover the truth of her bloody "awakening" to her daughter’s teacher — played by Tom Hollander.

Ke$ha Writes Songs With Her Tits Now

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Whether she’s whoring it up with ghosts or writing songs about her vagina with her mom, Ke$ha is never short of hilariously unique and edgy stories to tell reporters and talk show hosts.

And, of course, by hilarious and edgy, I mean anything that pops into her brain within seconds after thinking to herself, "Quick, say something retarded so people keep talking about you!"

Ke$ha appeared on Conan earlier this week and showed off her inner lip tattoo that reads, "SUCK IT!", as a message to her haters.

But Conan O’Brien also asked her about her songwriting process, and she described how she writes some of her songs by turning off all the lights, taking off her shirt, lowering herself over her piano’s keys and slapping her tits on them to "just tickle the ivories".

And then Jason Collins showed up and said, "See? This is why".

Witherspoon: I Lied About Pregnancy During Arrest


Actress Reese Witherspoon recalled that she panicked, said some "crazy things" and even claimed to be pregnant the night she was arrested in Atlanta on a disorderly conduct charge.

During an interview Thursday on ABC's "Good Morning America", Witherspoon repeatedly apologized for her behavior during the April 19 traffic stop. A police report states that Witherspoon asked a Georgia state trooper, "Do you know my name?" and added, "You're about to find out who I am".

In her first sit-down interview about the arrest, the Oscar-winning actress told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that she had "one too many" glasses of wine, and panicked after she and her husband were pulled over.

"I have no idea what I was saying that night", she said. "I literally panicked. I said all kinds of crazy things. I told them I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant".

Witherspoon, 37, was arrested after the trooper said she wouldn't stay in the car while her husband, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, was being given a field sobriety test.

A dash-cam video of the arrest posted by the TMZ website on Thursday shows a state trooper repeatedly telling Witherspoon to get back inside the car while he speaks to Toth.

She initially tells him she is pregnant and needs to use the restroom.

Do You Know My Name? Yep, It’s Guilty

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Reese Witherspoon pled no contest today in Atlanta to charges of being a completely annoying bitch at the scene of her husband’s crime.

We can say "crime" because Jim Toth pled guilty to DUI at the same time.

Which is a actual crime, for which he got the dreaded alcohol rehab sentence and a stiff fake warning from the judge. This isn’t your daddy’s Georgia.

Updated: TMZ just put out the dash cam video of the arrest.

Meh, Reese is only mildly fucking annoying. But the best is the tail end when her husband tries to distance himself from her getting up in the officer’s face. Fucking Jim.

Swedish Woman Dies In Game Of Russian Roulette

Via The Local:

A Swedish woman has died after playing what appeared to be a game of Russian roulette in western Sweden.

The 23-year-old man who provided the weapon was charged for manslaughter on Thursday.

The incident occurred in mid-March in an apartment in Flatås, Gothenburg, where emergency service workers found the 48-year-old woman seriously injured.

The 23-year-old man is believed to have brought out a gun during an evening of drinking, loaded it with one live round, put it against his head and pulled the trigger.

"He did it to himself. Then he put the weapon on the table", explained the man's lawyer Karl Sjölander.

The woman then put the gun to her head, pulled the trigger, and shot herself in the head. She died of her injuries later in hospital.

During police interrogations, the man claimed that he had gone to the bathroom when he heard a click, and then a shot, according to the Metro newspaper.

On Thursday, the man was charged on the suspicion of manslaughter and aggravated weapon crimes.

He denies the manslaughter charge but confessed to the weapon crimes and to narcotic crimes after police found cannabis in his home.

The man has been detained until the trial and is reportedly devastated by the turn of events, his lawyer said.

The lawyer added, however, that there was evidence to suggest the woman was already suicidal.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Taliban "Slim-Fast Diet" Allows French Hostage To Escape

Via France 24:

Pierre Borghi, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan in November last year and held captive for 131 days, escaped after losing 12 kilograms, allowing him to slip out of his chains and through a narrow window to freedom.

A Frenchman held hostage for more than four months in Afghanistan by suspected members of the Taliban has told how his malnourished state eventually allowed him to make an unlikely escape.

Pierre Borghi, a 29-year-old aid worker and photographer, was bundled into a car by four men as he walked through an area of Kabul popular with expats on the night of November 27.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro published on Thursday, Borghi, from Grenoble in southeast France, described how he was taken first to a house, where he enjoyed relative comfort and even established a cordial relationship with his guards, with whom he practised his Dari – the local language – and played card games.

However, after several days in the house, he was blindfolded and taken to a nearby barn, where his kidnappers - who Borghi believes to have been members of the Taliban - forced him into a hole dug out of the earth and closed with a wooden trap door.

This small hole would become Borghi’s home for the next three months.

The Frenchman was only allowed out to film occasional ransom videos with his kidnappers - not otherwise permitted to leave even to wash or go to the toilet, his ankles and wrists kept in chains.

Borghi survived on meager rations of a plate of rice and a piece of bread a day, losing 12kg of weight, and his physical condition grew worse as the winter arrived.

"The winter was long and cold, and I was hungry", said Borghi. "At the end, I was in really bad shape".

But Borghi’s malnourished state would turn out to work to his advantage, eventually allowing to him to make a break for freedom.

With his body weight reduced, Borghi found he was able to slip out of his now ill-fitting chains.

On the night of April 7, prompted by warnings from his kidnappers that negotiations for his release had stalled and that he was soon to be executed, Borghi made his way out of the hole and left the barn by squeezing through a narrow window.

"The Taliban’s Slim-Fast diet was my savior", he said in his interview with Le Figaro. "Without it, I would not have been able to fit through the window".

Despite the weakened state of his legs, which had been rendered immobile for several months, Borghi said he walked for "eight or nine hours" through the night, eventually arriving at an Afghan police base in the town of Maidan Shar, around 40 kilometers west of Kabul.

From there he was taken to the Afghan capital and eventually returned home to France on April 14, having spent a total of 131 days in captivity.

In an unlikely coincidence, Borghi found freedom on the same day as another French hostage being held in Afghanistan.

Charles Ballard, working in Kabul as the finance director for French charity ACTED, was kidnapped in broad daylight while being driven to work on January 27.

He was held hostage in a toilet for 71 days before being released, though he has declined to discuss details of how he came to be set free or who his captors may have been.

Speaking to the AFP news agency following his release, Ballard said he never knew Borghi, but that the two have since spoken on Facebook.

Backdoor Teen Mom Better Have Backdoor Sex

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape with James Deen is officially titled "Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom".

I wasn’t going to watch the tape because I prefer my porn stars who handled their teen pregnancies the way their exploitative boyfriends and stepdads taught them would be best for their onscreen vaginas.

However, like most chicks, I dig James Deen’s work. He’s cute and has a big shlong. If he wasn’t completely soiled in body and soul, I’d take him home to meet my parents.

Plus, the title of the sex tape intrigued me.

Backdoor means butt sex.

I like my porn filthy, if Farrah doesn’t let James stick it in her bum I don’t want to watch.

They better not just be luring us in with this "Backdoor Teen Mom" title only for Farrah to only let him sink the pink doggy style for five minutes while grunting and grimacing like a gorilla in labor.

James Deen knows how to work the booty hole, and this chick reportedly got almost $1 million for the tape.

If there’s no butt sex I’m suing Vivid for false advertising. And then crying.

"She's The Perfect Girlfriend": Mila Kunis Voted No. 1 On FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World List

Via Mail Online:

Gwyneth might be the most beautiful, but Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman in the world, according to FHM.

The actress – who is dating Ashton Kutcher - beat 99 other female celebrities from across the globe to top the 2013 poll, taking the crown from the Brits for the first time in four years.

In last year's list, Mila, 29, was placed at number 14, but after starring in Ted, Oz: The Great And Powerful, and Friends With Benefits, it's no surprise she's gone up to number one.

FHM 100 Sexiest Editor, Dan Jude said: 'Not only is [Mila] naturally stunning, but she has a great sense of humour and isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

Amanda Bynes Tweets Topless Photos, Police Visit Her House

Via Hollyscoop:

In case anyone was concerned about the condition of Amanda Bynes’s iPhone, it’s still working. It’s 100% charged. It’s got full reception, all bars.

It’s now tweeting topless photos.

Just yesterday, Amanda stripped down to her bra with two revealing Twitpics, but all roads were inevitably leading to this: more revealing Twitpics.

It’s like her selfies are gremlins. They started out cute and harmless, but then she got them wet, fed them after midnight, and this is the monstrous result: breasts, gnashing their teeth at bright lights.

"Rawr!" reads the caption, her hand over her left breast as she scrunches her face at the camera.

"Long hair don’t care", she writes in a second photo, her blond locks totally NOT CARING as they lay across her right boob.

Amanda’s been spending a lot of time in her bathroom these days—a green-tinged lit cube that looks straight out of a Saw movie—maybe she’s just trapped in there and crying for help?

That’s what former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson appeared to think.

He called the cops on her.

And everyone knew exactly when they arrived because Jenny McCarthy let everyone know exactly when on her Twitter account, writing:

"Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help".

No details regarding the circumstances of that outcome.

Who Wouldn’t Want Tremendous Amounts Of Sex?

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

This only confirms my forever suspicion that hockey players get more tail than any other people on the planet.

Local sports reporter Susannah Collins was probably flustered from having sex with three Blackhawks players just before her on-air word slip.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. But sometimes that cigar is your dick and you’re lighting it up nightly. If you’re a hockey player.

This kind of shit never happens to bloggers. Life continues to be unfair.

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Major Top-Butt

Via Hollyscoop:

In the latest issue of V magazine, Miley dives in with a racy photoshoot—we’re talking leather and Doc Martens and hair that looks like Play-Doh—where she flaunts all the usual suspects: cleavage, torso, under-boob, under-butt.

But just when you thought you had seen it all, a new very bare look from the songstress: revealing her butt crack.

What was once reserved for plumbers and that unfortunate person in line who’s just scrambling to remove their shoes while rushing through TSA at an airport has landed in the pages of a high fashion editorial, courtesy of Miley.

Infidelity Dating Site Ashley Madison Uses Mark Sanford In Ad

Via abc News:

Residents of Columbia, S.C., were greeted this week with a new billboard advertising a dating website for married people, which featured an image of former South Carolina governor and admitted philanderer Mark Sanford.

The ad, spread across two stacked billboards, reads, "Next time use… to find your 'running mate,'" made its debut Tuesday morning.

Emblazoned in the ad is an image of Sanford, who is attempting to revive his political career with a bid for South Carolina's vacant 1st Congressional District seat. A special election is set for May 7.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman told that the controversial ad, created by him and his internal team, is meant as social commentary.

He sees his campaign as a way to show that those who cheat on their spouses should not be made into pariahs.

"We are trying to get people to distinguish between capability, and what goes on in bedroom", Biderman said.

"There are few voices speaking on behalf of those who are unfaithful. Once we found out Sanford was back in business, that's the story we want to attach ourselves to. We believe careers shouldn't be lost because you choose not to sustain monogamy".

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Anne Vyalitsyna Is In GQ Mexico

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?

GQ Mexico apparently exists and I was surprised to know they don’t feature Selena Gomez on every cover.

They went with Victoria Secret model and girl who dumped Adam Levine, Anne Vyalitsyna, and truthfully I’m not that impressed.

Is she good looking? Sure, but do I want to ravage her? Again sure, but these pictures only sort of elicit impure thoughts of bondage and building hidden rooms in the basement, so they do nothing for me.

Call me crazy, call me gay, but my opinions dare to be different. And that’s the sexiest thing of all.