Thursday, February 27, 2014

Abolish Private Education: Nationalize All Schools

Via The Local:

Why Sweden's educational system has failed.

Sweden's decentralization of the primary educational system over two decades is considered to have "failed", a recent report presented to the Swedish government said, arousing heated debates in the election-year.

The decentralization of school system that started in the early 1990s is an "intervention" of the country's development from the politicians' side and it is a failure, said Leif Lewin, political scientist who led a government inquiry into the issue, was quoted as saying by Swedish television SVT.

The decentralization left all the responsibility for schools to the municipal governments, which lead to that "none of the municipalities, principals or the teachers completed the tasks", said Lewin.

According to the report of Lewin, direct consequences of the decentralization are the tumbled pupils' study results, equivalence and teachers' status, which has caused mistrust in the present educational system.

Concerning that, the consequences were reflected on the latest global Pisa education ranking published last year, when Sweden ranked below the OECD average of all 33 countries in mathematics, reading comprehension and natural sciences, the Swedish online daily the Local reported.

"The reform was too brutal", Lewin said.

"It was a mistake for the bourgeois government to remove the instruction instrument", Lewin added.

Lewin also supported Siren's opinion by stating that "regardless of who's in charge, the state's job is to support teachers' professional development".

Sweden should be a warning example for all countries for what happens when you allow private hospitals, private healthcare, and private schools.

The result is a complete disaster.

Then it's the end of the welfare state, when the citizens starts to get poorly educated, and sick, and miserable.

Hopefully, all private insurances concerning healthcare will be abolished, the money confiscated by the government, and the state will again regain total control over the health care and educational system in Sweden.

Private enterprises are good and welcome, but never when it comes to health care, education, and the energy sector.

National unity produces welfare for all and it leads to international solidarity, and also goes hand in hand with technological advancement.

The state education and nationalized health care system is what made Sweden great for all its citizens, and took the country in just one century from being Europe's poorest to becoming the richest country in Europe.

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