Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Damning Evidence – Baal Has Returned!

Via Before It's News:

BAAL, the Ancient God of Weather–HAARP, Project Blue Beam, Mind Control–Is Here!

The Canaanites believed Baal was the god that controlled the rain and sun, that is why Elijah’s challenge had to do with rain.

By declaring that there would be no rain until he said so, he was proving to them that it was the Most High God that was the God of the rain and not Baal.

Satan is the master manipulator; the father of lies and the master of illusion.

He always perverts everything God has done and uses it for evil.

The harp was always associated with worshiping God, but the harp was introduced into BAAL worship in ancient times.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is responsible for creating and manipulating weather, project blue beam, mind control, and much more.

Researcher Mike Hagan has found startling evidence HAARP may be more insidious than most investigators think.

Hagan discovered incredible evidence that, while the masters of HAARP may be doing everything investigators suspect, they’ve also embarked on a mind-boggling project designed to power-up and control the unknown ancient powers locked inside some of the world’s greatest pyramids…a tremendous power that could enable the controllers of advanced Tesla technology to reach out, grab the world by its collective throat, and shake it into submission.

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