Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pam Anderson Strips For Her Dog


Pamela Anderson will do anything to make life better for our animal friends.

Now that she’s chopped off her hair and reduced the size of her tits, removing two of her two most popular features, she can focus more thoroughly on her profound causes.

Like saving critters from the horrors of their assigned place in the ecosystem.

To help promote her cause, Pam made a Valentine’s video that strongly suggests she’s having sex with her dog.

I could be reading into it, but I’m pretty sure Monsieur Brando is about to get his doggy dick into a little Canadian trim.

I don’t know if Pam’s new husband, the unemployed poker player who banged Paris Hilton in her sex tape, is going to approve. He seems pretty traditional.

But it’s all for a righteous cause. Save the lab rats. By fucking dogs. I get it. Good on you, Pam Anderson.

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