Friday, February 14, 2014

The American Dream Is Dead


The U.S. worked hard to create the American dream of opportunity.

But today, that dream is a myth.

Pessimism, pessimism, and more pessimism.

It's like the whole country is on the brink of despair.

What's really going on can be summed up in one word: Frustration.

People are frustrated with the government, frustrated with their jobs, frustrated with their shitty, stagnant wages, frustrated with their droopy incomes, frustrated with their ripoff health care, frustrated with living paycheck to paycheck, frustrated with their measly cat-food retirement plan, frustrated with their dissembling, flannel-mouth president, frustrated with the fact that their kids can't find jobs, and frustrated with the prevaricating U.S. media that keeps palavering about that delusional chimera called the American Dream.

The quality of the public sector will in the end always be reflected on the quality of the private sector.

In America school is not free, health care is not free, and public transportations are not free.

But it is excellent for society to not have any taxes on private fortunes and inheritances.

Massive immigration is good when a country both can attract the richest and the poorest from other countries in the world.

But it is always wrong with private health care, private schools, and private public transportations.

The same is true with private telephone, energy, and security companies.

They are basic things a rich nation should put under centralistic state control and which should be paid for by income taxes.

Then there will be jobs for all.

Otherwise a nation risks to become a people of cheaters and racketeers with all kinds of misfortunes and frustrations along the the road.

The quality of the public sector will always sooner or later be reflected in the quality of the private sector.

Some sectors of society should of course be private without any government interference.

But others dealing with basic human needs must always be dictated by the central government in a stable and modern welfare state.

When students at schools and universities, patients at hospitals, and passengers on buses and trains, just are treated as commodities for private profit, something has gone very wrong.

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