Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Boeing: Anti-Gravity Propulsion Comes "Out Of The Closet"

Via Disclose.tv:

Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, has admitted it is working on experimental anti-gravity projects that could overturn a century of conventional aerospace propulsion technology if the science underpinning them can be engineered into hardware.

As part of the effort, which is being run out of Boeing’s Phantom Works advanced research and development facility in Seattle, the company is trying to solicit the services of a Russian scientist who claims he has developed anti-gravity devices in Russia and Finland.

The approach, however, has been thwarted by Russian officials.

The Boeing drive to develop a collaborative relationship with the scientist in question, Dr Evgeny Podkletnov, has its own internal project name: ‘GRASP’ — Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion.

A GRASP briefing document obtained by JDW sets out what Boeing believes to be at stake. "If gravity modification is real", it says, "it will alter the entire aerospace business".

It is also apparent that Podkletnov’s work could be engineered into a radical new weapon.

Although he was vilified by traditionalists who claimed that gravity-shielding was impossible under the known laws of physics, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) attempted to replicate his work in the mid-1990s.

Because NASA lacked Podkletnov’s unique formula for the work, the attempt failed.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama will shortly conduct a second set of experiments using apparatus built to Podkletnov’s specifications.

Boeing recently approached Podkletnov directly, but promptly fell foul of Russian technology transfer controls (Moscow wants to stem the exodus of Russian high technology to the West).

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