Saturday, March 01, 2014

Swede Becomes YouTube Star After Saving Duck

Via The Local:

On a grey and rainy day in eastern Sweden, Kenth Rehn, 38, leapt into ice-cold water and saved a duck that was caught on a fishing hook.

Local fishermen in Norrköping had accidentally snagged the wild bird and realized they either had to cut the line and hope for the best or swim out to save the duck.

Rehn, who was passing by, didn't hesitate to make the choice and took matters into his own hands.

"Next time it could be a person in distress... so I figured it's best to be prepared. I took all my clothes besides my underwear and jumped in".

Describing himself as a friend to the animals, the 38-year-old swam out about 20 meters to the duck and then brought it back to safety.

On the shore, the fisherman untangled the bird's wing, cut out the hook, and released the duck, which flew away.

Rehn estimated the water was about 5C, adding that it was "bloody horrible" weather at the time.

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