Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 European Elections: Vote For Vänsterpartiet

At tomorrows EU elections Malin Björk, who represents Swedish leftwing Vänsterpartiet is a clear voice for better and more decent conditions.

Labor laws and trade union rights should not be subordinated to the EU economic freedoms.

The current EU policy is particularly hitting women hard.

Vänsterpartiet fights against labor market discriminations and argues that everyone should be entitled to the pay and conditions that apply in the country where they work.

Fair conditions must take precedence over greed.

Vänsterpartiet is the political party which best defends the workers, labor laws, and trade unions. Both in Sweden and in the EU.

The care for the poor and the rising inequalities are important questions that must be tackled.

Vote Vänsterpartiet tomorrow for success and progress!

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