Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Godzilla" Goes On Box-Office Rampage, Has Shot At 2014's Biggest Opening

Via The Wrap:

"Godzilla" has turned into a box-office behemoth.

The remake of the classic monster movie, a co-production of Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., thundered to a $38.5 million opening day Friday — the biggest of any movie this year — and it could post 2014's biggest box-office opening this weekend.

Its first-day total topped that of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", which had a $36.9 million Friday and wound up at $95 million in April. And "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" came in with $91 million earlier this month, after a $35.1 million first day, so "Godzilla" had a solid shot at beating those two.

Word of mouth will be the key for the effects-laden $160 million sci-fi saga, which smashed past the expectations of analysts, who had projected an opening in the $70 million range.

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