Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Man Waterboarded After Botched Renovation

Via The Local:

Two Stockholm men faced court on Tuesday after they allegedly kidnapped and tortured a man hired to help renovate a bathroom.

A young home-owner in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, enlisted builders to renovate his bathroom.

His anger at what he considered an unacceptable renovation got the better of him, however, leading him to kidnap the 31-year-old man who acted on behalf of the two builders.

The victim said he was choked until he passed out in the bathroom.

When he woke up, he said he was being water-boarded, a torture technique that simulates drowning.

The man told police he was convinced he would die.

The home-owner then locked him up in the trunk of his own car, drove him away, and dumped him in the nearby town of Södertälje.

They are now accused of kidnapping and aggravated assault.

While the suspect offered an alternative version of events, prosecutor Lizzie Österlund told the local Mitti newspaper that evidence supported the victim's tale.

"You can see the injuries where he was tied up, just like he said, and they found blood in the house", she said.

"When he was set free he immediately called the police, who found severed cable ties nearby".

The two suspects said the renovation was delayed, poorly done, and that the 31-year-old pocketed a huge chunk of the builders' fees.

They called the case against them "a joke".

The two men have denied the kidnapping charge, but admitted an altercation had taken place, which explained the traces of blood.

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