Sunday, May 18, 2014

STHLM Tech Meetup: "Stockholm Is Simply The Fastest Growing Tech Scene Anywhere In 2014"

Via The Swedish Wire:

When American tech rabble rouser Tyler Crowley moved to Stockholm last year, the city's vibrant tech startup scene gained yet more impetus.

As the organizer of STHLM Tech Meetup he joins together "geeks, hackers and entrepreneurs" with the purpose of building bridges to other startup communities around the world.

According to him, Stockholm is the place to be right now.

"Stockholm is simply the fastest growing tech scene anywhere in 2014", he says.

"As the internet moves to mobile it also moved towards clean, simple and good design. These are both things where Sweden is a world leader, so it's no coincidence that Stockholm is becoming the next hot spot".

Special guests are invited to each meetup to speak and answer questions, discuss company pitches, share announcements that impact the community, and introduce potential initiatives that might help further push Stockholm's startup community. Normally, the events are packed.

The event on 15 April focused on tech journalism, with representatives from the country´s largest business and daily newspapers in attendance.

The aim was to find out why some startups get media attention and others don't and how to best get journalists interested in new enterprises.

"I'm happy with the April 15 event", Crowley says. "It was surprising to see the journalists argue and debate each other in a spirited way".

On 20 May, participants get the opportunity to meet Schibsted Growth, one of the biggest startup investors, as well as some of the companies they’ve invested in.

The invitation had a particular focus on encouraging women who are raising money for tech startups to attend.

"My expectations for May 20 are no different than usual – an informative, inspiring and entertaining mix of interviews, announcements and networking", Crowley said.

Can you see any specific trends, or areas that attracted more or less interest?

"Developing hardware is becoming affordable, and as crowd funding platforms become mainstream this is enabling a new renaissance of garage based hardware developers", Crowley says.

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