Monday, June 16, 2014

“We Are At The Very, Very End”: Greg Hunter And Gregory Mannarino

Via Before It's News:

Gregory Mannarino joins Greg Hunter to talk about war and negative interest rates and Mannarino tells us how we know that "we are at the very, very end of this entire thing".

With the proposition of war keeping the US dollar propped up and the European central banks offering up negative interest rates out of desperation, a move sure to be followed soon by an outrageous move by the Fed, we see that time is running out for this system, the party is over.

Financial analyst and trader, Gregory Mannarino says the new Iraq crisis is no accident.

Mannarino says, “They are letting this happen on purpose. . . . We have an economy that needs to borrow cash into existence.

It is built upon the acquisition of debt–period.

This cash needs to be borrowed into existence and then dispersed.

They don’t even care where it goes.

If this mechanism becomes impeded in any way, the whole thing will collapse.

We do not have a wealth based economic model.

We have a debt based economic model. . . . The United States of America has been involved in more military conflicts than every other nation combined, multiple folds, why?

It’s the mechanism, the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency, needs to be borrowed into existence and then spent.

So, the propagation of war is paramount with this type of an economic model".

Mannarino thinks, “I believe they allowed this thing to develop and this whole thing to come apart because this is part of the scheme to keep the whole thing propped up".

Mannarino goes on to say, “This is how we know we are at the very, very end of this entire thing.

The European Central Bank is making the most desperate move possible with negative interest rates.

The Federal Reserve will be following suit with something else, and I don’t know what, and we have the propagation of war to keep the dollar propped up. That is what this is. . . . But it won’t last".

Massive fraud has been keeping the system propped up since "the party over moment" of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Mannarino says, “It is so evident, the amount of fraud across the board is epic. We have never seen anything like this before.

It wasn’t this bad during the credit derivative bubble that devastated the global economy, and it has gotten worse.

Their goal is to prop things up, and they don’t care what reality is.

Forget about the last credit derivative bubble, it is much, much worse now.

This is distortion being created by the world’s central banks on purpose. That one metric is allowing fraud to bleed across every asset class".

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