Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ten Injured At Malmö Anti-Nazi Demonstration

Via The Local:

A planned manifestation against the neo-Nazi Party of the Swedes spiralled out of control on Saturday in Malmö as police and protesters clashed leading to several injuries.

Ten people were taken to hospital, five with serious injuries with one of them requiring treatment in the emergency room.

Police arrested six people and took scores more into custody.

An estimated 1.500 people gathered in Limhamn square to protest against a planned appearance by the leader of the Svenskarnas parti (party of the Swedes) who was due to make a speech.

Even before the party leader, Stefan Jacobsson, showed up there were signs of potential trouble as counter protesters threw smoke bombs and fire crackers.

Chaos ensued when Jacobsson began speaking as his words were drowned out by protesters chanting "No Nazis on our streets".

He did manage to complete his speech after which there were clashes between demonstrators and the police.

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