Thursday, September 25, 2014

“It’s All Over” Warning Went Out – Chilling Sound Heard – “No Way To Prevent Utter Catastrophe”

Via Before It's News:

Leader of Fukushima plant "started staggering… mumbling 'It’s all over' ", before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official "bursts into tears" at meeting — No way to prevent "utter catastrophe" — "Chilling" sound soon heard, "gaping hole" in reactor suspected.

Kyodo News (Part 10), Sep 23, 2014: A [Tepco] senior official broke down and wept in the Prime Minister’s office when the utility felt it had exhausted all options to prevent an utter catastroph...bursting into tear.

Testimony reveals odd behavior just before "chilling sound" and pressure dropping to zero at Unit 2: Early on March 15, silence engulfed the emergency response office as the point of no return neared. Yoshida stood up and started staggering around, mumbling to himself, "It’s all over".

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