Monday, September 22, 2014

Sweden: Budget Headache For New Coalition Partners

Via The Local:

The Social Democrats have been holding talks with the Green party to try and agree on a future coalition budget.

But questions remain over how they will work together on issues including defense and nuclear power.

The actual result of the Swedish elections were unfortunately that no coalition won the elections with 50% of the votes or more.

The most decent thing would be to declare new elections, because this present situation will cost too much for the people.

The politicians must have enough courage to go back to the people and ask it for a new and clear result.

In my opinion the Social Democrats made a mistake not inviting the Left Party to government.

But on the other side the Left Party can now press harder and independently for socialism, reforms, and progress.

Sweden clearly needs more centralization, socialism, and growth.

The poor are getting poorer and the homeless in Sweden are in a desperate situation.

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