Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweden Democrats Reject EU-Ukraine Pact

Via The Local:

The European Parliament has backed an 'historic' agreement to allow closer trade between the EU and Ukraine, but the nationalist Sweden Democrats were among those trying to block the deal on Tuesday.

The EU-Ukraine Association agreement, which was strongly criticized by Russia, is designed to deepen political and economic integration between the EU and Ukraine by allowing free trade across borders.

The aim of this free trade agreement is of course only to undermine Russia and to take over parts of the former Soviet Union to EU and NATO.

Sweden Democrat Peter Lundgren said: "Since we are a Eurosceptic party, we don't want to increase the European Union, because our citizens are paying for that without their direct permission".

"The European Union is aggravating an already sensitive situation", he added.

That might be the only point we leftists agree with the Sweden Democrats.

Both political parties want Sweden to leave the European Union.

However, I think personally that what Sweden best needs is a close military and political alliance and cooperation with Russia.

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