Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweden's New Coalition Government Announced

Via The Local:

Incoming Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has announced that Sweden's new government will be made up of his Social Democrat Party and the Greens.

Löfven told Parliament's Speaker on Friday that Sweden will be governed by a Red-Green coalition.

Between them, the Social Democrats and the Greens won the support of 38 percent of Sweden's voters in Sweden's elections on September 14.

Before formally taking over as Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven must first be elected in Parliament and this not expected to take place before next Thursday.

His next task is to try and push through a new budget.

To ensure budget approval, Löfven must convince the Left Party to back him, despite his decision to exclude them from government and ongoing disagreements over profits in the welfare sector.

The Left wants to stop private companies working with schools and hospitals from making profits.

Neither the Social Democrats nor the Greens want an outright ban, although both have backed tougher regulation of businesses working with the public sector.

The leader of the Left Party Jonas Sjöstedt said on Friday that negotiations between his politicians and the Social Democrats were continuing.

Li-Bennich Björkman, a Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University in eastern Sweden, told The Local that Löfven's rejection of the Left Party as a formal coalition partner may come back to bite him.

"I think it was a major mistake to not include the Left Party, because you can see that it was a huge disappointment to them, so much so that it could create difficulties in the future", she said.

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