Monday, September 29, 2014

Swedish Model In Hiding After UK Politician Sting

Via The Local:

A Swedish model whose photo was used in a British tabloid newspaper sting without her permission has described the incident as "something terrible".

A picture of Malin Sahlén, 22, was used by the Sunday Mirror newspaper, on a fake Twitter account, purporting to belong to Sophie Wittams, a communications officer for the ruling Conservative Party in the UK.

But Sophie Wittams doesn't exist.

The person using the account was actually a male freelance reporter who allegedly took Malin Sahlén's photo from Instagram.

The journalist sent messages to a British minister, Brooks Newmark, 56, who resigned over the weekend after his lewd replies to her became public.

"Just wanted to inform all my readers that something terrible happened to me today", Malin Sahlén posted on her blog on Sunday night.

"Right now, I feel very confused and don't understand what's happened. I can blog about it another day, but right now, I don't have the energy to explain".

The model told the Aftonbladet newspaper: "I am shocked and it is unpleasant anyone used the picture without permission".

The fake Twitter account has since been deactivated but messages revealed in the British media suggest that Brooks Newark asked 'Sophie' to send him a photo "without hands in the way and with legs spread apart".

According to the Sunday Mirror, Newmark also wrote: "I will send you something in return".

The scandal broke as the Conservative Party began its annual conference and the British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that it was "not an ideal start" to the event.

Sahlén has proved hard to reach since the scandal broke.

When The Local tried to talk to her, neighbor Håkan Askdal said the woman had previously rented a room from him and his wife but that she had moved "a few weeks ago" to another part of Stockholm. The couple live in the apartment with their young child.

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