Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Christians Should Vote Communist

Jesus Christ is really the perfect manifestation of a good and solid communist.

Many Christians stay home on election day, or don't know who to vote for.

Is it then any wonder we have governments all over the world we are unhappy with?

If a flock stumbles into the ditch, you don’t blame the sheep. You blame the shepherd.

We should blame the five Christian Orthodox Patriarchs (in Constantinople, Alexandria, Antiochia, Jerusalem, and Rome) to not enough promote and support worldwide communism.

But when the challenges become great on God's people, it will rise to the occasion.

The threats are great and many against humanity.

Yet, I’m convinced God is not done with His people.

Jesus Christ compels Christians to support communism as the ideal social system.

The Bible indicates that the first Christians, including the Apostles, established their own small communist society - the first communist society - in the years following Jesus' death and resurrection.

Communism is then indeed the ideology taught by Jesus Christ - Himself Lord and God - and indeed communism was practiced by the Apostles themselves.

The Church is indeed an important pillar in replacing capitalism with socialism.

Now the communist social order and philosophy can already be derived from and found in ancient Egypt.

We all have to go back to basics and embrace communism, and then all pieces fall together in blessings, harmony, and victory.

Alexander the Great - a mighty Prophet of the Muslims - was hailed as Savior and Liberator of Egypt, and was the people's choice and legitimate heir and a role model.

Anointed as Pharaoh in Memphis on 14 November 332 BC, when Alexander the Great was crowned with the double crown of the Two Lands, it was the climactic moment when the high priest named him 'son of the gods' according to traditions dating back almost 3.000 years.

Here we have the picture of the future of the modern welfare state.

All in the Party/State. No salvation outside the Party/State.

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