Monday, November 10, 2014

Obama Orders "Mental-Health" Testing For Schoolkids

Via WND:

Jane Robbins, senior fellow at the American Principles Project in Washington, D.C., said: "Never let a good crisis (a school shooting) go to waste, right?. This appears to be part of the broader goal of focusing education less on academic knowledge and more on students’ feelings, mindsets, attitudes, etc. — so-called social and emotional learning (SEL)".

"This is much worse than most people believe", Anita Hoge, an education consultant and expert on the student assessment industry said in an email.

"First of all, schools will apply for partial hospitalization licenses so they can bill Medicaid for wrap-around mental health services".

Minnesota was one of the first states to jump headlong into the psychological training and testing of kids.

"Under five-year grant contracts with the department, 36 mental health organizations will provide school-linked mental health services to approximately 35.000 students in more than 800 schools across 257 school districts and 82 counties by 2018", according to a release by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

"More than half of those students will receive mental health services for the first time".

Myself, I don't believe there is basically anything wrong with American kids.

American kids are smart and have just adapted maybe a little too well to the American traditions and way of life.

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