Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweden To Scrap Planned 2015 Election

Via The Local:

Sweden's government has abandoned plans to run a snap election in 2015 after crisis talks between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Alliance parties, which has been dubbed the "December agreement".

"We who are here are prepared to take responsibility for how Sweden is to be governed. Constructive talks have taken place in the last few days", Löfven told reporters at a 10:30 press conference held in Stockholm.

He added that the arrangement has been called the "December agreement" and its goal is to ensure that a minority government can govern.

Swedish daily Expressen leaked the story early on Saturday morning citing multiple sources within the government.

At the press conference Löfven was flanked by the party leaders of the Greens, Moderates, Center Party, Liberal Party, and the Christian Democrats.

Neither the Left Party or the Sweden Democrats were present.

"With this agreement the government will not be making any decision about an extra election, it is simply not of the immediate interest", said Löfven.

The "December agreement" which will last until 2022 means that the the biggest coalition in government will be able to able to get their budget passed and rule, even if they have a narrow majority.

"It's the politics which should be in focus, not questions of its form, and this agreement makes this possible", said Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund.

Earlier this month Löfven had called early elections after the Sweden Democrats torpedoed his fledgeling government's budget by opposing it in parliament.

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