Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WTH! Revelation 18:2 Just Happened?

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Sweden Allows Limited New Year Wolf Culls

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Swedish courts on Wednesday authorised the culling of 14 wolves pending a top court's decision on the legality of hunting an animal protected under European law.

The legal uncertainty surrounding wolf hunting will last until the Supreme Administrative Court definitively settles the issue, although a date for a ruling has not yet been set.

The temporary ruling allows for the killing of 14 wolves in two regions in the hunting season running from January 2nd to February 15th, far fewer than the 46 animals in five regions originally planned.

Sweden's Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the wolf population stands at just over 400, and recommends it be kept at that level through regulated hunting, or culling.

Hunters have complained that wolves have been decimating the stocks of other game and menacing hunting dogs in rural parts of the country.

They also say that many of the wolves they killed had been in good health, which shows that the species, considered extinct in the 1970s, has made a good recovery in Sweden.

The back-and-forth battle saw Sweden resume wolf hunting in 2010 and 2011, leading to a protest by the European Commission over the country's hunting quota policy.

For the 2016 season, three parallel proceedings were launched, with various rulings from different courts, some of which opted to ban hunts earlier this week.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What Did Nostradamus Predict For 2016?

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What Did Nostradamus Predict For 2016? NOSTRADAMUS, the most famous astrologer who ever lived, was born in France in 1503 and published his barely scrutable collection of prophecies, The Centuries, in 1555. Each four-line verse (or “quatrain”) purported to foretell world events far into the future, and ever since Nostradamus’ time devotees have claimed his work accurately predicted wars, natural disasters and the rise and fall of empires. If the aftermaths of past world catastrophes are any indication, we can expect to see a bumper crop of arcane tracts in the coming weeks and months purporting to show beyond a doubt that Nostradamus foresaw the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of September 11, 2001. In fact, thanks to the efforts of anonymous Internet pranksters, the he-told-you-sos have already begun. “Spooky” quatrains allegedly foretelling the events of 9/11 with incredible specificity were circulating online within hours of the first jetliner crash in New York City — completely bogus quatrains, as it turned out. It wasn’t a question of whether or not they accurately predicted anything; Nostradamus simply didn’t write them.

We are about to say goodbye to the year of 2015, so many spiritual believers begin searching for the Nostradamus future predictions for 2016. If it is your case and you have the strong interest in Psychic Nostradamus’s wisdom, go on reading his prophecies regarding the possible occurrences in the future of 2016! The precious insights derived from the historic Psychic’s forecasts definitely boost the spiritual growth in the divine boundary.

The predictions for 2016 are already starting to come in hot now that the New Year’s Day is almost upon us. So far, the 2016 predictions are looking fairly interesting. While World War 3 fears have become common due to saber rattling by China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, some people are combining the 2016 Nostradamus predictions with Bible prophecies related to Jesus and the Antichrist’s end times. Throw a giant asteroid into the WW III mix, and these 2016 conspiracy theories are certain to be a blast.

#The disappearance of language differences may occur in 2015 thanks to the presence of the universal translating machine. He predicted that this great development may soon lead to the end of nations with “new engine” in the world.

#The resurrection of the dead is also foretold. According to Nostradamus, “the buried dead shall come out of their graves”. Such the chilling prediction inspires the great dread to the living since we’re all scared of the dead (also called as zombies). Since there will be no more room in hell, the dead is predicted to resurrect. Do you believe in such the prophecy? Only time can answer it!

#The Collapse of the World Economy is predicted with the statement “the rich shall die many times over”.

#Mount Vesuvius will go under the major eruption. The massive event may happen in late 2015 or early 2016. If the eruption occurs in the daylight, it will be the worse events affecting the regions around in darkness. Meanwhile, earthquake may appear every 5 or 10 minutes before the deadly lava and ash flow starts.

#Humans will live over 200 years old. With the remarkable advances in medicine, the average life-span of humans is increased to 200 years. Along with that, the 80-year-old guy may look just like the 50-year-old gentleman. That was what the French seers foresaw!

#Western USA will suffer the major earthquake. Mount St. Helen may have the major volcanic eruption happening in May 2015, possibly. Even worse, the events may turn to be the superb volcanic eruption with the beginning of an earthquake.

#Humans will learn to communicate with animals. The big advances in the science of telepathy and animal communication skills will enable humans to talk to the pets and farm animals as well. Nostradamus wrote that “The hog will become brother to man”.

#The Western world will abolish all kinds of taxes. With the large revolt, the taxation will be ended for the expected freedom.

Monday, December 28, 2015

How The Vatican Created Islam, By Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera

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Alberto Rivera was a jesuit priest until he renounced and told what he knew from his years as a priest in the Society of Jesus that included access to the secret Vatican libraries.

For this he was assassinated, as other former Jesuit priests have been poisoned.

Here he discloses how the Vatican created the Islamic religion to destroy Jerusalem and Jews.

“The great counterfeit religion was Roman Catholicism, called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth’- Revelation 17:5. She was raised up to block the gospel, slaughter the believers in Christ, establish religions, create wars and make the nations drunk with the wine of her fornication as we will see. “The Vatican wanted to create a messiah for the Arabs, someone they could raise up as a great leader, a man with charisma whom they could train, and eventually unite all the non-Catholic Arabs behind him, creating a mighty army that would ultimately capture Jerusalem for the pope.The pope moved quickly and issued bulls granting the Arab generals permission to invade and conquer the nations of North Africa. The Vatican helped to finance the building of these massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors:

1. Eliminate the Jews and Christians (true believers, which they called infidels).

2. Protect the Augustinian Monks and Roman Catholics.

3. Conquer Jerusalem for “His Holiness” in the Vatican.

As time went by, the power of Islam became tremendous – Jews and true Christians were slaughtered, and Jerusalem fell into their hands. Roman Catholics were never attacked, nor were their shrines, during this time. But when the pope asked for Jerusalem, he was surprised at their denial! The Arab generals had such military success that they could not be intimidated by the pope – nothing could stand in the way of their own plan.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sweden's Christmas Goat Burned Down

Via The Local:

The Gävle goat has has once again been set ablaze by Yuletide arsonists, with one suspected perpetrator spending the night sobering up in a cell after being seized by police.

The fire marks the 34th time the gigantic Christmas goat or 'Julbocken' has been burned down since it was first erected in Slottstorget square in the city of Gävle, central Sweden, in 1966.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after 3am on Sunday morning, after a burning smell was reported wafting over the town center. A heavily intoxicated man in his twenties was arrested shortly afterwards close to the flaming structure.

“The suspect was carrying newspapers and lighters and was wearing a balaclava”, Peter Hultqvist, an office with the local police, told Expressen. “He was drunk and smelled of petrol”.

Video shot at the scene shows that the man's clothes caught fire when the petrol with which he had doused the animal was ignited in a fireball.

According to the police, the man, who on Sunday morning remained too drunk for questioning, had singed hair and soot covering much of his face at the time he was arrested.

Police are on the hunt for an accomplice, who remains on the loose.

By 4am, when the fire was finally extinguished, the goat had been completely destroyed.

The goat, which has nearly 9.000 followers on Twitter, issued a farewell Tweet on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims that any type of cancer can be cured in just 2 to 6 weeks.

And there are some types of cancer, that if treated with the right treatment can be healed in a few minutes. He says that positivity and hopefulness really helps in the healing process.

The healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry earn millions and millions of dollars through the cancer industry. This situation makes legislators legislate laws that will kill us. Or they will make you sick, and the laws that are supposed to protect us will not allow the right treatment for this deadly disease. They will make you sick and make the disease even worse with the poisonous and harsh “medical” treatments.

First of all, Dr. Coldwell says that we need to eat more vegetables. This type of diet gives the body lots of oxygen. And if we add calcium and other alkalizing foods we will alkalize our bodies. This is very important for all cancer patients because the progress of cancer stop when the body is alkalized.

Other important thing you should know is that our body has to achieve what is called a therapeutic Ph level. pH has 14 levels from 0 to 14. The lower values are the acidic region and the higher values are the alkaline region. The median neutral level is Ph 7. When the body reaches pH 7 it’s alkaline. A level of 7.36 is very good, but when it comes to treatment, a pH of around 7.5 or higher should be present.

Dr. Coldwell claims that the “intravenous” injection of Vitamin C is very helpful. 100 cc every day, 3 times a week or less will give more than amazing results. Believe it or not, the cancer disappears in a few days after the Vitamin C injection.

Other thing you should do is eliminate hypoxia. Dr. Martin, Dr. Coldwell’s friend offers a great solution for this – an oxygen therapy which involves several steps. In this method, blood is taken out, it’s enriched with pure oxygen and then re-injected into the body 12 times. When the blood is taken out of the body has a shade black color. But with this therapy, the blood that is re-injected has a shade of beautiful pink, like the blood of newborn baby. It’s completely fresh. This treatment fills the body with energy.

Dr. Coldwell says that you need to eat foods, which have high amount of Vitamin C, such as: chili peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons. But, Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that has healing powers. We can add Vitamin E to this category as well. Vitamin E is extremely helpful with blood pressure. When it’s treated quickly and effectively in any form, Vitamin E has shown that I can produce stunning results. But, the best source of Vitamin E should be a natural source, and not the artificially produced ones. A study done with artificial produced Vitamin E has shown that it was ineffective.

Remember, chemicals won’t help you with cancer. The nature is the one that brings all these illnesses and the nature again will come to the rescue. We all know that cancer didn’t exist 100 years ago and there are no reasons to exist now. We have caused this serious problem by ourselves. As we said before, the best and the most effective way to get rid of cancer is to consume fresh organic vegetables and other fresh raw foods.

Other important thing, according to Dr. Coldwell is to drink 4 liters of water with ½ teaspoon of sea salt every day – unless you suffer from any type of kidney problem. If you think that excessive amounts of salt can lead to high blood pressure, Dr. Coldwell says not to worry. He says that even though we thought high amounts of salt is bad, the truth is actually the opposite. In fact, salt is essential. Lack of salt can create problems in your blood. Dr. Coldwell says that the electrical signal transmit only if the required amount of salt is present in our body.

The real problem is with the table salt we all consume. The table salt we all consume contains only a third of actual salt. It contains 1/3 of glass and 1/3 of sand. This can cause some serious problems for our bodies. The sand and the glass irritate the blood vessels and they start bleeding. Then cholesterol clogs up to protect the blood vessels. Now you will think that high cholesterol can cause high blood pressure, right? But you are wrong again. This is not true, because you can’t die from excessive cholesterol. But you can have some serious problems if you have deficiency in cholesterol. Some people have had cholesterol as high as 60 and haven’t had any illness in their life.

To be honest, I have never heard about this before. We all know that there is good and bad cholesterol, or the so called HDL and LDL cholesterol. But, Dr. Coldwell disagrees and says that it’s not cholesterol. He says that they are proteins that move cholesterol. Everything we thought we knew about this is completely wrong. But, how the doctors who say these things can be wrong too? For this we have Dr. Neal’s opinion. Dr. Gray Neal says that according to the statistics the doctors have the shortest life span – they live 56 years, they suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as has the highest rate of suicides – it is higher only with psychiatrist – and yet we go to ask them how to live longer, happier and healthier life. I believe that you should change your opinion.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Migrant Crisis: Sweden Operators Cancel Trains On Longest Road-Rail Bridge In Europe

Sweden's state-owned train operator SJ is to stop services to and from Denmark because it cannot carry out identity checks demanded by the government to stem the influx of refugees.

Under a new Swedish law, transport companies will be fined if travelers to Sweden do not have valid photo ID.

SJ said it would not have time to check people traveling between Copenhagen and Malmö over the Öresund bridge.

Sweden has received about 150.000 asylum applications already this year.

The government has secured a temporary exemption from the European Union's open-border Schengen agreement, in order to impose border controls.

About 18.000 people commute to work daily across the bridge, Radio Sweden reports.

SJ said all services between Denmark and Sweden would be suspended from 4 January when the new law comes into force.

"Our planning of the introduction of ID border checks in Copenhagen before the departure of SJ trains bound for Sweden has shown that we are currently unable to carry out ID checks in accordance with the requirements of the new law in the amount of time allowed", the operator said on its website.

It added it had chosen to "cancel its departures until there is a working solution in place".

Skånetrafiken, the Swedish operator of the Öresund commuter trains between the two countries, announced on Tuesday that in the new year all its routes from Denmark will begin at Copenhagen airport, the final stop on the Danish side of the border.

It means travelers wanting to go from the center of Copenhagen to Sweden will have to use connecting public transport to the airport where they will change to a train crossing the bridge.

The checks will be carried out at the airport by Danish operator DSB, which will outline how they are going to work in practice at some point over the Christmas holidays, said Skånetrafiken.

But according to regional newspaper Sydsvenskan a "wall-like fence" is set to be built at the airport's railway station separating the platforms for Sweden-bound and Denmark-bound trains to prevent travelers from crossing the tracks to avoid controls.

Rush-hour trains going in the other direction from Sweden to Denmark – which are not directly affected by the ID checks – will only run every 20 minutes, as opposed to today's every 10 minutes.

“In rush-hour fewer trains will cross the bridge, and it will get crowded at certain times”, Skånetrafiken press secretary Joakim Borgudd told the TT newswire.

One million migrants have arrived in Europe by land or sea in 2015, the International Organisation for Migration says.

Along with Germany, Sweden is one of the main destinations of choice - with over 150.000 applying for asylum in 2015.

In contrast, Denmark expects to receive about 20.000 asylum seekers this year.

Last week a Danish government proposal to seize asylum seekers' valuables to make them pay for their stay drew sharp criticizm.

Satanists Perform Nation’s First State Sanctioned Ceremony

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On December 19, 2015, the Satanic Temple of Detroit held a ceremony on the steps of the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, making it their first ever State Sanction Satanic ceremony.

This will literally send chills down your spine as the Satanists themselves hail Satan, raise their blackened American flags, and vow to bring their Satanic practices into schools, businesses, and even on up to the White House. We truly are living in the last days....

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Illuminati In The Industry 2016: A New Warning From Hollywood...

Via Before It's News:

In the video above YouTube sensation Jason A believes he may have uncovered the Illuminati’s shocking plans for the year 2016. He uses the satanic infiltration of the entertainment industry as his jumping point and uncovers numerous hidden messages...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings

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Top officials of the Chinese Space Program have expressed their feelings that the American moon landings “were a complete hoax” reports the Beijing Daily Express.

200 high-ranking officials from the Chinese Space Program have signed a petition asking explanations from the American government and the release of classified NASA information concerning the American moon landings that would prove to the World that the moon landings were not an elaborately orchestrated hoax to fool the World about America’s space program capabilities.

These allegations have come up through recent analysis of pictures taken from the Chinese moon rover that allegedly found no traces of the American moon landings existing on the moon.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Secret Government Program Used Telepathy To Contact Aliens


Military-trained psychic spies were able to view non-humans on Earth and elsewhere through remote viewing, argued Jim Marrs at this year’s Secret Space Program conference in Bastrop, Texas.

Jim Marrs is a former newspaper journalist who has written for a myriad of news outlets, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He is perhaps best known for his 1989 book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy , which reached the New York Times paperback non-fiction best seller list and later served as the basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK.

SRI International developed a method of spying called “remote viewing” in the 1970s, which caught the attention of the CIA and was later passed on to the U.S. Army.

Remote viewing is a form of telepathy that perceives places, persons and actions through extrasensory perception (ESP).

According to Marrs, everyone has the ability to do remote viewing. It is not limited to time and place. You can use it to look into the past and future. However, the further you look into the future, the fuzzier it gets, which suggests the future is not determined, explained Marrs.

A US military program, known as StarGate, sought to locate and map Soviet Union submarines using remote viewing. The process involved a group of individuals who attempted to visualize the coordinates on a world map, given the magnitude and longitude of the submarines.

The program had apparently worked effectively for more than twenty years. Army intelligence officer Joe McMoneagle is said to be the first man to be taught remote viewing during the StarGate project.

The original group consisted of six remote viewers. During the course of the program, there was an interest in UFOs. One of the best remote viewers, according to Marrs, went by the name of Pat Price.

According to Price, he found four alien bases on Earth. They were located on Mount Perdido in Pyrenees, Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, Mount Ziel in Australia, and Mount Haye’s in Alaska. The organization originally filed the report away.

In 1998, Skip Atwater, executive officer of the grill flame unit, was responsible for giving members of the group odd tasks.

He recalled Price’s four alien bases and gave them the coordinates for each. All the members came back and reported that all the bases were on Earth and run by aliens.

Marrs believes that aliens have visited Earth many times throughout human history.

Nevertheless, he believes the frequency of visits spiked with the rise of nuclear weapons. Marrs also referenced the 1948 Aztec story as evidence that remote viewing has been used to communicate with aliens.

According to various reports, a UFO crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1948. Alien corpses were taken from the site by the U.S. Air Force, which many believe were dissected. There has been a lot of controversy about the Aztec story. The reason not many people know about the Aztec story, according to Marrs, is because Aztec is near the Colorado border.

Military officials had been tracking the object prior to the crash. When the UFO landed, military units in Colorado immediately rushed to the site and disposed the evidence before anyone had a chance to see it.

In 2009, Randy Barnes of the Aztec Library Association contracted with Problems > Solutions > Innovations, headed by Lyn Buchanan, who was once in charge of the army’s remote viewing unit. Eleven remote viewers were summoned to take a look at Aztec to see if the incident really happened.

The remote viewers found that a large, silver object designed for transportation flew to the ground. Many people had observed the object. They found “biologicals” in the craft. Some witnesses tried to help the creatures but couldn’t do so due to language barriers.

Eventually, the army showed up. There was some sort of negotiation among the parties involved. They took the biologicals inside the craft to an undisclosed location.

According the report, the aliens could use remote viewing to manipulate their captures. Government officials couldn’t let the aliens loose. As a result, an official decision was made to execute the aliens. Marrs’s claims are mind-bending and provocative.

He draws upon multiple lines of evidence to support how remote viewing has substantiated the existence of UFOs.

Monday, December 14, 2015

"We Have A LIMIT". Turkey Runs Out Of Patience With Russia After Warship FIRES On Boat

Via Express:

TURKEY'S Foreign minister has said patience with Russia "has a limit" after a Russian warship fired a warning shot at a Turkish ship in the Aegean Sea, raising tensions further between the two nations.

Mevlut Cavusoglu said Moscow's reaction to the Turkish boat was "exaggerated" and an over-reaction.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra he said: "Ours was only a fishing boat, it seems to me that the reaction of the Russian naval ship was exaggerated.

"Russia and Turkey certainly have to re-establish the relations of trust that we have always had, but our patience has a limit".

Just moments after his comments a Russian Black Sea corvette forced a commercial vessel under a Turkish flag to change course after it got in the way of a Crimean energy firm's boats towing oil rigs.

Russian company Chernomorneftegaz said the Turkish boat had to be moved out of the way.

It comes after a Russian warship fired a warning shot at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea yesterday morning.

Russia said the shots were fired at a Turkish shipping vessel in order to avoid a collision.

They said in a statement that the boat had approached to 600m.

The Russian ship had been unable to make radio contact and the Turkish vessel did not respond to flares or visual signals.

After the Russian "guard ship" Smetlivy fired warning shots, the Turkish ship changed course, passing to within 540m.

The statement from the Russian Defence Ministry said: "Despite numerous attempts by the crew of the Smetlivy, the crew of the Turkish fishing boat did not make radio contact and did not respond to visual signals by semaphore or warning flares. Small arms were fired in the direction of the Turkish vessel from a range that is not lethal".

The Turkish military attache in Moscow was summoned to meet the Russian foreign ministry to discuss the matter, which occured at around 6am yesterday.

Following the meeting, the Russian defence ministry warned Turkey to stop engaging in "provocations".

They said: "The Turkish military diplomat was given a tough explanation about the potentially disastrous consequences from Ankara's reckless actions towards Russia's military contingent fighting against international terrorism in Syria.

"In particular, our deep concerns about more Turkish provocations towards the Russian destroyer Smetlivy were conveyed".

Cavusoglu said Russia had already "put itself in a ridiculous position" with accusations by its President Vladimir Putin that Turkey had shot down the jet to protect oil supplies from Islamic State."No-one believed it" he said.

He also criticized Russia's military intervention in Syria, saying it was aimed at propping up the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, not combating Islamic State.

"Unfortunately Russia is not in Syria to fight terrorists", he said, adding that only 8 percent of its air strikes had been aimed at Islamic State while 92 percent were against other groups hostile to Assad.

Cavusoglu also said air strikes were not sufficient to defeat Islamic State and soldiers on the ground were necessary, according to the interview.

This latest incident has occured just weeks after Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet in controversial circumstances over Syria.

A Russian pilot was killed as he parachuted to the ground following the attack last month, while a rescuer also died during an operation to save the other pilot.

Turkey say that the Russian jet entered their airspace despite receiving ten warnings in five minutes, while Russia say that they did not cross the border and no warnings were received.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Very Scary Prophecy For Europe Will Begin In 2016

Via Before It's News:

This woman Vanga the clairvoyant is longer with us, but the things she had to say before she left this earth will blow your mind! She was a very gifted woman that called 9/11 and the Thailand tsunami.

I read recently that everyday 5.000 more refugees are entering into Europe. BBC is saying it’s more like 8.000 refugees a day. Is Vanga right about Europe being eaten alive and spit back out as a wasteland? I can only hope she is not 100% accurate, but it’s not looking good for Europe.

Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga predicted that Daesh terrorists (the Arabic name of the Islamic State terrorist organization) would seize Europe. This should happen in 2016, The Daily Mirror wrote.

The newspaper said that Vanga’s prophecies about terrorists in Europe were horrifying. According to the clairvoyant, Europe will cease to exist in its current form already in 2016, and the continent will turn into wasteland.Vanga also predicted the so-called Arab Spring in 2010. All will end with the establishment of the caliphate in 2043 with the center in Rome.

Noteworthy, Vanga predicted 9/11 terrorist attacks and the tsunami in Thailand.

In late November, ISIS militants posted a new video on the Internet, in which they said that next targets would be not only Russia, USA, France and Israel, but also Ukraine, Moldova, Switzerland and Malta – a total of 60 countries.

Vanga also predicted the collapse of the United States.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Gerald Celente - 2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War And Collapse

Via Before It's News:

On global war, trends researcher Gerald Celente says, “Unfortunately, when all else fails, they take us to war. Look, go back to 1929 and the market crash. You had market crashes, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war. Voila, here we are again. Panic of ‘08, Great Recession, currency wars world war. . . . When the market collapses, the war talk will heat up”.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Truth About “Magic”

Via Before It's News:

Have you ever wondered how “magicians” perform their “tricks”? Do you think it’s just smoke and mirrors? Or, is it something more? Is “magic” of a supernatural nature?

“Magic” has been around for centuries and to this day, some people enjoy this as a form of entertainment. No matter whether you think you know about this topic or know absolutely nothing, this video is a must-see. In it, you will see a very important truth: “magicians” prove that a spiritual world exists.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

This Is Why They Destroyed Syria … And Who Did It

Via Before It's News:

Is the Syrian war and ensuing exodus modeled after the Armenian genocide?

The entire Arab Spring — from start to finish — was planned in the capitals of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis just as each revolution was manufactured in the various Middle Eastern capitals.

Every protest and riot throughout the Arab Spring was staged, just as every revolution and civil war had been fabricated in those nations which the Axis powers had targeted for a government overthrow.

In fact, not a single Arab Spring event has occurred without the fastidious planning and precision coordination of the CIA and MI6, DGSE, and MOSSAD.

The Western powers not only engineered every rebellion in the Mideast, as they continue to do so, they have been very careful to execute each coup d’état in such a way that the newly installed leaders are always loyal to them, not their respective citizenries.

Only with this understanding can the current Mideast wars and conflicts, genocides and holocausts, refugee crises and exoduses be comprehended.

Looking through the lens of history, particularly the most cataclysmic events of the 20th century, will likewise inform one’s understanding that history is once again repeating itself.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

IMF: Record Immigration Will Fuel Unemployment

Via The Local:

Record immigration in Sweden fuelled by soaring asylum claims is likely to push up unemployment in the medium term, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday.

"Rising migration inflows pose upside risks to unemployment for some years", said a report by the IMF, which has previously criticized Sweden for its gap in employment levels between natives and immigrants.

Based on past experience of the pace of integration "the unemployment rate could rise to about 8.5 percent by 2020, and remain elevated for some years before declining", added Wednesday's report.

According to recent figures by Swedish employment agency Arbetsförmedlingen, 21.8 percent of foreign-born workers are currently without a job, more than double the overall current rate of 7.8 percent.

The IMF is concerned at the time it takes migrants to assimilate. It calculates that after five years in the country only 48 percent would likely have a job and only 60 percent after 10 years.

"Among the stock of migrants, the share of low-educated increased to about 28 percent in 2014, from 17 percent in 2005", it wrote.

However, another recent key report by banking giant Nordea estimated that Sweden's record intake of refugees could boost the country's GDP by 0.5 percent more than previously predicted next year, with those who do manage to land a job helping to plug skills gaps on the Swedish job market.

"Migration is critical for maintaining growth in the working age population which, without migration, would shrink by a cumulative three percent by 2030 and 12 percent by 2060, according to Eurostat forecasts", the IMF report agreed.

But in a country with an ageing population, "further efforts to expedite the residency permit, educational assessment, and skill validation processes, are needed in view of rising numbers", it continued.

The IMF called for looser laws concerning the hiring of less-qualified workers to offset the barrier into the labour market posed by high entry-level wages in the Scandinavian country, which proponents argue are essential to maintaining job security.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has previously insisted he will achieve his goal of Sweden having the lowest unemployment rate in the EU by 2020.

However, Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson noted in an interview with the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper in November that his promise was looking increasingly "harder to reach", with Sweden being expected to take in up to 190.000 asylum seekers over the whole of 2015.

Steven Seagal Asked To Train Serbian Special Forces In Aikido - Lawman

Via RT:

Steven Seagal may be about to go above the law after Serbian officials offered him a job training their special police forces.

The Hollywood actor was in Serbia on a three-day visit and met with many of the state’s top officials, including Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and President Tomislav Nikolic.

In addition to receiving an award for his humanitarian work in the country, Seagal was asked if he would train their forces in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, in case they are ever under siege.

The 63-year-old is a 7th Dan black belt in Aikido and has a large fan base in Serbia.

Belgrade mayor Sinisa Mali told reporters that the Serbian people were eager to have Seagal back on their soil again.

"When you have such a famous star coming to Serbia, who loves our country and our people, our desire is to have him back again", Mali said.

Seagal has yet to make an executive decision on the job offer. It's not only Serbia's leaders that Seagal has met. The actor is on friendly terms with President Putin and is frequently in Russia.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Refugees Beg To Leave "Inhuman" Malmö Shelter

Via The Local:

Refugees sheltering in Malmö's 2013 Eurovision venue are begging to leave, with one describing it as a "prison" with "inhuman conditions", while Swedish nurses working there have been pulled out because of the health risks.

Basim Salim, 40, who has fled Iraq with his three daughters, told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper that conditions at the Malmömässan conference hall had become "completely inhuman".

“Please help us here. We have been here for three nights and can not take any more”, he said. “Some people have been here for five nights. This is not a good place for children, it really isn’t. Everyone here is angry and wants to get out. It is like a prison".

A policeman from Stockholm sent to help keep order at the hall wrote on Facebook that he himself had had trouble breathing inside the center, where nearly 1.000 refugees have been crammed over the past two weeks.

“It stings and itches in your eyes and nose”, the policeman wrote on Facebook, according to Expressen newspaper. “The health services have withdrawn the two nurses they had there because it is not a suitable workplace”.

The policeman wrote that children, many of them with high fevers, were forced to sleep on pieces of cardboard deposited on the concrete floors.

“All those poor children. I was stepping over children’s legs and arms, all sticking out under the sheets where they lay cheek by jowl in a row, sleeping on bits of cardboard laid out on the concrete floors”, he wrote.

“Happy children, sad children, children with 40C fevers who are getting neither food nor medicine”.

He said that more than 900-1.000 people staying at the center had to share just six toilets between them.

Rebecca Bichis from Migrationsverket told Expressen that the nurses had now returned, but were now operating from a mobile home parked outside the hall.

Sweden, Europe, and the world has a great problem and it has only started. We are all victims because of overpopulation. And it will get worse... Much worse.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Major Explosion At Cern Hadron Collider

Via Before It's News:

In Part 1-3, the Hadron Collider at CERN, and its ‘synchronised’ junior devices across the planet were discussed. The basic narrative being that this massive device was being used for nefarious purposes to open a worm hole allowing ‘Draco’ ETs, who have been on earth for thousands of years (Aka Demons) to have massive reinforcements, in a great space war above our heads.

Thus the term Draco. The issue here being that the Draco should not have space flight/or ‘gate technology’ or even be here. They are not the bad guys here. They are manipulated by an “A-I” Articfical intelliegence, found in the sentient fluid from another location or source in the universe. Found in crude oil, (Falklands War), it is extremnely dangerous substance that pulls down higher conscious beings and makes them into homicidal killers (Nazi Germany).

In this Tek Chat, Patty Brassard gives a basic run down of the temporary shut down of the Collider, and the detailed images obtained to show the beams go off focus, and the damage starts. Preceded by a brief chat with Karen MacDonald, who introduced us to Sgt Daniel for the first time. A major whistle blower with an long list of agencies to his name. (USAF number and data is on file).

As with Bases we listen to what people have to say, and then draw conclusions as best we can. A further 2nd interview with Sgt Daniel is planned.

Basically no public word has emerged from CERN, as to what has been reported in these interviews.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Significance Of Luke 4:25-30

Via Before It's News:

What was the significance of Luke 4:25-30?

Prior to these verses we read about Jesus taking the book of Isaiah and reading a portion of chapter 61 in a Synagogue in His home town. After He finishes reading, He gives the book back to the attendant and tells them that very day that passage was being fulfilled in their ears. What a remarkable statement.

After this the people thought how great was this teaching asking, wasn’t this the son of Joseph? They were mocking Him not believing someone like this could be teaching such great things with such authority and ignored the message completely. Because of this Jesus proceeds to remind them of a time that foreshadowed what was to come.

Following the passage of Isaiah, Jesus goes on to tell them prophecy relating specifically to them. He says that they would tell Him the proverb, “Physician, heal yourself!” And that which they heard Him do in Capernaum do in His home town.

We know that He did not perform miracles at home because they did not believe Him to be the Messiah. He later tells His disciples in Matthew 13 that “a prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and household". Jesus knew what they were thinking when He was teaching them in the Synagogue. But, it’s what He says after predicting what they would do that causes a dramatic turn of events.

Jesus goes on to say in verses 25-29:

“I assure you that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and there was a severe famine throughout the land. Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarephath in the region of Sidon. And there were many in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed—only Naaman the Syrian".

All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this. They got up, drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him off the cliff.

What just happened?

It would seem that we need a little history to know what it was that offended them to the point of wanting to throw Jesus off a cliff, quite a dramatic change of thought in such a short amount of time.

To fully understand the significance of these passages, let’s take a closer look at the widow in the land of Sidon (in current day Lebanon), and Naaman in Syria.

The obvious is that both these places were not in Israel and were in fact considered Israel’s enemy. Additionally, Elijah and Elisha performed miracles for a goy (Gentile). Bringing to remembrance these facts could explain the outrage, but the history will give us a much better understanding.

Sidon, the mother city of Tyre was a place where trade was abundant and many dwelled, despite its battles. It has been an occupied city throughout its history, first the Assyrians – then the Babylonians, Greeks , Romans, and so on.

During the time of Elijah Ahab was king over Israel. Ahab married Jezebel through an alliance being she was a princess from Sidon – daughter of the King of Tyre. She successfully encouraged Ahab to abandon his worship of Yahweh all together and even persecuted the prophets of Israel. If it weren’t for Obadiah most of the prophets would have been killed.

The worship of Baal and Astarte/Asherah (male and female deities) became popular throughout Sidon during Omri’s reign (Ahab’s father). But, it was during Ahab’s reign it became prevalent. Archaeological evidence found at Ahab’s ivory palace shows that he filled his house with these false gods, inside and out.

Many times king Ahab and Elijah clashed over the false gods that Ahab worshiped. You may remember the incident where Elijah challenges the false gods of King Ahab’s table to consume an offering. He asked that 850 of the false prophets come and see what their gods could do. They of course failed. Elijah then proceeded to douse the offering with water to show the observers who the true God is. The offering was overwhelmingly burnt up, including the ground that surrounded it.

The king of Israel saw Elijah as a trouble maker and rejected his authority as a prophet, as did many of the people. It was Elijah who warned the king of the drought. After three and a half years Elijah asked for rain and only then did the drought cease.

It was during this time of drought that the prophet performed the miracle of replenishing the oil and flour for the trusting widow who fed him instead of her son. But, when her son dies she blames the prophet. Elijah then asked God to restore the life of the child if it be His will. Once the child was resurrected the widow proclaimed Elijah to truly be a man of the one God and that the word of the Lord from his mouth was truth.

We see through this story that a Gentile woman realized what the king and people of Israel did not. And because of her obedience and faith in the prophet of Israel she saw an incredible miracle that no one in Israel had received up to that point, resurrection of the dead.

Subsequently Ahab was killed in battle by an arrow as prophesied by Elijah. Scripture tells us that dogs (the Septuagint translates it pigs) came and licked his blood. Later Jezebel was eaten by dogs after being thrown out a window.

Syria was also considered an enemy of Israel during the time of Elisha. In it was the city of Damascus in the region of Aram. Syria had conquered Israel with the help of Naaman. Naaman, an Aramean, was a chief commander in the Syrian King’s army and thought of as a great and honorable man. However, he was a leper.

Naaman was told that a prophet from Israel could heal him, therefore he wrote a letter to the king of Israel asking him to cleanse him of his leprosy. Once the king read the letter he tore his clothes asking, “Am I God, to kill and make alive again?” The king thought the letter was written to provoke him into a quarrel since he was clearly not able to heal.

When Elisha got word of what the king had done, he wrote the king asking to send Naaman to him so that he will know there is indeed a prophet in Israel.

After Naaman finally agreed to obey Elisha and wash himself seven times in the Jordan river, he was healed. Naaman then realized and proclaimed that there was only one true God, the God of Israel.

Once Naaman realized who the true God was he had a request of Elisha, forgiveness. Elisha obliges his request and Naaman is forgiven. He tells Elisha that he will never offer sacrifices to any other god from then on.

Again, we see another Gentile who receives blessings because of their faith and obedience. Although they were reluctant at first, both finally obeyed because they had faith in the prophet’s words. In this case Elisha not only healed a Gentile but granted him forgiveness. Indeed a foreshadowing of what was to come.

This shows that it is through faith and obedience that God’s mercy is received, regardless of who it is. Not because it is necessarily deserved, but because He has the power to forgive and bless whom He chooses. As John the Baptist said, “from these stones God is able to raise up children to Abraham”. This is contrary to what the Jews believed and did. And those listening to Jesus’ words would not want to remember as it would further validate His message.

There is no doubt that the people whom Jesus was speaking to in the synagogue recalled the bitter memory of them rejecting the prophets and where two Gentiles who by faith received miracles from God, the forgiveness of sin and resurrection. To tell those people that God would not turn to them to receive miracles because they refused to listen and believe was too much for them to hear.

The prophetic story of both Elijah and Elisha would later transpire into nearly all of Israel rejecting the Messiah and the words of the prophets who spoke of Him. As a result of their disobedience and lack of faith God would raise up children to Abraham from all nations. For it was too little of a thing for His Son to save Israel, rather He would save the world.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Soul Survives Physical Death

Via Ancient Origins:

Athanasios Komianos in the above video summarizes an incredible story about the insights of the Swiss teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach, who slipped into a rare state of consciousness, called narcolepsy for almost a year.

Paul Amadeus Dienach, a teacher of humanities, was a Swiss-Austrian teacher with fragile health. His father was a German-speaking Swiss and his mother was an Austrian from Salzburg.

Dienach goes into a year-long coma in 1921, and assumes life in one of his incarnations — a famous physics professor living in the year 3906 — and then returns to his body a year later, in 1922, waking up not only with a crash-course understanding of physics, but with working knowledge of what will transpire on Earth during the next 2.000 years.

Paul Amadeus Dienach emerged in 1922 from a state of protracted narcolepsy, and recorded all of his vivid recollections in a journal… which would later become a book, The Valley of the Roses.

Paul Dienach was teaching Greek Studies in Switzerland at the time of the incident.

When he recovered he came back with memories of another person (actually his future embodiment), a physicist named Andreas Northam, who lived in the future.

The professor of the future had an accident involving an NDE and when he recovers, he has been possessed by the personality of our twentieth century teacher

While Dienach sleeps peacefully in 1921, Northam is vigorously re-educated about all aspects of life in 3905-3906 including a detailed history of the planet during the past 2.000 years.

Eventually, Dienach’s astral body returns from its futuristic adventure and reenters its 1921 physical body and Paul Dienach emerges from his coma, eager to record the adventure on paper.

In the future humanity has solved overpopulation, ecological destruction, greenhouse gases, climate change, famine, tyranny, and regional conflicts.

Economic systems become more humane, wise, and based on good will. People are freed from the slavery of financial survival, affording them more time for inner work and spiritual development.

The monetary system goes extinct, child mortality becomes a rarity, and fossil fuels are replaced by sustainable energies.

Our carnivorous inclinations fade away as we become vegetarians.

Mars is colonized in 2204, but 20 millions are destroyed in 2265 by a massive natural disaster. Only a few hundreds make it back to Earth to tell the terrible story. The goal of future Mars colonization is then abandoned.

A major world war erupts in 2309 with widespread destruction, where all the continents are destroyed. Humanity eventually survives, and a world government is established - with the year 1 on September 23 on the fall equinox - 2396 to prevent such disasters in the future.

The world is very different indeed. There is no ice any longer at the poles and the sea level is much higher than today.

The future world language is a new language, a mixture of Scandinavian and English. Classic Latin is also used.

A new era starts 986 = 3382 AD. The human brain and consciousness in the future transform us into a new species.

There is no private ownership and labor is limited to two years service.

Beginning in 3382, a spiritual renaissance begins to quickly transform the world into a state of “hypervision”, in which people achieve direct knowledge through connections with the finer spiritual light.

By today’s standards, the future humans would seem naïve, sensitive, sincere, unpretentious, and free of cunning ulterior motives. People can sense each other’s feelings and intentions, so secrecy is no longer part of human culture.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Earth Has Shifted” Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA & The World (Video)

Via Before It's News:

Global Climate Change: The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit Elders

A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

The Inuits are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland. They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors. Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes etc, are not due to global warming as the world thinks.

They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!”

The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously. They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much quickly. Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed.

They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic.

All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North. This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused a great concern in the NASA scientists.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

China Nearly Triples Number Of Supercomputers, Report Says

Via BBC News:

China has almost tripled its number of supercomputers, according to a reputable list of the world's most powerful machines.

The country has 109 high-performance computing systems on the biannual Top500 list of supercomputers, up 196% from 37 just six months ago.

The most powerful supercomputer, China's Tianhe-2, also retained the top spot for the sixth consecutive time.

In contrast, the U.S. has seen the number of its supercomputers decline.

The U.S. has 200 machines in the rankings, which is the largest number from a single country. But, that total number has fallen to the lowest level since computer scientists started compiling the list 22 years ago.

The power of the biggest supercomputer

Tianhe-2 was created by China's National University of Defense Technology and is being used at a supercomputer center in the southern coastal city of Guangzhou.

It is capable of performing 33.86 quadrillion calculations in one second, which is almost twice the speed of the second most powerful supercomputer on the list - the U.S. energy department's Titan.

Supercomputers are developed to perform complex simulations or applications to help scientific research in a wide range of industries such as predicting weather forecasts to making drug discoveries and DNA sequencing.

What lies behind China's supercomputer rise

Rajnish Arora, vice president of enterprise computing at market research firm IDC Asia Pacific, said China's rise does not necessarily mean the U.S. is under-investing, but is more to do with the evolution of China's economy and businesses.

"When China started off appearing on the center stage of the global economy in the 80s and 90s, it was predominately a manufacturing hub", he told the BBC.

"All the IP (intellectual property) or design work would happen in Europe or the U.S. and the companies would just send manufacturing or production jobs to China".

"Now as these companies become bigger, they want to invest in technical research capabilities, so that they can create a lot more innovation and do basic design and engineering work".

The Chinese government and companies want to become the creators and not just producer of products that are being designed elsewhere, he added.

David Schibeci at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Western Australia said that while the Top500 list is a good "general rule of thumb", it is not the final arbiter of the value of supercomputing services.

"I'd expect ranking systems to develop a focus on how much valuable research is produced by these systems and the outcomes that benefit the world", he said.

"Nations like China have a great opportunity to take a leading role in the HPC (high-performance computing) space but it's important that they focus on research support and upskilling of staff rather than just raw numbers for the Top 500".

China has the money to invest in supercomputers

Chinese companies are also taking a lead as manufacturers of supercomputers, according to the Top500. Chinese firm Sugon overtook IBM in the systems category with 49, while IBM ranks fourth with 45 systems. U.S. tech giant Hewlett-Packard is at the top of the list with 156 supercomputer systems.

However, the rankings of the world's top five supercomputers has remained unchanged since June 2013. Mr Arora of IDC says this is in part to do with the significant investment required to build a supercomputer.

"Companies need to assess whether they really need that large a system to solve the problems they have", he said.

The availability of money is driving Chinese investment in the industry, added Andreas Wicenec, professor of data intensive research at the University of Western Australia.

"[It is] to show a high, almost disruptive impact in a field that was completely dominated by the U.S. for decades", he said. "At this point in time, the impact of all these computers is not visible in research outputs in the fields I am used to monitoring more closely".

However, if China opened its vast computer resources to international collaborators, its impact in the research field could change very fast, he added.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Islamic State Has Released List Of American Cities They Plan on Attacking

Via Before It's News:

The Pentagon has responded to a globally-released ‘Kill List’, asking law enforcement to give extra protection for military personnel whose personal information was released.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the Pentagon spent the weekend notifying the soldiers who appeared on the list, and urged city police departments and military police to increase patrol in the neighborhoods where the targeted live.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published the list days ago, a report that contained names, photos, and home addresses of U.S. Armed Forces personnel, causing alarm in cities potentially at high-risk.

According to the publication, ISIS urges followers and sympathizers in the U.S. to kill the servicemen. Specific personnel on the list are largely from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy – branches of the country’s military that have conducted massive air strikes against ISIS.

The air strikes have left ISIS mostly defenseless, killing over 8.000 fighters with attacks carried out on more than 5.000 targets, but ISIS appears to be fighting back through forms of social media.

The Pentagon says the targeted appeared to be compiled from public sources — anything from news articles to Facebook posts that could have linked them to attacks on the terrorist group. Officials with the Pentagon say some members were incorrectly identified but, right or wrong, it’s still a threat.

Cities expected to increase in security due to the threat are below.

Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Killeen

Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar

Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester

Nevada: Reno

Georgia: Griffin

Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

Arizona: Phoenix

Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City

South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston

North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern

Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Colorado: Colorado Springs

California: Hanford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

New Mexico: Farmington

North Dakota: Minot

South Dakota: Rapid City

Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Anacortes

Nebraska: Bellevue

Illinois: Orland Park

Rhode Island: Newport

Idaho: Bonners Ferry

Sunday, November 15, 2015

9 Reasons The Terrorist Attacks In Paris Could Be A False Flag Event

Via Before It's News:

My heart goes out to anyone who lost a family member in these horrific attacks, it does, but once again, history tells us to keep a watchful eye over what happens next. With details still sketchy at best, and the number of dead or injured being very fluid, one number I noticed in the video below was not fluid: President Hollande declared a state of emergency and mobilized 1.500 troops to patrol Paris streets. In the video, you’ll see an article that says “officials“ have the right to perform searches, and “military justice” may be enacted. I assume that means citizens can get ventilated if they aren’t fully cooperative, no questions asked… but who knows? Also in one article, Obama promises to do “whatever it takes” to bring the terrorists to justice. Hmmmm.

Adding fuel to the fire that Paris might have been a false flag, is the who’s who of the intelligence world that was just in Paris. CIA Director Brennan Met With French Security Chief Before Paris Attacks – Report | 13 Nov 2015 | The White House correspondent for French television network Canal+, Laura Haim, reported an interesting tidbit during a live report with MSNBC’s Brian Williams Friday evening. Haim stated that Central Intelligence Agency director, John O. Brennan, recently met with his counterpart, French intelligence (DGSE) director Bernard Bajolet. The French equivalent of MI6 and CIA is the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure. [See: CIA-GW Intelligence Conference: Panel on The Shared 21st Century International Mission --GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security 29 Oct 2015 Panel on "The Shared 21st Century International Mission" featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. Held as part of the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the George Washington University. Held on October 27, 2015.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sweden Remembers France Attack Victims

Via The Local:

The mood was sombre in Stockholm on Saturday afternoon as people gathered to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris terror attacks, which included one Swedish citizen.

Swedes, members of the French community in the capital, ministers and ambassadors gathered in the Sergels Torg square in central Stockholm on Saturday to show solidarity with France.

The French Ambassador was there, as was Education Minister and Green Party leader Gustav Fridolin, alongside several other officials who had come to pay their respect to the victims. Together they joined in a moving rendition of French national anthem La Marseillaise.

French exchange student Yoan Hautbois had organized the manifestation on social media. "Yesterday it felt awful to be abroad. I just wanted to be with other Frenchmen, other Swedes, other people to get strength. I am speechless", he told the TT newswire.

Earlier in the day it was revealed that one Swede had died in the attack on Friday night, which killed more than 120 people, and another was injured.

“Today Sweden and the Swedish people are grieving", Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told a press conference just after noon on Saturday.

"We think of the victims and their relatives, of parents who have lost their children. One Swede is dead and we have information that another Swede has been wounded in a shooting. We are in touch with their families", the Social Democrat leader continued.

He later signed a book of condolences at the French embassy in Stockholm.

Several other figureheads in Sweden also paid tribute to the victims and expressed their condolences, including King Carl XVI Gustaf.

“I am shocked at the terrible events in Paris. I feel great sorrow and my thoughts go to all affected, the victims and their relatives. These deeds are an attack on our common society and our way of life. Many of us feel concerned and alarmed. It is important that we stand united in the face of this unbelievable terrorism”, he said in a written statement.

The leader of Sweden's Alliance opposition, Anna Kinberg Batra, told TT: “I reacted with shock and horror and grief over the incident, as I believe many did. And we're seeing now that the entire world is reacting. This is an attack that partly naturally hits the victims and their relatives, and partly our entire society”.

Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström described the violence as a "living nightmare" and called for the EU to stand united against terrorism.

"We will persecute and punish those who are guilty", she said, adding that leaders would work to be "even more effective in the fight against terrorism and anti-democratic forces".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Alien Birds Flying Across Martian Sky In Curiosity Rover Images. NASA: No Comment


An online UFO hunter claims he has found evidence of alien creatures or birds flying across the Martian sky over NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover.

According to the UFO blogger, NASA doesn’t want the public to know there are flying creatures on Mars.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring claims that evidence of migratory alien birds flying in Mars comes from a series of photos of the Martian sky and terrain snapped by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover on sol 01153 (November 3, 2015: 22:42:28 UTC) and sol 01155 (November 6, 2015: 00:03:09 UTC).

The photos, according to Waring, show multiple black objects in the sky captured on camera by Curiosity rover’s rear left and right cameras.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Swede Defends Anti-Nazi Event Without Jews

Via The Local:

An anti-racism event in northern Sweden has grabbed global headlines for failing to include a Jewish speaker, but the man who organized it has told The Local his own father fought against the Nazis and he's "devastated" by the way his city's been represented.

The people of Umeå in northern Sweden came together this week for an anti-racism rally, designed to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when Nazis in Germany and Austria destroyed hundreds of Jewish-owned shops and homes.

But the annual memorial in the 80,000 strong city ended up capturing attention for all the wrong reasons. Several Swedish and international newspapers claimed that Umeå had failed to invite any Jews to attend the peaceful demonstration, which was also designed to highlight the current plight of refugees seeking sanctuary in the Nordic nation.

The story went viral after Carinne Sjöberg, a spokesperson for the Jewish community, told media including The Jerusalem Post that she had not initially been contacted by organizers and had then been warned that Jewish people might be "scared to come" in case pro-Palestinian campaigners also turned up. Sweden formally recognized Palestine as a state a year ago, creating tensions with Israel.

However, when approached by The Local on Tuesday, Umeå councillor Jan Hägglund, 63, who was in charge of putting on the event, told a very different story.

The leader of the left wing Workers’ Party Group (Arbetarpartiet) in Umeå argued that he had spent most of his career fighting for equality and said he was “devastated” by the image of both himself and his city that had been portrayed by international media.

“I wanted the Jewish community to be involved (…) I supported it to the hills”, he said.

“I have always stood against the Nazis (…) My father was a baker and the bakers’ trade union fought the Nazis physically in Umeå (…) they fought with their fists”, he added, his voice cracking.

“Now I have been portrayed as an anti-semite”.

Hägglund insisted that Sjöberg – who is a member of the center-right Liberal party – was invited to take part in the event several weeks ago. He said he had asked another local Liberal councillor to approach her about being a guest speaker and then emailed her himself after he was informed that she was not available because Jewish groups were holding their own memorial on the same day.

Sjöberg confirmed to The Local on Tuesday that she had been sent a message by Hägglund but explained that he had not been “specific” about his reasons for wanting to meet with her.

Hägglund said he believed he had become a “victim of success” after attempting to engage political groups from across the spectrum in the annual event, which has typically been arranged by a small group of left-wing campaigners for the past 20 years. He told The Local that various political splits and rows had emerged as a result, which had made it difficult to make decisions.

Sjöberg accepted on Tuesday that the Jewish community had never previously complained about being left out of the long-running rally, but said that this was a result of being "too afraid" in the past.

“This is the first time that the Jewish community dares to go out and say ‘I am Jewish’ (…) we are stronger now”, she said.

With various other versions of events also circulating on Tuesday, the full background to the ongoing local row remained both complex and unclear.

However, the dispute has no doubt cast a shadow over Umeå, which has previously celebrated a reputation for tolerance. Just 5.6 percent of the local population voted for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party in the last general election in September 2014, compared to 13 percent nationwide.

“Umeå has a long-standing tradition of fighting Nazis and being open to people from other countries. There is an uncommonly open climate in Umeå”, insisted Hägglund.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Peter Schiff And Reagan Advisor: Complete Economic Collapse Immediately Ahead

Via Before It's News:

Is the United States economy recovering – or are we being lied to by the mainstream establishment? Why has Gold recently hit a five year low despite long term predictions of it’s rise in value? Are the government statistics on inflation accurate? What does the future hold for the US Dollar? Why has the Dollar strengthened and how will this play out in the long term? What does Peter Schiff think about Donald Trump and his recent success in the Republican presidential primary?

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Lady Gaga Exposes The Illuminati And The Facebook Transhuman Agenda

Via Before It's News:

Lady Gaga EXPOSES the Illuminati and the Facebook Transhuman Agenda.

In the above video, IlluminatWatcher is going to expose some of the occult manipulation behind Lady Gaga’s persona and the Facebook’s death march towards the transhuman apocalypse.

Hold on tight because it might be a deeper dive into the rabbit hole than you want.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Sweden Can No Longer Guarantee Refugee Beds

Via The Local:

Sweden's Migration Minister Morgan Johansson has urged refugees in northern Germany to stay put, after declaring that the Nordic nation is now unable to guarantee beds for all asylum seekers.

Sweden is struggling to provide enough beds for the record number of refugees crossing into the country from Germany and elsewhere, the government confirmed on Thursday.

At a press conference, Migration Minister Morgan Johansson told reporters that there was no longer a guarantee that all asylum seekers could be offered emergency accommodation.

"We are in in a very dramatic situation, it has become even more dramatic in recent days. Last week we saw a decline, but now the past few days, we see an increase", he said, referring to the ongoing arrival of refugees fleeing war-torn nations to seek new lives in Sweden.

"The urgent problem today is that the number of asylum seekers is increasing faster than the number of accommodation places. Sweden today can no longer guarantee accommodation places", he added.

Sweden's Migration Board (Migrationsverket) said earlier on Thursday that more than 2.000 asylum seekers were expected to try to travel to Sweden from Rostock in northern Germany, which would have meant a new daily record.

Johansson's announcement comes just a day after Prime Minister Stefan Löfven released a written statement calling on the European Commission to push other member states to do more to help tackle the refugee crisis.

"Sweden has long taken an unreasonably large responsibility in comparison with other countries in the EU, and now we are in a very tight position. It is time that other countries now take responsibility and therefore the government requests the redistribution of refugees from Sweden", he said.

Last month the Scandinavian nation doubled its refugee forecast for 2015, with up to 190.000 new arrivals expected on Swedish soil before the end of the year.

The country's Migration Board has recently sent out a number of appeals to Swedish businesses and residents asking for volunteers to help provide shelter for the rising numbers of migrants crossing into Sweden as the winter draws in.

Hundreds of asylum seekers are already being put up at the world's most northerly ski resort in Lapland and at a remote holiday park in west Sweden, while sports halls, theatres and disused schools have also been transformed into temporary homes.

But Anke Erdmann, a Green Party state parliament member for the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein told The Local that plenty of refugees in the Rostock area were also sleeping on "camping mats in empty market halls" and other disused buildings.

"The problems they've described affect us too, of course I can understand Sweden's problem, but it's the same in Rostock, Lübeck, and Kiel", Erdman said.

Erdmann added that German estimates suggested 1.800 refugees were stuck in northern port city Rostock trying to get tickets to Sweden, with the Nordic nation only offering tickets to 50 or 60 people each day – down from 150 last week.

Meanwhile, between 600 and 800 people are believed to be waiting to travel to Sweden from Schleswig-Holstein's state capital Kiel under similar circumstances.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Alert: Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Automatic Spying Cannot Be Stopped

Via Before It's News:

For everyone out there thinking to themselves, or telling others they have “nothing to worry about”, because they don’t do anything illegal such as downloading pirated songs or movies, here’s a question: What makes you think the spying has anything to do with illegal activity?

Monday, November 02, 2015

Mysterious White “Fibers” Fall From The Sky In Arizona — Again! You Won’t Believe What They Are!

Via Before It's News:

Once again mysterious white fibers are blanketing the ground in the Prescott proper area of Arizona.

A year ago Cori Gunnells and Mari Scherbaum Snow discovered these mysterious white fibers after three military aircrafts swept through their skies leaving behind what they could only describe as webs on the ground.

Oddly enough this has happened yet again and almost exactly a year later.

Originally these white fibers were reported by the mainstream lying media as “cow gauze” that dropped from a military aircraft. However after the two activists pushed on and tested the samples (which can be found here) they discovered that it contained the perfect cocktail for geoengineering fibers— strontium, barium, and aluminum were all discovered in high levels.

Now that these fibers have returned, the activists are having them tested once again, and one can only imagine what these samples will show. However, I have a strong feeling it will be another perfect cocktail for geoengineering.

The truth is the government has been spraying deadly chemicals in our skies in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have also been using geoengineering as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.

Now we have 110% undeniable proof that our government is purposefully supporting this experimentation on the population. Last year, I interviewed both Marie Scherbaum Snow and Cori Gunnells, who not only got their name put on the map because of their original encounter with the mysterious chemical fibers, but also because they have been collecting tangible data to make the case once and for all to prove that we are being littered by geoengineering chemicals in our food, water and our bodies. We dive through many blood samples, rain samples, air particulate samples, and discuss their personal encounters with the various branches of government who ultimately gave them the run-a-round.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Russian Nuclear Units On The Move. Putin Is Ready To Nuke ISIS!

Via Before It's News:

In response to the purported downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by the Islamic State. Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intention of using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

A meeting of allied nations and Russia was held in Teheran within hours of the downing of the civilian passenger airliner in the northern Sinai- in which media reports have said that there was no in-climate reported at the time of the crash and witnesses on the ground claim a line of smoke went from the ground in the direction of the airliner before the ground to air missile hit the airliner. SITE has reported a video purportedly made by either ISIS supporters or ISIS themselves shows the downing of the airliner. The White House has declined to make a statement about this incident and the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons. However, the Kremlin says the use of nuclear weapons is justified to protect its citizens and its interests, namely helping to sustain the government of Bashar Al-Assad and keeping the its allies in power in Iraq and Iran, which are considered allies to Russia. Their common interest in destroying ISIS motivates them to work together.

However, the U.S. has stated its fears that deploying nuclear weapons near the region would spur a nuclear arms race in the other nations of the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the nations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Sunni Muslim nations located in the Persian Gulf region, which have aided in the creation of ISIS and continue to support it like the way they supported Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War (2003-2011). Both the U.S. and the UN are concerned that the conflict in the region could lead into a wider conflict, possibly a world war.

(Multiple intel reports concerning the downing of the Russian civilian airliner in northern Sinai have ISIS purportedly claiming responsibility and contain Russia’s official response.)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ikea Founder Pays First Swedish Tax Since 1973

Via The Local:

The billionaire founder of flatpack furniture chain Ikea has paid Swedish income tax for the first time since he left the country in 1973, according to Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.

Ingvar Kamprad declared income of 17.7 million Swedish kronor ($2 million), with 1.2 million kronor coming from work, the newspaper said.

The 89-year-old paid around six million kronor in taxes.

In June the Bloomberg Billionaires Index listed Kamprad as the eighth wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $43.2 billion.

Originally from Almhult in southern Sweden, Kamprad decided to leave his longtime home of Switzerland for his native land after the death of his wife Margaretha in 2011.

The billionaire has yet to retire – Kamprad still serves on the supervisory board of Ingka Holding, Ikea's parent company.

Kamprad (along with Tetra Pak heir, Hans Rausing) fled Sweden in the 1970s in protest at the wealth tax in Sweden, a move which caused huge debate in the egalitarian Nordic nation.

But successive subsequent Swedish center-right governments chipped away at the country's welfare system by trimming income taxes and abolishing the wealth tax.

Ikea, founded in 1943, is the number one furniture store in the world bringing in around 31.9 billion euros for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Refugees In Bus Protest Accept New Forest Homes

Via The Local:

Most of the asylum seekers who were refusing to move into a holiday village in west Sweden have accepted their new temporary homes, Swedish officials have confirmed.

Fourteen refugees had said that they were scared about living in the holiday park, which is in a remote area surrounded by forest, close to the Norwegian border.

They refused to get off the buses that delivered to them to the park over the weekend and had been sleeping inside one of them since Sunday.

On Thursday, Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) officials said that most of the group had agreed to enter the holiday park and that the bus company would be able to collect its vehicles.

"I have spoken with the Swedish Migration Board. I'm going to move in here. I do not want to cause problems", one of the protestors, Ahmad Assas, told the TT news agency.

But he added: "I'm afraid of the dark. It is only the forest here. There are no shops, no pharmacy, no health care".

"We have heard so much good about Sweden, and we are really grateful for all the help. But we are angry at the Swedish Migration Board, they lied to us about where we were going", he continued.

As The Local reported on Wednesday, Migrationsverket has admitted that some of its workers may not have provided enough information to refugees about where they were heading after they boarded their transportation from Stockholm.

A spokesperson for the government agency, Johanna Uhr, suggested that the refugees weren't aware that while the holiday park was in a forest, it was close to a town.

"It was dark so they probably didn't think they were passing a school and shops and stuff and that's why they are scared and we understand this", she said.

Her comments were echoed by Maria Löfgren, head of for Migrationsverket for the Dalarna region, on Thursday.

"We must take this to heart and try to provide better information on what to expect. It is difficult, but we must do it", she told TT.

Löfgren added that there had been a lot of international attention on the refugees' relocation.

"Foreign media have shown great interest, I have spoken with several today".

By 5pm it remained unclear where two familes who were still refusing to sleep at the holiday park would be staying.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

South China Sea Conflict Just Got Very Serious

Via Before It's News:

Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece the Global Times has published an editorial asserting that Beijing is “not frightened to fight a war with the U.S.” as a result of the passage of a US warship near disputed islands in the South China Sea.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen violated the 12-nautical mile zone China claims around Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago yesterday, a move observers have described as a deliberate provocation.

China responded by warning and following the vessel before China’s foreign ministry characterized the maneuvers as a “threat to China’s sovereignty”.

Chinese state media outlet the Global Times said that Beijing should now “prepare for the worst” and that Beijing “is not frightened to fight a war with the U.S. in the region”.

Speculation on how China should respond to future violations included sending warships out to confront U.S. destroyers.

“Beijing ought to carry out anti-harassment operations. We should first track the U.S. warships. If they, instead of passing by, stop for further actions, it is necessary for us to launch electronic interventions, and even send out warships, lock them by fire-control radar and fly over the U.S. vessels”, states the editorial.

The piece also asserts that the United States has no intention of starting a military conflict with China and is engaging in the provocations simply for “political show”.

China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the region.

Experts have warned that an accidental collision between aircraft, similar to a 2001 incident which led to an international controversy, could spark a deadly conflict. According to Michael Auslin, a war between the two superpowers is more likely than at any point in the last 20 years.

Earlier this year, billionaire investor George Soros also cautioned that the ruling Communist Party may see fit to rally its population around an external threat in order to head off a societal collapse in the aftermath of an economic implosion.

“There is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real”, said Soros.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sweden Set For Cheaper EU Roaming Charges

Via The Local:

Roaming charges that currently mean EU mobile phone users are charged extra if they are in another member state, are finally set to be scrapped after years of wrangling.

The move - which will affect Sweden and all other 28 EU members - comes after the European Parliament finally gave the green light to a ban on roaming charges in a vote on Tuesday.

But Europeans living in other states will have to wait a while before their phone bills come down, with the ban not set to come into full force until June 15th 2017.

The extra costs have long been at the center of a battle between EU officials backed by consumer groups, and mobile operators.

Roaming charges currently vary enormously between telecoms operators and many users have ended up paying exorbitant rates -- often without knowing in advance -- to make calls when traveling within the European Union.

Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, responsible for the Digital Single Market, said following the announcement:

"Today's vote is the final result of intense efforts to put an end to roaming charges in the European Union and to safeguard the open internet".

"As from mid-June 2017, Europeans will pay the same price to use their mobile devices when traveling in the EU as they do at home. And they will already pay less as from April 2016".

An interim cap on the extra costs will kick in from April 30th 2016, before the full ban takes effect the year after.

That cap will mean operators can only add a surcharge of no more than:

- €0.05 (0.46 kronor) extra per minute for calls - €0.02 (0.18 kronor) extra per text message sent - €0.05 (0.46 kronor) extra per megabyte of data used

But while the ban in theory sounds like great news for anyone with a mobile phone who likes to travel, critics have issued warnings.

They say suggest any dip in profits for the mobile phone companies will simply push up prices of mobile phone contracts in general.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Greenpeace Founder: Let’s Celebrate CO2!

Via Breitbart:

Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore addressed the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London, telling them why he left the environmentalist group and became sceptical of man-made global warming.

To conclude, carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is the stuff of life, the staff of life, the currency of life, indeed the backbone of life on Earth.

Celebrate CO2!