Friday, January 02, 2015

Are Mosque Fires End Of "Paradise" Sweden?

Via The Local:

Three torched mosques within a week in Sweden led to demonstrations across the country in support of Muslims.

The Local's Oliver Gee watched the Stockholm rally unfold and spoke to leading campaigners from the Islamic community about what should happen next.

Headlines across the world screamed this week that three mosques had been torched deliberately and journalists were quick to point out that rising tensions followed the nationalist Sweden Democrats doubling their support to 13 percent at the last election in September and record numbers of refugees arriving in the country.

On the home front there has been a mixed reaction to the attacks.

Online forums saw some Swedes praising what had happened.

It became clear that whether or not the attacks turned out to be proven hate crimes or the work of a few drunk vandals oblivious to where their firebombs were heading, there was a community delighted that sacred buildings had gone up in flames.

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