Sunday, April 26, 2015

Swedish Passports Best In The World -- And Most Sought-After On The Black Market

Via The Swedish Wire:

Swedish passports have been ranked the most powerful in the world, according to a new infographic by travel firm GoEuro. But it comes with a problem – they are the most sought-after passports on the black market.

The Daily Mail reports that Swedish passports are among the most frequently sold in underground trading, as there is no upper limit on the number of replacements available to the rightful holder.

They can sell for more than 9.000 USD each. That can be compared to the around 40$ fee that Sweden’s government charges for new or renewed travel documents, the newspaper said.

“The Swedish passport ranks higher based on a combination of visa-free access and ease of obtaining the document”, Molly Levinson, a spokesperson for GoEuro told The Local. “This places Sweden higher than countries such as Switzerland which offers visa-free access to fewer countries and has a more expensive passport".

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