Sunday, June 07, 2015

Swedes Head For First Rescue In Mediterranean

Via The Local:

The Swedish Coast Guard ship Poseidon will see its first rescue mission in the Mediterranean on Sunday.

The ship is set to rescue around 300 migrants in distress off the coast of Libya.

According to the Swedish Coast Guard, the Poseidon will make its way on Sunday to a point north of the Libya capital Tripoli to pick up the migrants, who are traveling in an older wooden boat.

“The first thing that will happen is we will get everyone on board [the Poseidon] safely and make sure about the number of migrants involved”, Lars Langman, a Coast Guard chief-of-staff, told the TT news agency.

The Poseidon has been on patrol in the waters between Italy and Libya since June 1.

It is taking part in Triton, an international search-and-rescue operation being run by Frontex, the European Union’s joint border control agency.

The Poseidon has been kitted out with special equipment in order to take on a large number of migrants.

The ship has portable toilets and private rooms for women and children.

Sails have been put up to create shade for protection from the Mediterranean heat.

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