Saturday, July 18, 2015

Alert — 9.2+ Mega-Quake Imminent; FEMA Warns 100 Ft Tsunami Will Hit West Coast

Via Before It's News:

Report: Mega-Quake Would Destroy Big Portion Of Pacific Northwest – First Warning – Shepard Smith Reporting

The New York Quote A FEMA Official: Everything West Of Interstate 5 Is Toast!, Everything West Of Interstate 5 Is Gone!

Seismologists: Earthquake Unleash Colossal Tsunami

Report: First Sign Of Mega-Quake Will Be “Cacophony Of Barking Dogs”

Thousands Of Dogs Will Bark At Alert, Before The Ground liquefy In One Area & A wall Of Water Up To 100 feet High – Its Coming It is A Certainty!, The Question Is When?

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