Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Driver Accused Of Having Sex On Swedish Bus

Via The Local:

A bus driver in southern Sweden accused of having sex with a passenger while on his regular route has been transferred to another position within the company during an ongoing police investigation.

Swedish police are investigating after a woman described how she became the unwilling witness of a sexual act between the driver and another passenger.

The woman claimed she was on a local city bus in Lund last Friday night when the driver suddenly turned off the lights and begun to touch another female passenger in the belief that the pair were alone on the bus.

She was able to leave the vehicle at the next stop after being discovered when she hit the stop button. She later reported the incident to the police as sexual harassment.

Nettbuss, which operates city bus traffic in Lund on behalf of regional public transport firm Skånetrafiken, first said that the driver, who denies all accusations, would remain in service during the ongoing police investigation.

However, Skånetrafiken announced on Tuesday afternoon that he would be moved to another position within Netbuss in the meantime.

“From the perspective of Skånetrafiken we think this is the right decision. Journeys by public transport are by and large about feeling safe as a traveler. The police investigation will reveal what actually happened”, said traffic director Maria Holmgren in a press statement.

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