Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweden Sees Fall In Public Urination Fines

Via The Local:

At least 1.500 people have been fined for urinating in public in Sweden so far this year, showing a decrease in the offence compared with the same period last year.

According to figures from the Swedish police and compiled by the investigative news agency Nyhetsbyrån Siren, 1,500 people were fined for public urination in Sweden between January and June this year.

The number shows a decrease compared with the same period last year when 1.684 were fined.

Urinating in public is a criminal offence in Sweden and anyone caught doing it could face a fine for disorderly conduct.

Public urinators in the western county of Västra Götaland were found to be the worst offenders, with 253 fines handed out.

This was followed by Jönköping County with 157. A total of 191 were fined in Stockholm County.

Fredrik Wallen, a spokesperson for East Region Police said it was not known why more people were fined in some areas compared with others.

“But generally speaking, we can see peaks of this when we are out and patrolling at large events and gatherings. It is of course natural that we have to catch these people in the act”, Wallen told Nyhetsbyrån Siren.

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