Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Sumerian King List: Antediluvian Kings

This list is commonly referred to as the Isin version of the Sumerian King List. The video illustrates the antediluvian section of the King List. There are many versions of The Sumerian King List. This text comes from an inscription found where the ancient Sumerian city Isin, once flourished. It is an update of earlier Sumerian king lists, adding Isins kings to Sumers royal roll call.

The list was inscribed during the reign of Damiqilishu of Isin (1816-1794 BCE). It presumed to be a list of kings from the beginning of history — when kingship was first handed down from Heaven. The inscription was made only a few years before Hammurabi of Babylon captured the city in the first half of the 18th century BCE to the emerging Babylonian Empire.

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