Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Jesus Was Black" Reveals Newly Found Manuscript


A team of archeologists from the University of Tel Aviv have uncovered a collection of ancient scrolls in the West Bank region, near the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were originally uncovered in 1947, and which promise to shed a new light on the life and physical appearance of Jesus Christ.

The newly found documents which are believed to have been written by a small Jewish sectarian group, called the Essenes, retraces different elements of the Old Testament and New Testament similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls, but scholars have turned their attention to a peculiar fragment which describes the birth of the Christ figure in a new light.

The manuscripts that have been dated between 408 BCE to 318 CE describe the son of Mary as of a “darker color” of skin than her parents, a revealing bit of information admits professor Hans Schummer.

The manuscripts that have been dated between 408 BCE to 318 CE shed a new light on the physical appearance of Jesus Christ, admits professor Hans Schummer of the University of Tel Aviv “It is quite revealing that the unknown author of the document notes with a certain sense of surprise that the infant’s skin tone is darker in color than his mother and father.

“The infant was the color of the night” reads a part of the fragment of the scripture, “In the dark of the night, nothing could be seen of the infant except the white of his eyes”, reads another excerpt.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is The Third Stock Market’s Death Cross Imminent..?

Via Before It's News:

Stocks continue to remain under pressure.

If the Fed decides not to raise rates, that will be a signal to the market that the economy IS NOT really “recovering”, and CANNOT handle a rate hike. Not raising rates has the potential to push stocks lower.

On the other hand if the Fed decides to raise rates, the very mechanism which has been propping up this market will be seen as “going away”, and this will push stocks lower as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swedes Discover Dead Migrants Off Libya Coast

Via The Local:

The Swedish coastguard has found the bodies of around 40 people in the hold of a stricken migrant boat off the coast of Libya.

The macabre discovery was made after Swedish ship Poseidon was sent to the aid of the stricken vessel by the Italian coastguard, which said it was simultaneously coordinating rescue operations for multiple boats carrying at least 2.000 people.

Swedish coastguard spokesman Mattias Lindholm told AFP the Poseidon had been able to save 439 people on the wooden boat.

"Unfortunately there were around 40 people dead in the hold", he said. "The bodies are currently being transferred to the Poseidon".

The Swedish ship was in the area as part of the EU border agency Frontex's search and rescue mission known as Triton.

Just before the discovery of the bodies, the Poseidon had picked up 130 migrants from a rubber dinghy, Lindholm said.

Italian media reported that another boat with some 700 people aboard was in trouble in the same area.

MOAS, a Malta-based private organisation, said in a tweet that its boat the Phoenix was taking part in a complex rescue operation.

"Phoenix are working with Italian and Swedish vessels to assist thousands", it said.

Italy's coastguard said at least 10 vessels had issued distress calls and at least 2.000 migrants, "probably more" were in danger.

On August 15th, the Italian navy discovered the bodies of 49 migrants asphyxiated in the hold of a people smuggler's boat. Survivors later testified that the victims had been locked below deck and constrained to stay there by force.

More than 2.300 migrants have died at sea this year during attempts to reach Europe, almost invariably on overcrowded boats chartered by people smugglers.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Brazilian Man Built A Motorcycle That Can Travel Over 300 Miles On One Liter Of Water


Ricardo Azevedo, a public officer who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been getting a lot of attention for an invention that he came up with on his own – a motorbike that runs only on water.

The bike, called T Power H20, can travel up to 310 miles, or nearly 500 kilometers, on a single liter of water.

In a video that was recently released, Ricardo can be seen drinking from a bottle of water before pouring it into his tank, proving that his bike does indeed run on water.

Incredibly enough, clean water is optional. You can even use polluted river water to run the bike.

T Power H20 uses an external car battery to produce electricity and separate hydrogen from oxygen.

“The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes of the exhaust is water vapor”, says Azevedo. “This is different from gasoline, the result of which is carbon monoxide”.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sweden To Boost Military Ties With U.S.

Via The Local:

Sweden will increase its military cooperation with the United States, according to Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.

In an interview published on Saturday, he said the reason was Russian actions which had unsettled the security situation in Europe.

In the interview with the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Hultqvist called the Russian government under Vladimir Putin authoritarian and nationalistic and said closer military ties with the U.S. could help preserve peace and security.

The announcement comes in the wake of a visit to Stockholm last Wednesday by U.S. Senator John McCain, during which he met he met Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, Defense Minister Hultqvist and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Sverker Göranson. Discussions about Russia were high on the agenda.

“John McCain as chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services plays a central roll in American policy, even if he’s not part of the administration”, Hultqvist told the paper. “His coming to Sweden was not only a courtesy call, but part of a process that is about deepening and developing our cooperation with the U. S.”.

Hultqvist himself visited Washington in May, meeting McCain, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work and other lawmakers.

The two countries have developed a working plan where Sweden and the USA will tighten defence ties in five areas: interoperability, training and instruction, material cooperation, research, and international operations.

The move has been motivated by Russian actions that are upsetting the security situation that has reigned in Europe since the end of the Cold War in 1991, Hultqvist said.

“Russia annexed Crimea in violation of international law and has been fueling the military conflict in Ukraine”, he said. “This has contributed to a changed security situation in Europe and is a difficult reality that we have to live with”.

Earlier this year in June, a report by the U.S.-based Center for European Policy Analysis (Cepa) claimed that some 33.000 Russian soldiers rehearsed a military takeover of the Baltic Sea area in March, including practising the seizure of Gotland off Sweden's east coast.

That followed an incident last September when two SU-24 fighter-bombers allegedly entered Swedish airspace in what the former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt called "the most serious aerial incursion by the Russians" in almost a decade.

Hultqvist told the paper that he is carrying out a resolution on defense passed by parliament in June. It said that Sweden should deepen its military cooperation with Finland, NATO, and the U.S., among others. Five parties supported the resolution.

When asked if there were any negative consequences about closer ties with the Americans, Hultqvist said that he wasn’t interested in conducting a historical review, but that the current situation meant it was in Sweden’s best interests to develop its cooperation with neighboring countries and strengthen transatlantic ties.

“It’s about creating a balance and that includes a strategy to preserve peace and security”, he said. Closer cooperation would decrease the risk of attack, he added.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

U.S. Senator Warns Of Putin On Visit To Sweden

Via The Local:

U.S. senator and former presidential candidate John McCain slammed Russia over its increased military activity in the Baltic region on a visit to Stockholm on Wednesday.

John McCain spoke to reporters on Wednesday on his brief visit to Stockholm with Republican party colleague John Barrasso and Democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Top of the agenda were environmental issues, IT security and Russia.

“We underline our concern for Russia's activities in the region and its military build-up”, McCain told Swedish media after he met Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist, and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sverker Göranson, on Wednesday.

“We all need to understand who [Vladimir Putin] is and what he wants. He wants to restore the Russian Empire”, said the 79-year-old war veteran, who has been a member of the U.S. senate for the state of Arizona since 1987.

McCain has long advocated a more aggressive approach toward Russia and his comments are likely to fuel the debate in Sweden over its eastern neighbor's presence in the region.

The two countries have enjoyed a strained relationship in the past year, with Sweden's security service Säpo stating that Russia posed the biggest intelligence threat to the Nordic nation in 2014.

Earlier this year in June, a report for the U.S.-based Center for European Policy Analysis (Cepa) claimed that some 33.000 Russian soldiers rehearsed a military takeover of the Baltic Sea area on March 21st to 25th, including practising the seizure of Gotland off Sweden's east coast.

The revelation followed an incident last September when two SU-24 fighter-bombers allegedly entered Swedish airspace in what the former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt called "the most serious aerial incursion by the Russians" in almost a decade.

The following month a foreign submarine was spotted in Swedish waters, although the Swedish military was unable to determine where it came from.

This increased Russian military activity has caused jitters in Sweden, prompting Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist to announce that Sweden would be stepping up its military power, including stationing 230 Swedish troops on Gotland from 2018. But the move has been criticized by center-right politicians, who argue the increase in military spending is not enough.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After Hundreds Of Years, Closely Guarded Secret Of The Messiah's Arrival Revealed

Via Breaking Israel News:

A secret closely guarded for hundreds of years concerning the Messianic process was recently revealed. The secret, which was told to the world in May, explains how recent geopolitical events fit into the Messianic process.

Rabbi Moshe Shturnbuch, a respected rabbi in the Orthodox Jewish community, is the holder of the newly revealed information. Descended from a long line of prestigious rabbis, Rabbi Shturnbuch is the great grandson of Rabbi Elijah of Vilna (also known as the Vilna Gaon), a Jewish scholar from the 18th century who is well known for his contributions in understanding the Messianic process.

The announcement of the Messianic revelation, originally publicized by Rabbi Lazer Brody, raised many eyebrows.

Said shortly before his death, the Vilna Gaon explained, “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople [today’s Istanbul], you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute”.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Prince Charles: “I Am A Descendant Of Dracula” + Reptilian Correlations

Via Before It's News:

This certainly explains their “Blood drinking” and is about as honest as it gets. David Icke is being confirmed as having the truth about the Winsors, and confirming what Diana told others before she was killed, and she also talked about the Winsors who changed their name so they would sound more British, since they are Germans, but as we have discussed before, the family came from Khazaria, part of which is now called “Romania”.

Listen to the two videos included in this write up and catch Prince Charles admission that he is a descendent of Val the Impaler, and he has an abiding interest in Romania as a monarch.

Where The Swedish Summer Never Arrived...

Via The Local:

You think you’ve have had it bad this summer? Tarfala in northern Sweden has officially missed out on summer altogether this year, going straight from spring to autumn.

The sun is finally shining on vast swaths of Sweden after a pitiful start to the summer. Over the weekend it was 26 degrees in Halmstad, 22 in Stockholm, and 20 in Umeå.

But 2015 in Tarfala in Norrbotten has seen winter, spring, and then autumn. Summer simply did not turn up this year at this mountainous Lapland research station owned by Stockholm University.

The meteorological definition of autumn is when the average daily temperature is between zero and ten degrees for five days in a row, as has happened in Tarfala and also in Stekenjokk in Västerbotten.

“Two days ago there was fresh snow on the highest peaks. There is more snow than there has been for a long time”, Erik Holmlund, from the station, told Swedish news agency, TT.

“It is rare for places to skip a season in Sweden. When it does happen, it’s usually in the mountains”, according to meteorologist Alexandra Ohlsson at Swedish weather service, SMHI.

In contrast to 2014, when there was a huge heatwave, Sweden has endured weeks of rain and thunderstorms this summer, resulting in a much wetter July than normal, following the wettest May in decades.

The hottest day of the year was at the start of July, with the Swedish weather agency issuing a shortlived weather warning, calling on people to drink extra water and be on the lookout for forest fires.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Breaking News: Nibiru Fully Visible Now!

Via Before It's News:

The words “WE TOLD YOU SO” just don’t seem to be sufficient. Nibiru is now fully visible.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Energy Insider Leaks: "The Elite Are In A Panic Buying Up Supplies In A Rush!"

Via Before It's News:

An alternative energy insider is causing ripple effects across the internet due to a report.

The insider who goes by Jay — an alias, informs us that the elite are in a state of panic and buying up all of his product, leaving him to believe we are in BIG trouble!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Russia And Nato "Actively Preparing For War"

Via The Telegraph:

Rival war games by Russian armed forces and Nato represent greatest build up of military tension in Europe since Cold War, warns think tank.

Russia and Nato are actively preparing for war with one another amid the greatest build up of military tension in Europe since the end of the Cold War, a new report says.

Rival exercises by the Russian armed forces and Nato have led to several near-miss incidents that could result in confrontation between the two sides, and leaders need to consider a new arms control treaty to avert the possibility of heightened tensions spilling into war.

The report by the European Leadership Network, a think tank, comes amid the most intense fighting for six months in eastern Ukraine and as Michael Fallon, the defence minister, pledged to expand a British army training mission to Ukraine.

“We do not suggest that the leadership of either side has made a decision to go to war or that a military conflict between the two is inevitable, but that the changed profile of exercises is a fact and it does play a role in sustaining the current climate of tensions in Europe”, the authors write.

A military drill by mechanised infantry and engineer units of the Russian Armed Forces in Sergeyevsky last week (Barcroft).

The report outlines how both Nato and Russia have primed their forces to respond to an escalation since the Ukraine crisis erupted in early 2014.

The preparations include major military exercises by both Russia and Nato that appear designed exclusively to respond to one another’s capabilities and potential war plans.

”Whilst spokespeople may maintain that these operations are targeted against only hypothetical opponents, the nature and scale of the operations indicate otherwise”, the report writers say.

In March 2015, Russian conducted “snap exercises” that saw 80.000 troops engaged in long-range deployments and simulate combat on a scale that made the United States or Nato the only possibly adversary.

Nato’s exercise “Allied Shield”, in June this year, saw 15.000 allied troops engaged in a series of mock operations including response to a Crimea-style infiltration of irregular forces.

In both cases, the report writers find, the exercises focused on what the two sides perceive to be their most vulnerable areas, with and Nato moving to defend the Baltic States and Russia rushing reinforcements to the Arctic, its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, occupied Crimea, and Sakhalin island in the far east.

Allied Shield also included the first deployment of the Very High Readiness Taskforce, a rapid-reaction unit established at the Nato summit in Wales in 2014 in response to the annexation of Crimea.

The exercise, called "Noble Jump", deployed 2.100 troops in a simulated a response to "unattibutable infiltration by an ally by irregular or special forces" - essentially the scenario seen in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine since Early 2014.

The report recommends improvements in Nato-Russian communication to avert near misses and suggests working on a new arms treaty to restrict the use of conventional forces in Europe.

“If Russia or NATO decides at some point that they want to reduce tensions, showing restraint in terms of size or scenarios used for the exercises might be a good place to start”, the report writers conclude.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two Meter Long Python Stops Traffic In Malmö

Via The Local:

An Indian python appeared to fall out of a moving car in Malmö on Wednesday morning. Police say it's unclear if it's the same animal that was spotted in a park in July or another notorious snake that's twice been lost and found in the area.

The snake was spotted by a car driver who saw it "suddenly fall out of the car and on to the road", said Linda Pleyn, a press spokesperson for Skåne's regional police force.

Police officers were called to the scene and took the animal to Malmö Reptile Center, in Folkets Park, a large green space in Malmö.

"Now it is in good hands and we will see if it is possible to find out who was the owner", Pleyn explained to The Local.

Joakim Bokblad, a snake expert who works at the reptile center told the TT news agency that the details of what had happened remained slippery.

"I have difficulty seeing how it could have got out of the car [of its own accord]. On the other hand I have difficulty understanding how someone might throw a snake from a car window", he said.

News of the Indian python's discovery comes in the wake of several other snake sightings that have rattled Malmö residents.

A week ago a 2.5-meter-long snake that escaped twice in one week was discovered. Police said that it was unclear whether or not the animal that stopped traffic on Wednesday could be the same snake.

In July, what is thought to have been a different python went on the slither in Pildammsparken, another park in Malmö.

Asked what the police made of their sudden increase in reptile-related work, Pleyn responded: "All I can say is yes, we have had a lot to do with snakes. We don't know if it's the same snakes. But we will see what we can find out".

Last month a suspicious snake was also captured in the Swedish capital after a passer-by spotted it as it slithered down Ringvägen, a main road on Stockholm's Södermalm island.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Curiosity Rover Finds Wheels On Mars: Remains Of An Ancient Civilization?


Many ufologists suggest that NASA's very own Alien rover Curiosity has found "wheels" on the Martian surface.

Is this object in fact the ultimate proof that life existed on the surface of our neighbor planet in the distant past?

Are these the remains of an ancient civilization?

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Sweden’s Sjöström Secures World Fly Double

Via The Local:

Sweden's Sarah Sjöström became the first female swimmer to win both butterfly sprint titles at a world championships when she added the 50-meter crown to her 100-meter title while competing in Kazan on Saturday.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Malmö's Runaway Python Recaptured After Escape

Via The Local:

Residents of Sweden’s third-largest city will no doubt be breathing a sigh of relief with the news that a 2.5-meter-long python that escaped twice in one week has once again been found.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Swedish Man Probed Over Ukraine "War Crimes"

Via The Local:

Police suspect a Sweden-based man of involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, the head of the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm said on Thursday.

Sweden's security service, Säpo, believes a handful of Swedes have traveled to Ukraine to take part in fighting since the country's armed conflict with Russia began in 2014.

One of them is currently under investigation by Swedish police on suspicion of committing war crimes.

“I can confirm that a person based in Sweden is being investigated. It is in regards to suspicions of some kind of war crime that is said to have been committed in Ukraine in 2014”, Tora Holst of the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm said on Thursday.

Russia annexed Crimea in March, in a move widely condemned around the world, before propping up separatists fighting bloody battles with Ukrainian forces in the east of the country.

According to Amnesty International there is overwhelming evidence that war crimes have been committed on both sides of the conflict, including summary executions of prisoners of war.

“A precondition for it being considered a war crime is that you take part in an armed conflict. It could be about torturing prisoners or burning down a school”, international law expert Ove Bring told Swedish newswire TT on Thursday.

The Swedish man has not yet been given a lawyer and prosecutors have declined to elaborate on the nature of the exact offence he is being investigated for.

“An investigation can take a long while before the suspicions are put to the suspect in question. If the person is set to be questioned as a suspect and want a lawyer he will naturally be awarded one”, said Holst.

Most of the Swedish fighters in the conflict are believed to be siding with Ukraine. Several are suspected of sharing far-right values but the common denominator is that they have a history of violence and have an interest in weapons and explosives, according to Säpo's analysts.

The security service believes around 20 Swedes on top of the ones participating in fighting have also travelled to the eastern European country to support the Ukrainian side in other ways.

Earlier this year, a 28-year-old Syrian man living in Sweden was sentenced to five years in jail for violence in Syria in 2012. The former Free Syrian Army fighter is one of just three people convicted in the Nordic nation over the past decade for war crimes carried out abroad.

The Swedish war crimes commission is currently investigating around 35 cases concerning international war crimes in countries such as Rwanda and Syria. A 60-year-old man is expected to be charged for war crimes in the African nation later in autumn.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Archaeologists Baffled By Discovery Of Giant Goliath’s Gate In The Ancient City Of Gath!

Three Stabbings Within Hours In Malmö

Via The Local:

Three men were stabbed within hours of each other in separate incidents in the southern Swedish city of Malmö overnight. It’s just the latest spate of violence to hit the city this summer.

On Tuesday night a man in his 20s was stabbed in the chest area and in the back by one or more people on Hyllievångsvägen.

After the stabbing, the man attempted to run to the hospital. He managed to go a few kilometers before being picked up by someone in a private vehicle.

Just a few hours later, at 12:20am, another man, also in his 20s, was stabbed in the back and arm near Augustenborgstorg.

He was taken in an ambulance to hospital where he underwent surgery during the night.

“But the prognosis is good”, Matts Attin from Malmö police told TT.

Less than an hour later a third man in his 20s was stabbed in the arm in connection with a robbery on Köpenhamnsvägen.

“He was threatened with a knife and forced to withdraw 10.000 kronor from an ATM”, Attin said. “After the leaving the money he was stabbed”.

Police have not received any indications that there is any connection between the incidents. No one has been arrested for the knife attacks.

Police said that two of the stabbings have been classified as attempted murder.

Malmö, which is Sweden’s third largest city, has been rocked by a series of violent incidents in recent weeks, including numerous shootings and explosions.

Earlier in July four grenade attacks were reported in under a week.

Police said they believed the attacks were linked to a case which saw three young men sentenced for their roles in a bombing in the Rosengård area – which has a reputation for violence and gang related crimes – on Christmas Eve.

“This is about a few people who are having a dispute with one another and are in a spiral of retaliation”, Malmö police chief Stefan Sintéus said after the fourth attack.

Later that month, concerns were raised that police staff shortages in the city were putting the public at risk, as around a third of the 705-strong Malmö force were on holiday.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Russia Slams Sweden Over Expelled Diplomats

Via The Local:

Russia lashed out at Stockholm on Tuesday and confirmed it had expelled a Swedish diplomat in retaliation for one of Moscow's officials being asked to leave the Nordic country.

We understand that Russia believes that this is a response action to an official at the Russian embassy in Stockholm recently asked to leave Sweden”, Johan Tegel, a press officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) told Swedish news agency TT late on Monday.

The official at the Russian embassy was asked to leave after it emerged that the person engaged in activities that were not consistent with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, an international treaty that outlines the framework for diplomatic relations between independent countries, according to the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

According to Tegel, it is too early to say how this will affect the countries’ relationship.

“But this decision by the Russian Federation does not improve the state of our relations”, he said.

On Tuesday, Russia's foreign ministry hit back, confirming in a statement that it had recently declared a Swedish diplomat 'persona non grata' in a tit-for-tat move after the "hostile actions by the Swedish authorities".

"The responsibility for the consequences of this provocation lies squarely with Stockholm," the statement said, according to the AFP news bureau.

Elena Namli, professor at the center of Russian Studies at Uppsala University, says that it is not uncommon for countries to react as Russia did.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sweden’s Sharks Heading Towards Extinction

Via The Local:

According to the Swedish Species Information Center, the Swedish shark population is severely depleted and there are no clear signs of recovery.

On Monday, two spotted catsharks were released from the dock outside marine aquarium Havets Hus in Lysekil in western Sweden, having been reared on a diet of shrimp and squid.

“We have them here for three years, so we see that they eat well and they can get bigger. We think that their survival rate is better than when they are small”, Helen Sköld, an aquarium manager at Havets Hus told Swedish news agency, TT.

Since 2002, some 60 examples of the protected spotted red catshark have been reared and released at Havets Hus. In addition to strengthening the stock of this species, the catshark releases have also served to bring to light the fact that a large number of the world's shark species are threatened with extinction.

The classic image of a shark fin that protrudes menacingly from the water is an unusual sight in Sweden.

But now and then larger species of sharks, such as basking sharks and porbeagle (otherwise known as a mackerel shark), are seen in Swedish waters.

And in 2004 a stranded oceanic whitetip shark was found in Gullmarsfjorden in Bohuslän.

There are up to 19 varieties of sharks in Swedish waters, but aside from the spiny dogfish shark, only the small-spotted catshark is more common.

According to Mikael Svensson, of the Swedish Species Information Centre (Artdatabanken), the Swedish spiny dogfish population is considered critically endangered and has fallen by over 90 percent in the last 80 years.

In 2004 commercial fishing of dogfish was banned.

But despite the fishing ban, the spiny dogfish population is not recovering.

That's because sharks have a long life cycle. Females do not become sexually mature until 10-15 years of age, have a 24-month gestation period and only give birth to a few young.

This makes sharks particularly susceptible to extinction.

According to Mikael Svensson, the future of Swedish sharks remains gloomy, after years of hard fishing and trawling activity that destroyed their habitat.

“No one sees what happens in the ocean. If this kind of species destruction had happened on land, people would have shouted themselves hoarse long before it had gone this far”.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Neil Armstrong: On The Moon We Were Ordered By Aliens To "Move Away"


August 1, 2015 - Here are the statements by the former astronaut:

Professor: What really happened out of Apollo 11?

Armstrong: An amazing thing, even though we have always known of this possibility. The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!

Professor: What do you mean “warned to move away”?

Armstrong: I can not go into details, there are structures on the Moon, and not ours. I can only say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology. Wow if you were big! … And menacing!

Professor: But NASA also sent to the moon missions after Apollo 11 ….

Armstrong: Naturally, NASA had already announced at that time, and could not risk panic on Earth.

According to the American ufologist Vladimir Azhazha, “Neil Armstrong said to Mission Control that two large unknown objects were watching him and Aldrin after landing on the moon. But this message was never heard by the public, because NASA censored it". But a 2006 video interview made by astronaut Neil Armstrong, analyzed the footage of the meeting between the Apollo 11:02 UFO. This was just one of many “encounters” with aliens, during the journey to the moon.

Aleksandr Kasantesev says Buzz Aldrin made a color film of the UFO from inside the ship, and continued filming them, Armstrong, and himself even when they were out. Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to give more details, then admitted that the CIA wanted to hide the incident.

It should also be added that for some time an audio file circulates on the Internet that contains the conversation between the astronauts and the control center in Houston, captured from various terrestrial radio stations frequency ultra-fast, before NASA suppressed in the telecast that illustrated the arrival of Apollo XI on the moon (NASA despite assertions to the contrary. There was in fact a slight shift between the real-Apollo NASA communications and those relayed to the world).

Here is the full text:

Astronaut 1: But what is that?

Astronaut 2: Do you have an explanation?

Houston: Do not worry, stick to the program!

Astronaut 1: My God, it’s amazing, that’s great, you could not even imagine!

Houston: We know this, go to the other side!

Astronaut 1: What the hell is that? It’s amazing …… God … but what is it? So, you tell me?

Houston: Change frequency, use Tango, Tango!

Astronaut 1: Then it is a form of life, that one!

Houston: Change frequency.

Houston: Use Tango Bravo, Bravo Tango, choose Jezebel, Jezebel!

Astronaut: …… yes! Matutto … .. this is incredible!

Houston: Switch on Bravo Tango, Tango Bravo!

At this point the connection is broken.

Increase In Violence In Swedish Asylum Centers

Via The Local:

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) has so far this year recorded almost as many reports of threats and violence in asylum accommodation as throughout the whole of 2014, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

So far this year the Swedish Migration Board registered 804 incidents, of which 516 occurred at places where asylum seekers often have to share the room with people of a different nationality. Other incidents have occurred at meetings with agency personnel. The incidents relate not only to threats and violence, but also to vandalism, arson and attempted suicide.

“It's a very volatile situation”, Monica Karum Bergvall of the Swedish Migration Board. “There are long delays and overcrowding. Many people feel bad and feel a great deal of frustration. Then they may become intimidating to our officers or other residents”.

“There may also be unreported events that occur when we do not have staff in place. We do not have around-the-clock staffing”, says Bergvall told Dagens Nyheter.

Solvig Ekblad, professor of multicultural health services research at the Karolinska Institute, says that many asylum-seekers can experience powerlessness during the asylum process and that it is not surprising that many react.

“These people need structure and activities during the day in order to try to normalize life as much as possible”.

As The Local reported earlier this year, asylum seekers arriving in Sweden are likely to face a wait of up to six months before they can have their case heard, as migration officers struggle to cope with the workload.

“The processing times are pretty long compared to Germany, which has a fast-track lane, and integration in Sweden. It is difficult to get housing and jobs; this affects people's choice of destination country”, Anders Danielsson, head of the Swedish Migration Board said in July.