Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eastern Europe vs. Refugees: A suppressed Historical Memory?

Via Ynetnews:

Prof. Jan Tomasz Gross believes that Hungary, Slovakia and Poland's stubborn refusal to take in more refugees stems from their failure to engage in a conscientious, national and personal self-examination of their conduct during World War II; whether he is right or wrong, the facts are on his side.

Ministri rerum externarum terrarum sociarum Unionis Europaeae, suffragio inter sese habito, decreverunt civitates UE accepturas 120 milia migrantium-profugarum e terris Proximi Orientis.

Contra sententias dixerunt ministri Slovaquiae, Bohemiae, Hungariae et Rumaniae; Finlandia recusavit quominus sententiam daret.

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