Sunday, November 29, 2015

Refugees Beg To Leave "Inhuman" Malmö Shelter

Via The Local:

Refugees sheltering in Malmö's 2013 Eurovision venue are begging to leave, with one describing it as a "prison" with "inhuman conditions", while Swedish nurses working there have been pulled out because of the health risks.

Basim Salim, 40, who has fled Iraq with his three daughters, told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper that conditions at the Malmömässan conference hall had become "completely inhuman".

“Please help us here. We have been here for three nights and can not take any more”, he said. “Some people have been here for five nights. This is not a good place for children, it really isn’t. Everyone here is angry and wants to get out. It is like a prison".

A policeman from Stockholm sent to help keep order at the hall wrote on Facebook that he himself had had trouble breathing inside the center, where nearly 1.000 refugees have been crammed over the past two weeks.

“It stings and itches in your eyes and nose”, the policeman wrote on Facebook, according to Expressen newspaper. “The health services have withdrawn the two nurses they had there because it is not a suitable workplace”.

The policeman wrote that children, many of them with high fevers, were forced to sleep on pieces of cardboard deposited on the concrete floors.

“All those poor children. I was stepping over children’s legs and arms, all sticking out under the sheets where they lay cheek by jowl in a row, sleeping on bits of cardboard laid out on the concrete floors”, he wrote.

“Happy children, sad children, children with 40C fevers who are getting neither food nor medicine”.

He said that more than 900-1.000 people staying at the center had to share just six toilets between them.

Rebecca Bichis from Migrationsverket told Expressen that the nurses had now returned, but were now operating from a mobile home parked outside the hall.

Sweden, Europe, and the world has a great problem and it has only started. We are all victims because of overpopulation. And it will get worse... Much worse.

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