Thursday, January 28, 2016

Indian Airforce Shoots Down UFO Over Rajistan After Radar Alert


An Indian Air Force Su-30 MKI fighter jet has intercepted an unidentified flying object in Barmer, Rajistan, yesterday after the balloon-shaped object was seen on radar, triggering an alert.

An IAF spokesman said: "Between 10.30 and 11 am an unidentified balloon-shaped object was picked up by the Indian Air Force (IAF) radar. An IAF fighter was launched, which intercepted the object and brought it down. Materials have been retrieved and further investigation is ongoing”.

There have been local speculations on whether the object was a meteorological weather balloon from India or Pakistan. But the IAF has not confirmed what the object is.

Barmer is less than 300 miles from Jaipur, where villagers reported this month mysterious metal balls falling from the sky.

The Roswell incident is regarded as the world's most infamous unsolved UFO case. In July 1947, the US Army releases a press statement saying it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer. It retracted it the next day, saying it had just been a weather balloon. But since then various witnesses came forward to say a UFO had been found and that even alien bodies were inside.

According to police who scoured the area for debris, they found five triangle-shaped pieces of metal object, which were passed to the IAF. There are reports that villagers heard a deafening blast over a three-mile radius during the incident. Eyewitness Manoj Singh said: "The blast sound was heard five times and something fell down after an aircraft flew by". Police said similar blasts were heard at nearby Sinleejageer village, last year, also in January, and the IAF was still investigating that incident.

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