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Urgent! Beware Lady Gaga Project Blue Beam At Superbowl 50

Via Before It's News:

Anthony Patch is back with an urgent update. I say its urgent due to the timing of the dream he has had, a dream that centred around this years Superbowl 50 which is set to take place tomorrow.

Anthony, in collaboration with JD from NepTUNEDiaries, have released the following video containing information about the recent dream Anthony experienced.

In the above video, as i mentioned at the start of the article, Anthony Patch shares details of his recent dream concerning Lady Gaga, the Superbowl and disclosure. Let me state on Anthony’s behalf that he is not making any predictions here, merely sharing a dream that he feels is timely and worthy of note. We are not stating that anything will happen at all, merely sharing visions & ideas, and starting a discussion that needs to be had!

Lady Gaga is working with Intel on a project that they have deemed “top-secret” and that is to be unveiled at this years Grammy awards in Germany later in the month. Gaga released an ad about the event and talks about making “the uninventable, inventable”, “the unseeable, seeable” & “imagining the unimaginable”!

It literally sounds like she and intel are going to manifest things from another dimension.

In the ad itself, Gaga talks to the audience from within a spinning holographic cube, placed in a hangar. This has led Anthony and others to speculate as to some kind of holographic event that could be a test for Project Blue Beam technology, with Gaga being projected into the heavens.

In Tony’s dream however, we start at the Superbowl, where the illuminati chosen one herself, the Gaga, is set to sing the national anthem before the game. Tony talks about the possibility of Gaga turning up with Beyonce & Coldplay during the half time mega-ritual via holographic projection.

Then, to the amazement of the crowd, it will appear as if Gaga and her dancers (angels), are “ascending” into the heavens. All of this of course is done with the use of technology, but don’t let facts like that get in the way of a good psy-op!

The ascension itself will be symbolic of the Rapture, and will have many questioning their faith and even reality itself. Think im going too far? Well, not so long ago, Tupac Shakur appeared via hologram at a gig long after his death. This actually had members of the audience questioning whether he had ever died at all, or had been resurrected, so good was the image of the dead artist performing on stage.

Lady Gaga is a central figure in the death cult elites plans, and she is being used to usher in a new race of beings incapable of prejudice and hate… not my words, hers! She is a tool of the Luciferians running this planet, steering the naive minds of her fawning supporters into a mindset ready to welcome, and beg for, their Luciferian new world order.

Remember, the veil between this world and that of the dark entities has never been thinner as the forces of evil gather around the planet at this time.


How about during the singing of the national anthem, with no prior warnings, or any talk of holographic technology being used, Gaga just disappears from stage! Or she starts to ascend like Tony said.

Heres where my twist comes….

She doesn’t come back! The media start hyping the hell out of this “rapture” event. People will be talking about how it is all a publicity stunt, but it will fall on deaf ears as her fans and the masses struggle to comprehend the events that have unfolded.

Then, at the Grammys, she reappears, above major cities, as a massive “sighting”! Could she bring with her the “good guys”?

All just woo and speculation, or is it…..

Remember everything we have covered with Tony previously.

We have had CERN pummeling the veil in order to create a portal for these entities to come through into this plane of existence.

We have scientists that are able to create life in the laboratory from four bottles of chemicals. Could they have an army of “skin suits” awaiting inter-dimensional hosts?


Who can deny that if the above events unfolded the majority of people wouldnt fall for it. There are many who wouldnt even question what they are seeing or being told. This is exactly what Project Blue Beam can be such and effective tool if the elites decide to play it in conjuncion with a fake disclosure event.

Could we see space craft appearing over all the capitol cities of the world?

Will it be the voice of God?

Blue Beam would utilise both audio and visual effects to trick the populous into believing anything they choose.

Just recently we have had massive rainbow clouds appearing over Ireland and around the world. Could they be filling the sky with particulaties that will be activated come “show time”?

Who knows? What I do know, as stated previously, is that the masses will just lap it all up!

However, the masses are going to be decieved into thinking that these entities that are being summoned up and ushered in are the good guys that are showing up to save the day!

Be on your toes, for we might just be looking up into a sky overhead sometime real soon and seeing the “arrival” of these beings. Only, not everything is as it seems. Let me correct that…. Not ANYTHING is as it seems!

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