Tuesday, March 15, 2016

David Slays Goliath With The Pineal Stone! What The Bible Story Really Means

Via Before It's News:

Ever wonder what the story of David and Goliath in the bible really means? Before you justify this away as New Age deception, I want you to consider the following. Why was Christ crucified between two thieves (eyes) in a place called Golgotha (skull) on a cross (optic nerves cross near the pineal)? And, why did Jacob say he saw the face of God in a place called Peniel (pineal)?

Now that we have established this odd observation, we can begin to uncover other bible stories and understand what they are really trying to tell us. Before we continue, let me make one thing clear. Christ and all of these stories were very real. The Pineal gland is simply our antenna to spirituality and connection to Christ. It is also the anatomical proof that the ancients knew the anatomy of our inner workings, because they were inspired by God. In effect, this knowledge, proves God.

This takes us to the story of Davod and Goliath. Remember, David was the bloodline from which Christ would come and Goliath was in the bloodline of Ham/Canaan. This is the enmity between the seeds spoken about in Genesis. Yes, there were giants in the earth in the days of the flood and after, just as the bible says.

Now, as we continue on with the story, we realize that David actually strikes Goliath in the pineal position with a stone. In the video below, we talk about the significance of the 5 stones David collected form a brook to kill Goliath and how the calcification of the pineal relates to these stones.

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