Sunday, April 17, 2016

Scientist Warns Of Imminent 10+ Magnitude Earthquake To Split California In Half

Via Before It's News:

Scientist from Iran Dr. Mehran Tavakoli (M.T.) Keshe predicting major earthquake(s) 10+ to split California (Just like the Gulf of California) and some other surrounding areas. He says it could be on land or if its in the water there will be a massive tsunami.

Also he says the North and South American continents will separate with an earthquake perhaps even larger than the one in California. "Its so big it will separate two continents. Japan was the pin that started it, but there's two other pin's yet to release; when one goes it releases the second one. A series of movements will happen at the same time to different plates, the continents are locked into each other. It's the natural process of the planet".

Based off of his plasma/field forces model with the earth's inner core, the plates and the sun. He refuses to give a date, but he has one in mind. He makes it sound like its happening very soon. He said the probability of it happening in the autumn/fall is more likely than the summer, or winter (based off of the field forces of the sun/plates/earth's inner core) and he says if it doesn't happen this year, it will happen next.

"Two weeks ago (Sept 3) while watching Knowledge Seekers Workshop #77, M.T. Keshe warned of multiple 10+ earthquakes for the West Coast of the USA... That video was deleted shortly after that same day. He clarifies further about what he thinks is shortly about to happen... which will also effect other countries".

His biography:

Also one video I found interesting from another person comparing the different months of the year to show that Summer has less 8.0+ earthquakes since 1900 than most other months of the year and that Fall and Spring have some of the highest in numbers (Except October). (From 45 seconds to 2:45 in the video below):

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