Sunday, June 26, 2016

Italy To EU After Brexit: Change Or Risk Collapse

Via Yahoo! News:

Italian ministers warned Saturday that the European Union must change direction or risk collapse after Britain's vote to leave the bloc.

"The unthinkable is happening", Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said. "A double reaction to Brexit is under way, one financial, one political. The financial one, at least until now, is limited. I am more worried about the political one".

"There is a cocktail of factors that can lead to various outcomes, including a further push towards disintegration".

Speaking to Corriere della Sera, Padoan also said EU leaders had to understand there could be no more "business as usual" on the key issues of jobs, growth, and immigration.

Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni meanwhile warned it would be naive to underestimate the significance of Britain leaving or the risk of a surge in anti-EU sentiment across the continent.

"The UK was not only one amongst 28 (member states). It had a great weight because of its financial markets and its international influence", Gentiloni said in an interview with daily Il Messaggero.

"The risk (of political contagion) is such that we need to send a strong and clear message (that we are) revamping the European project".

Padoan said Europe had to face up to citizens' worries over immigration, unemployment and increasing inequality -- which meant changing the 'austerity' budget rules Rome blames for exacerbating the current crises.

"Inequality is growing in Europe because growth is weak," the minister said. "Italy respects the (deficit) rules but that does not mean we like them".

Padoan added: "In the management of Europe, Ecofin included, the prevailing attitude is almost 'business as usual'.

"But the situation we are in now is exceptional. We have to change our major priorities and we will see if (next week's) European Council sends a far-reaching signal in that sense, as it should do.

"We have had proposals on the table for months that say employment, growth, well-being, and equality have to be the priorities.

"Europe cannot only take care of the banks. We are stabilising them and will continue to do so, but we also have to look after our citizens".

Gentiloni was meeting Saturday with his counterparts from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands -- fellow EU founding members -- for talks on the implications of the Brexit vote.

Swedish PM Stefan Löfvén should grab this golden opportunity of the Brexit to make sure Sweden also will leave the EU.

The costs for Sweden and the Swedish people to now remain in the EU will be tremendous and it doesn't make any sense at all now for Sweden to remain in the EU.

My guess is that the Swedish politicians too late will understand the huge cost for Sweden to remain in the EU, and that means big changes for Sweden, both economically and politically, like the end of the Social-Democratic party.

In the U.S. Bernie Sanders dream about having the U.S. to look like it did here in the 50s. But now we are already beyond that point...

The establishment reacts way to slow to the reality on the field.

The Swedish Left Party will have to change many of its policies like those on immigration and nuclear energy, as they will take over most of traditional unhappy Social-Democrat voters that will grow more and more unhappy as things now will unfold.

It will be a long and ardous way and I don't know if coming political changes will be enough.

For many years I was a member of the Swedish Moderates, a conservative party in Sweden, and unfortunately when it comes to economics there are no big differences between the Left Party and the Moderates today.

I have come to understood how radically we must change our policies, when it comes to private property, greed, and profit, to only mention a few things.

Our whole political system, including our parliament and political parties in it here in Sweden must change to better meet the requirements of the future and of a more populous world.

The whole structure of things and all rules must by necessity change dramatically.

But I know the Swedish people will make it to the end - and of course to a a new beginning!

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