Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brexit Leader Thinks Denmark And Sweden Will Be Next To Leave The EU

Via Business Insider:

Nigel Farage leader of U.K. Independence Party, headed the Brexit movementand and serves as a member of the European Parliament.

In an interview with McClatchy at the Republican National Convention, Farage predicted that Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands might be next in turn to leave the EU.

According to the Brexit leader, the countries share the sentiments that made Brexit possible in Britain: they don't want to loose more ccontol to the European Union, McClatchy DC writes.

“The only way you can take control of your country is to leave the EU and take control of your borders”, says Farage.

Perhaps we shouldn't take a half-hearted Trump-supporter's word on Scandinavian sentiment, but its at leasty true to say that Brexit has planted the idea of EU-membership referendums in the Nordic countries.

Polls from June showed that in Denmark, for example, the number of Danes in support of the EU has declined dramatically and that as many as 42% of Danes want a referendum on a potential DK-exit.

Some political parties have taken up the popular trend and spoken out in support of EU-membership referendums. In Finland there was a petition going around during the spring of 2016 for a Fixit-referendum.

However, it seems for the moment that the chaos that has followed in the wake of Brexit is discouraging the separatist sentiment. Everyone is waiting to see how the UK's independence experiment works out before making any rash decisions.

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