Saturday, July 23, 2016

Only One Country Can Beat Sweden And Finland At Developing The Best Games In Europe

Via Business Insider:

Sweden and Finland have built up quite a reputation for their successes at game development: King (Candy Crush), Mojang (Minecraft), Rovio (Angry Birds) and Supercell (Clash of Clans) are a few of the wonders in recent years. But you can't rely forever on old merits.

Game Developers Conference Europe annually surveys game developers sentiments in its GDC Europe State of the Industry report.

This year Sweden has been dethroned as the country that 800 some game developers view as the country where the best games are made.

Instead, the UK has gained the industry's favor.

When asked which country in Europe is producing the best games the respondents named first the UK (24.7%), then Sweden (22.4%) and thirdly Finland (17%).

For Sweden that means a step back, while it's progress for Finland in comparison with last year's figures: Sweden (26.6%), UK (24.7%) and Finland.

UK's position seems to be growing stronger. GDC also reports that in response to the question 'where in Europe the best games will be developed in five years', 26.6% named the UK, 16% said Sweden, and only 11% named Finland.

The GDC notes that since the survey was carried out before the results of Brexit sentiment the outlook may change dramatically for next year, when the consequences have become more clear.

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