Friday, August 12, 2016

E L – Look What These Two Magic Letters Give Car Owners In Norway

Via Business Insider:

Everywhere you go in Norway you see license plates on cars beginning with the two letters EL.

But what does it mean and what benefits do they give you? Business Insider Nordic decided to sort it out.

To begin with EL stands for electricity or elektisitet in Norwegian and means that you own an approved electric vehicle, EV.

Norway took a decision a few years ago to become the best country for EV:s in the world. And they succeeded. Last year 17 percent of the new registrered cars i Norway could use the letters EL.

Here is the list of all the benefits:

When you buy or lease your EV you dont have to pay 25% VAT or the one-off tax that the norwegians have to pay for other cars. The latter could be as high as 20.000 usd, depending on model, weight and carbon dioxide emissions. These benefits takes down the price of EV:s to the same or less than a comparable petrol or diesel car. The VAT benefit is guaranteed from the norwegian government until 2018 and the one-off tax benefit until 2020.

No roadtolls , and they can be really high, anywhere in Norway. Even if a low toll is introduced for EV:s from 2018 in Oslo, the intention is to keep the diffrence to non EV:s high.

Free parking in streets and non-private parking lots. From 2017 every municipality can decide for themselves if they want to continue with this or not.

Permission to drive in the buslanes saves a lot of time in rush hours. In the Oslo-district you have to have a passanger to use this benefit in rush hours.

All trips with ferries, and there is a lot in Norway and they are very expensive, are free. But you have to pay for the driver and any passengers.

All this on top of the fact that an EV always is so much cheaper to drive and reduces the carbon dioxide emissons. Everywhere in the world.

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