Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Harsh Critique Towards Danish Royal Family After Crown Princess Mary Handed Out Lego To Students At The Olympics: "It's Advertising"

Via Business Insider:

Danish Crown Princess Mary is the most high-profile royal to attend the Olympics, after many other royals, among them Prince William, his wife the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, have communicated they will not be going because of the risk related to the Zika virus.

At one of her official visits during the Olympics, the Danish Crown Princess handed out Lego boxes to students in Brazilian schools.

This has caused negative reactions among several experts.

"It's advertising, you can't buy it for money", says Søren Jakobsen, author of several books about the upper class, to BG. "It might be okay once, but not when it happens all the time, because that downgrades their credibility as Denmark's next regents".

Jakobsen is refering to BT's review of the royal family's official calendar, which shows that members of the family has attended activities in one way or another involving Lego no less than nine times the last three years. On top of this, the royal family has had two private visits to Legoland.

Christoph Ellersgaard, researcher and author of the book "Magteliten" ("The Power Elite") says the reltionship between the royals and the Kirk family that owns Lego, is problematic.

"Lego is one of few industry families in Denmark that has become part of the royal family's inner circle. It's not only business relationship - they've also become close friends", says Ellersgaard to BT.

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