Friday, August 26, 2016

New Rules For Visa To China: New And Old Passport Required

Via The Swedish Wire:

China has made it more difficult for foreigners – including Swedes – to apply for a visa. Starting mid August, travellers will now need to supply both current and old passports.

For those with out access to his or her old passport the doors to the country will be closed.

Sweden’s foreign office in Stockholm confirms that Swedish citizens are asked to show their old passport to get a visa to China.

“Sweden is working together with other countries in the EU / Schengen to map the scale of the issue. Chinese authorities have not yet given any explanation for the restrictions”, says spokesperson Katarina Byrenius Roslund in Stockholm.

Also Belgium and Denmark's Embassies in Beijing confirm the move.

The stricter rules could be connected to increased security ahead of the G20 meeting which will be held in Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, early next month, according to several people I’ve been in contact with. Security level has been hiked at airports and train stations in Shanghai. Tourist groups will not be able to visit Hangzhou during the days of the meeting and residents living there must reportedly show ID cards to enter and exit.

Swedish passports are also among the most frequently sold in underground trading.

The new rules apply to those with an passport issued after 1 January 2014.

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