Monday, August 08, 2016

Swedish Sensation Sarah Sjöström Didn’t Know She Shattered The World Record Until Journalists Told Her

Via Business Insider:

As the first Swedish woman to win an Olympic swimming gold medal she is truly historic. Tonight, 3:03 AM central european time, 22 year old Sarah Sjöström entered the history books in style.

Sarah touched in on 55.48 seconds in Sunday's 100m butterfly final - lowering the mark of 55.64 and setting a new world record. When she met with the press afterwards she was notably overwhelmed.

“It’s not possible to take it in at once. This is crazy”, she said.

When asked about the record time she answered: “The time? I didn’t even look at it. I realized it was a world record when I talked to some journalists over there. ‘Right, it was a new world record’ ”, she said, Aftonbladet reports.

Sarah, who placed fifth in the London 2012 Olympics, has dominated 100m fly since 2013 - winning European titles, long- and short-course, and setting world records in both long- and short-course.

Sjöström has long been one of the most prominent athletes in Sweden. When she was only fourteen years old she won a gold medal in 100m fly in the European Championship in Eindhoven.

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