Thursday, August 25, 2016

VP Joe Biden Praises Sweden's Handling Of The Refugee Crisis During Stockholm Visit

Via Business Insider:

Sweden has been receiving some big shot guests lately. Last week US secretary of state John Kerry visited Sweden to attend the wedding of the ketchup heir Andre Heinz. Vice President Joe Biden is currently visiting under more official business.

The circus around visiting US VIP:s is a drag for many attempting to navigate central Stockholm, with both land, sea and air traffic restricted. Even with those measures being taken, Joe Biden arrived 50 minutes late to his meeting with Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven. But once they met they seemed to get along well.

"The relationship between the US and Sweden is stronger than ever," said Stefan Löfven, and Joe Biden agrees.

In a press conference following a discussion of the European refugee crisis, Joe Biden applauded (verbally) the Swedish government's way of handling the situation, particularly in receiving so many refugees.

"Sweden has shown great leadership – you have shown great leadership Mr Prime Minister – and great compassion in providing humanitarian aid and assistance to millions of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq and for that matter Afghanistan", Biden said, reports the Local.

Both Joe Biden and Löfven also seized the opportunity to encourage other countries to cooperate to solve to crisis.

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