Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Swedish Government Wants To Drastically Increase Police Mandate To Find And Return Denied Asylum Seekers

Via Business Insider:

At a press conference the Swedish government just presented a proposal for effectivizing Sweden's way of dealing with asylum seekers who have had their applications denied.

"Currently 500 people per week are leaving Sweden, but we want to increase that pace", says Anders Ygeman, Minister for Home Affairs, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

The proposal contains nine main points, focusing on increasing the mandate of the police in finding, securing and returning asylum seekers, and clarifying the respective responsibilities of the police and the Swedish Migration Agency. One proposed point is to enable police to search for persons at workplaces.

The reason behind the proposal is the perception that it's taking too long for the nation to return persons who have had their asylum applications denied. Another explanantion is that there are many employers exploiting such individuals for cheap illegal labor.

Minister for Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, even thinks the proposed measures will improve Sweden's ability to accept refugees.

"We think we'll see an even more effective reception", he said according to SvD.

Here are the nine points of the proposal, as reported by Dagens Nyheter:

1. Increased enablement of the police to carry out workplace inspections.

2. The police will be enabled to take fingerprints at internal controls of foreigners.

3. Extended mandate for the police to confiscate passports and identity documents.

4. Employees of the Swedish Migration Agency will be obliged to inform the police of contact with an individual whose asylum application has been denied.

5. The police will be able to return responsibility for enforcement to the Swedish Migration Agency when voluntary expulsion is possible.

6. The police will be the enforcing authority by default also in cases of renewed enforcement.

7. Extended possibilities to place persons taken into custody in places other than those specifically designated for that purpose.

8. Facilitation of the authorities' expulsion of families with children. The police and the Swedish Migration Agency should handle the custody of children the same regardless of which of the authorities made the decision.

9. Legislation concerning which agency has responsibility for what should be clarified.

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