Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finnish Spare-Time Bug Bounty Hunter Found An Error Worth A $22.000 Reward

Via Business Insider:

Good news! Nowadays you don't need a metal detector to find treasure and you don't have to chase wanted criminals to be a bounty hunter. You can hunt rewards comfortably from your computer.

After putting his one and three-year-old boys to bed, 35-year-old Teemu Kääriäinen starts his search for bugs. He’s a father on child care leave during the day time – but at night he’s a hacker.

Kääriäinen has been doing evening time hacking for a year, in a program that awards programmers for finding bugs. After 30 hours of work for the insurance company LähiTapiola he discovered a significant bug. Kääriäinen was rewarded with $18.000. LähiTapiola’s CSO Leo Niemelä officially thanked Kääriäinen on Twitter: “This is Bug Bounty at it’s best. Thank you Teemu!”

On the question as to how there could be such remarkable errors in the system, Leo Niemelä answers to Kauppalehti: “It is humans who build the systems and however much we try, there will always be talented people in the world who can get through and find errors. That's why these type of bounty-programs exist”.

Other companies to use these type of initiatives are Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, according to Helsingin sanomat. Teemu Kääriäinen also hacks for Pay-Pal and says that he will keep hacking despite having a day job now.

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